#15: Hidden Treasures Class

I was asked to speak on the topic of my book “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters”. The following audio is the recording of my class. This book is available free at www.hiddentreasuresbook.com

Class Description:

The Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters class will lead you to a higher awareness of the laws connected to the blessings of prosperity. The ideas will astonish you; and you’ll feel empowered as they comfort, encourage, and enlighten you on your journey to financial peace of mind (and even deliverance). Hidden Treasures is about finding riches after having obtained a hope in Christ, for the intent to do good.

But even more, it’s about discovering treasures of wisdom and knowledge which have been promised to those who diligently seek. Many have wondered, “If the ‘Righteous Shall Prosper,’ Why am I so Broke?” Or, “Should I just give in to ‘setting my heart upon riches,’ or simply resign myself to the smothering prison of debt and the stain of poor credit?” This class will answer these questions, and many more. Includes information and stories not contained in the original book.

Show Notes:

Gideon and the Midianites
What little faith I have is enough, after I send the fear away
The language of faith declares things before they are real
It expresses gratitude before it’s happened
Speaking the truth in advance
Stickman Concept – why it’s so powerful – math problem analogy
The MIND MODEL – video link: www.thoughtsalive.com/stickman
Why your mind is busy but you’re not thinking
To think is to create
Countenance comes through the body
How to you feel about the way things are?
Thoughts charged with emotion become instructions for the subconscious mind
Does your subconscious believe: it’s safer to be obese. It’s safer to be poor because the rich can’t go to heaven
Powerful question – “what would that feel like?”
Faith is heartfelt belief in something unseen
There are two kinds of faith
Philipians – think on these things
All answers are in the scriptures but sometimes we need a clue
There are laws
Ask in faith nothing wavering
Doubt not fear not, have faith in Christ
There is a Savior who has met the demands of the law and the atonement is applicable here
Whoa – this is not what I asked for! But if I think right, right now, it’s still on its way
Illusions by Richard Bach – Crystal River
The current we worship knows where it’s going
Face problems without emotion
Daydream with emotion
A run through of the 7 laws
Thank you for this awful experience because it teaches me what a good day is!
The child of the king can just approach and ask

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