What about Energy Healing?

Push the button from Staples office supply and it says, "THAT was easy!" Read below to find out why I picked this picture for this article.

Let me tell you a little story:

A few years ago my husband and I hit a block wall in our progress – not only in our business but also in our relationship, too.  It felt like we were rapidly losing the ground we had worked so hard for many, many years to gain.  With all the financial setbacks we were facing, our relationship was under tremendous strain.  Ultimately we realized that if we were going to make it through that storm, we were going to need to swallow our pride and get some help.

All the positive thinking we could muster wasn’t enough to thwart the conflict that was building between us. So we called a friend of ours who happened to be a marriage therapist and asked for his help.  I was angry with my husband for certain things; he was angry at me for other things, and it was affecting our family, our business, our emotional well-being and our physical health.

During our first session, we were able to get some of the issues out into the air, and we were also given a plan, or a strategy for fixing the problem.  We could see that if we were serious about making the right changes, we’d have to commit to staying focused on it for the long haul.  We could see a long, and difficult road before us – one that we were willing to take if that’s what was necessary to save our marriage.

Only a few days later, a woman named Carolyn Cooper and her husband came to town on business.  Some of my students had raved to me about her work, so I was excited that she and her husband were willing to go to lunch with Trevan and me while they were in town.  I was curious, because she seemed to have a way with using the principles I already believed in to help other people make progress with lightning speed.

After a yummy lunch we invited her to our home. She shared stories about her work and helped me understand better what it is she does, and why it works so fast.  She demonstrated the process for us, showing us how the emotional traumas from our childhood (and adulthood) get tucked away and can prevent us from experiencing the success we’re working so hard to attain.  She showed us how those blocks can be removed quickly and painlessly, and in such a way that you don’t even have to talk about or bring up the junk you’d like to leave behind.

Carolyn Cooper

Carolyn and I come from similar backgrounds, so it was nice to learn about her work (formerly called “Calyco”, now called “SimplyHealed®”) from a point of view that did not conflict with my personal beliefs.  I’ve been exposed to a number of “energy healing” modalities but none have felt as clean and simple as SimplyHealed®.  I have been impressed with the “tapping” method, for example, but Carolyn’s method is much, much quicker.

Now, to be honest, as she demonstrated her work, I could hardly tell if anything was happening.  She worked on me and my husband, and then did a little bit for each of our children, even though most of them weren’t even there.  What got my attention, though, and the reason I decided to take her class to learn how to do what she does, is because of what happened after she left.

After she left, and my children started to come home from their various activities and began to interact with each other, Trevan and I noticed something astounding.  The kids who were typically the most explosive with each other were treating each other with love and respect.  They were patient with one another, and the peace in our home was almost tangible.

The next day was a special meeting at our church where members of the congregation are invited each month to stand and express their feelings about God.  On occasion, I’ve seen my children struggle with fear – wanting to express themselves, but terrified to stand and share their feelings in front of the hundreds of people – so I’ve often praised them for their desire, but encouraged them to just share their feelings at home with the family, or in the smaller, children’s meeting later in the day.

Well, on that Sunday, my oldest teenager stood and walked to the front to express his feelings of love and appreciation for his relationship with God.  That wasn’t a big surprise because it is something he has done often.  What surprised us was when his younger teenage brother stood and expressed his feelings, too.  I’m not sure I had ever seen son #2 do that.  Then went his sister… and his other brother, and his other sister… until nearly every one of our children, (even the five year old), stood independently in front of the hundreds in the congregation to express the love that they felt inside.

My husband and I looked at each other in awe.  We were certain that the congregation just assumed that we had had a family night lesson at home challenging them each to have the courage to stand that day, but, no.  In fact, we had discouraged it and they did it anyway.

Now, back to us.  Later that week was our follow-up appointment with the marriage therapist.  The hour came and we had to let him know that we weren’t going to need the appointments any more.  The grudges and issues that had been paralyzing us were gone, and even years later, the effects of Carolyn’s work that day have remained in effect.

Our business has grown, our relationship has deepened, and our children have thrived… and I thank God for bringing us SimplyHealed® at the right time and preparing us to be open to it.

Since that day, I have attended her trainings, and I’ve been back for refreshers.  I love what she does and I’ve seen it facilitate incredible transformations in people who are just plain tired of being stuck.

Energy Healing – Dispelling the Myths

What is Energy Healing?

