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These Prosperity Laws Aren’t Working!

Here’s a question I received that I think is worth discussing. The reader said:

“Since reading the Jackrabbit Factor and feeling elated, it seems that our finances have gone down the tubes. I have not been able to pay bills on time, money is taking longer than usual to come in, we have bounced checks, etc. I know right now I am dwelling on the negative, but wondered why this is happening just at the time that I feel I have discovered the answer?”

Here’s my reply, somewhat modified:

When you’re aiming for big changes, it’s normal to face equally big setbacks, which test your commitment to achieving the goal. Success does not come as a result of what happens to you, but from thinking right in the face of adversity; and as we know, there will be opposition in all things.

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In other words, the adversity IS the opportunity. Think right, right NOW, and you will unlock the door to greater success than would have been possible without the adversity.

Stop and ponder that one for a moment.

The good news is that the Supply is unlimited. We must remember that all things come from Original Substance and nature is abundant. Prosperity abounds!

So if we experience “lack”, it is not because there is lack; there is only abundance. In this very moment, you have all you need. It is when we think ahead to future needs that we look at our “limited” supply and worry that it won’t last. (‘Future’ meaning 5 minutes from now or 50 years from now, the principle is the same.)

In this moment, we can be grateful.

We have the air we need to breathe, a heart that pumps oxygen to all of our limbs, stores of energy to keep our heart pumping; yes, in this moment we should be calm and grateful that God has supplied us with everything we need here and now.

No matter what anticipated troubles may come tomorrow, in this very moment, God has provided abundantly. To worry is to resist a situation that hasn’t even happened yet. As you may have heard, that which we resist, persists. Consider Mark Twain’s comment, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

When we worry, we cut off our mind to possible solutions.

Prosperity becomes elusive and hidden. We must relax, hope, expect, and look for the solution which, by law, must exist. Every problem has a solution, by the law of polarity.

Challenges are healthy for us, because they require us to stretch our limits and grow. We can pause and be grateful for the challenge, because it turns our thoughts toward our Father in Heaven. Anything that does that is a blessing, for we are promised that as we draw near unto Him, he will draw near unto us.

Let me share a segment from another powerful book that takes a Christian approach to the law of attraction:

“’Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity’ is true, for when man reaches his limit, he hopelessly stops his efforts. When he relaxes from his strain, the Law has a chance to reply to his desires, and things begin to change for him…

“The mind is like a sponge. We squeeze it hard with our anxious thoughts, but not until we can release the pressure and allow the sponge to take its normal shape can it become absorbent and receptive again.” (“Working with the Law”, p 82-83, Raymond Holliwell)

Finally, an understanding of the seven laws is imperative when things don’t appear to be going the way you expected. The whole objective is to “think right” when things go wrong, because if you do, you can be sure that the best possible outcome will be yours, and will soon enough be reflected in reality. Feeling gratitude now, no matter what is going on in your life, is the quickest way to flip the switch and prepare your mind for answers.

For more about what to think when you don’t know what to think, read Hidden Treasures (it’s free).

Prosper on! Originally published Apr 19, 2007