As you may know, our spirits are housed in a body complete with a digestive, skeletal, muscular, circulatory system and several others… but what is not so commonly known is that our body also comes equipped with numerous energy systems that help our body systems do their job.  (Energy systems are not to be confused with our spirit.  Our spirit can operate at its best when our body systems and energy systems are at their best.)

Sometimes disturbances in our energy systems (often resulting from physical or emotional trauma) can wreak havoc in our body systems.  Traditional medicine addresses the symptoms that show up in the body systems, while energy healing focuses on the root energetic causes of those physical symptoms.  Remove the energetic blocks that prevent the body from healing naturally as it was designed to do, and often physical and emotional healing occurs quickly and permanently.

Read a more scientific explanation here

Keeping it Pure and Aligned with true Principles

Carolyn studied and practiced various energy healing modalities for more than 14 years and saw a need to extract the purest practices from the energy-healing industry and add other techniques that are best understood and appreciated by people who believe in God and desire to live according to sound principles.

Formerly called Calyco Healing (derived from an acronym of her name: Carolyn Lyman Cooper), and now called SimplyHealed®, you’ll find a safe environment for learning more about this tool to help you cope and even thrive during difficult times.  There is much to do; anything that’s in the way of accomplishing what you’re here on earth to do CAN be removed.

It Does Not Replace Prayer

This process does not replace prayer, (nor any other sacred practice,) just as a visit to a regular doctor does not replace prayer.

When all other options have been called upon and something else is still needed, energy healing may have an answer.  Sometimes by itself, and sometimes in connection with other more familiar tools, positive results are experienced and lives are changed forever.

When Carolyn was asked, “Why is this even necessary as we all have the gift of prayer?” Carolyn responded, “Yes, the gift of prayer is enough. It is also enough to heal an abscessed tooth or a broken arm, but people still go get help from a Dentist or Dr… These are all tools to help us in this mortal life.”

If you have felt drawn to this information, I invite you to explore it completely and discover the answers you’ve been searching for.

The practitioner is not a “Healer”

Now, just to get something straight… the practitioner is not a healer; he or she just a sort of “janitor” who helps identify and then quickly and painlessly clears the energetic blocks that have been keeping you from reaching your highest potential, physically, emotionally, even spiritually.  Your spirit and body will naturally know what to do from there.  The process is simple, clean, pure, and effective.

  • Do you have a physical ailment that has not responded to other techniques?
  • Do you have emotional challenges that seem impossible to shake?
  • Do you have a hunger to improve the conditions of difficult relationships?
  • Do you feel blocked, every time you try to improve your financial condition?

This life-experience is full of difficulties, setbacks, traumas, and heartaches.  Each “negative” experience we face has the potential to get stuck in one or more of our body’s energy systems.  Learning how to release the blocks gives you the power to move forward confidently and unhindered to become all you were meant to be, and do all you were sent here to do.  Truly, it’s freedom at its best.

You and Your Family Tree

Interestingly enough, if we do not clear these blocks during our earth life, they can remain stored and even get passed on to future generations in the same way that physical traits can be passed down.

That means you may have inherited issues from your ancestors that you may not even be aware of.

Sometimes these inherited issues show up as phobias – irrational fears that don’t make logical sense. Sometimes they show up as false beliefs that keep you in bondage – feeling unworthy to have an abundance of money, for example.  You may be doing all the right things to improve your conditions, but something inside of you keeps sabotaging the process.

Since the blocks are stored energetically and not physically (although they can, in time, create physical problems), removing the block in you somehow gets quietly announced through time and space, and removes the block for your relatives who also inherited the trait.

It’s like pushing the “unlock” button on your automobile keychain from inside the house, and having not just the driver’s door unlock, but having all FOUR doors on your car unlock at the same time.

(Just pushing the button may not result in four open doors, but at least they are all unlocked, ready to be opened when the passenger is ready.)

Now, when you do this work to remove blocks in your own energy system, it also keeps the blocks from being passed on to your progenitors.  In fact, if the issue came from an ancestor in the first place, doing the work can help clear the blocks for anyone in the family who was affected by it. Each affected person still must choose whether or not to move beyond it, but at least the block is out of the way.

Energetic Blocks Hinder the Spirit, Cannot be Cleared Without a Body

If you think it’s hard to let go of a grudge here and now, I predict that it will be infinitely harder to do it after you die.  I believe you’ll carry into the spirit world all the attitudes, addictions, grudges, and so forth that aren’t released while you’re here. Plus, your posterity can inherit those attitudes and tendencies in the same way they inherit the color of your eyes.

With SimplyHealed®, releasing these negative feelings can be achieved more quickly and easily than any other method I know.

How does it work?  I’ll admit I don’t understand all the workings of it, just like I don’t understand how a cell phone works.  You don’t have to understand it completely to utilize it effectively. It requires faith. I’ve noticed that seeing it  work has helped me increase my faith.

Energy Healing can be Quick and Easy

Some energetic blocks can be removed in as little as ten seconds.  Done!  (Have you ever seen those red buttons you can get from Staples Office Supply?  She keeps one in her office – whenever someone removes a block, they hit the button and it says, “THAT was Easy!”)

Energy Healing can Happen Long Distance

This kind of healing (removing blocks) can take place while a client is in the practitioner’s office, or it can happen just as effectively over the phone… like using a remote control.

Energy Healing can Help you Live More Completely

There is a natural order for being able to receive and live all the principles we are here to learn.  “Line upon line,” as they say.  Sometimes financial pressures or emotional heartaches prevent a person from moving forward, as they so desperately want to do.

Sometimes physical challenges keep a person so entrapped that it’s seemingly impossible to perform the tasks they’ve been given.  Many people are too all consumed with life’s barnacles that they have no place in their heart or mind to discover and embrace true principles and ultimately accomplish ALL things they are here on earth to do.

SimplyHealed® helps prepare the way for progress to be made in people’s lives, meeting them right where they’re at and helping them find their way to the next level.

Learn more, join her newsletter, or register for her next event, whether it is a teleseminar, online, or in-person training at www.CarolynCooper.com. (She keeps the classes small so that each participant who wants to, has an opportunity to take part in the energy healing demonstrations.)



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8 responses to “What about Energy Healing?

  1. Leslie, thank you for sharing this information. I am a believer.

  2. Thank you Ann, Kevin,and Lisa! I appreciate your comments!

    And Julie, thank you for being brave enough to speak up about how you feel. Leslie answered your concerns so well, that I don’t really have much to add to that, except that yes, you are right, the gift of prayer is enough. It is also enough to heal an abscessed tooth or a broken arm, but people still go get help from a Dentist or Dr. I guess we could look at those as a man made ‘techniques’. These are all tools to help us in this mortal life.

    I have never heard any church leader say anything about staying away from “Energy Healing” (I’m pretty sure I would hear about that one 🙂 ). But I think I can understand what you mean by that, if your impression of what Energy Healing is means mystical, woo-woo, new-age spirituality. That is not at all what I do, or what this work is and should be. That’s Satan’s counterfeit (like he has for everything good).

    Lisa mentioned Christians being willing to step out of their comfort zones. This has never been outside my comfort zone or my beliefs, if it were i would have stayed far away from it as I have many other things that have crossed my path. Energy Healing (pure, uncontaminated), fits perfectly with my testimony of the gospel (actually enhances it). There is not one thing that conflicts, and to be really honest, I’m always a little surprised that some people see it as a conflict to Christian beliefs. But I do ‘get’ that if it’s new to people and they have the wrong impression of what it is, then yes, their false idea of what it is could conflict with their beliefs.

    I hope that helps. I’m more than happy to answer any further questions about it.

    PS Lisa – I love the work you are doing, helping couples in birthing. I’m coming to your neck of the woods-I will be teaching my Calyco Healing Training in Australia next week!

  3. Thankyou so much Leslie for sharing this on your site. I feel like I could just sit down with you for an afternoon and talk with both you (and Carolyn) about how our Creator has uniquely designed our bodies to heal and the different methods we can use. I will definately be checking out more about what Carolyn does. I have just completed a Calmbirth Practitioner course here in Australia which teaches or empowers couples to have a very positve birth experience (it is possible to have a ‘pain free’ birth). The course has been great but I am wrestling with just a few principles that come from a new age perspective. My faith/beliefs are being challenged and I so want to understand it from a Biblical point of view so I can effectively help couples achieve an awesome birth experience as well as not compromise my foundational beliefs. There are not too many Christians that I personally know who are willing to step out of their comfort zone or belief systems to explore some of these ideas. I also just want to say I very much enjoyed your book “The Jackrabbit Factor” and have ordered your latest. I will be getting my kids to read them…even if I have to pay them! 🙂

  4. (Julie’s response)

    Hi Lesley,

    Thank you for responding so quickly – I really appreciate it. I did skim the article although I admit I did so very fearfully. I’ll read it slowly and prayerfully and then let you know my thoughts. Thanks for engaging with me on this.

    With best wishes,

  5. Hi Julie,

    I really appreciate your taking the time to contact me with your concerns. I am right there with you and have wrestled with the same concerns. Through my research I have found that the counsel from Christian leaders has been against things that lead Christians away from Christ, and over the years, I’ve brushed up against a number of “energy healing” people and modalities that felt like that might happen. Sure, they did a lot of good for people, but there was the potential that they could lead a person to feel they no longer needed Him.

    This method has no contradiction with such spiritual beliefs, and my article explains the difference between this and others. For one thing, the practitioner is not a “healer”, and it does not replace prayer or priesthood blessings. I’ve spent a lot of time with Carolyn who taught me this… we spent a week at a cabin alone to work on our books together, and I have never met someone in this industry who is as grounded as she is. I’ve asked her a lot of questions having had the same concerns as you. Questions like, “How does this fit with the gospel?” “How is that that you’ve been doing this 14 years and haven’t gone weird?” “Have you seen other people who work in this industry go off on dark tangents? How have YOU stayed grounded?” Our conversations have been very enlightening. In fact, it works best when your relationship with Christ is strong.

    I’m sure the title may have caused you fear, and not wanting to read something that could sway you from truth, you probably didn’t read it. I totally respect that… but if you will read it and then tell me what you think, I’d love to continue this conversation with you at least until you are comfortable entirely with considering it, or leaving it alone forever, either way, I’ll respect your decision entirely.

    The article explains it really well, and will help you understand also why the adversary does two things: he leads people into the dark arts, and he creates fear in good people so they will also avoid the good and pure tools that will help them accomplish their life’s mission.

    In these last days we’re fighting battles that are unprecedented. To help us win, the Lord has provided many, many tools and helps to keep us strong that you’ll never hear about in Sunday School, like essential oils, for example. My daughter has impetigo on her leg right now. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and asked me to try them and see what happens, because he wasn’t entirely sure if it was impetigo. I came home that day and felt like I should try my Frankincense. I did, and it’s responding very quickly. I didn’t hear about Frankincense in Sunday School (okay, well, I’ve heard of it from the story of Christ’s birth, but never in the context of: you should go get some, it will help you in your life), but I still feel like I was inspired to use it.

    Carolyn’s method does not compete with doctors, nor with spiritual practices. It’s in a category all its own and has actually helped me live the gospel more completely.

    Anyway, I’ll remind or invite you to study it out, go ahead and read the article, then ask God if it’s good or not, and if it’s not good, you’ll get a stupor, (not fear). If it’s good, you’ll feel peace. Trust whatever impression you get and then go with it.

    I look forward to hearing from you again,

    Leslie 🙂

  6. This question just came in to my email and I thought it would be valuable to post it here, along with my response:

    Dear Lesley,

    Many thanks for the e-zine. I have been following your work for some time now and have really felt the benefit of it. I think the greatest thing your works such as the Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius (I’ve bought and read them both) have done for me is given me hope. The instruction in your works I have been gently digesting and taking on board. I really felt I was making progress until I received this e-mail today and read your article on ‘energy healing’. To be honest, it nearly took my breath away and I felt my stomach sink. Energy healing is one practise that we, as Christians, have been warned off countless times by our Church Leaders, although I personally don’t need to be warned. To me this moves away from looking at healing as a result of God’s grace and rather turns it into a man-made ‘technique’. I do believe that people are healed by this method but how do we discern if this is God’s work if we are attempting to manipulate a body’s energy fields. Why is this even necessary as we all have the gift of prayer?

    I believe the reason why my stomach sank when I got this e-mail is because energy work of any kind just seems decidedly ‘new-age’ to me. I would really appreciate a response as I have invested time and money in your books and have just recently purchased the e-book ‘Hidden Treasures’.

    With thanks,
    Julie [name has been changed]

  7. Leslie- thank you for sharing this powerful healing modality! Carolyn’s message resonated with me for sure! Blessings to you and yours- Kevin

  8. I learned how to use energy or meridan tapping several years ago and it does work. Whether you believe it or not, it does work because the energy flows in the body are no longer stopped.

    I use it every day.