Poor Little Genius

What is a “Poor Little Genius”?

A poor little genius is someone who has a wealth of talent hidden inside of them, but who perhaps remains poor because they haven’t figured out how to discover and develop their God-given gifts.

No matter how financially stuck people may feel, everyone is born with the capability of having “genius” ideas.

For example, consider the woman from the midwest who was frustrated with all the tumbleweeds blowing through her back yard which were getting stuck in the fences.

As a joke, she put them up for sale on the internet, and now she runs a business selling tumbleweeds to high-end designers and movie producers.

She probably didn’t recognize her idea as “genius”, but it was. She was simply responding creatively to an annoyance in her life.

So as long as you have annoyances, disappointments, challenges, or setbacks, you have all the right ingredients for a genius idea.

Your genius ideas are right there, floating on the surface of your consciousness, and like that woman, you might not even realize that the subtle idea trying to get YOUR attention could open huge doors for you.

Years ago, when my husband and I were brainstorming on how to recover from a financial setback of our own, we decided it was time for me to finish my third book. However, there was one giant obstacle in the way.  As we worked to overcome that second problem, my husband had an idea, which turned into over forty-thousand dollars in new income within just a couple months.

This idea-generating skill is a skill that can be learned, which is why I’ve worked really hard to create tools and programs that will help YOU identify and develop the genius ideas that are inside of you.

So, don’t be a poor little genius. 😉  Let me help you.

But first…

Say “poor little genius” ten times fast…

…and you’ll probably end up saying the name of my third book.  Here it is, along with a few of the other new “Genius” tools available now to help you figure it out:

I look forward to helping you have a major BREAKTHROUGH this year! Originally published November 12, 2010.


The Zig Zag Principle for Success

Positive Thinking Tip: Pulling back or veering away from the goal is often a sign that you’re on the RIGHT track.

My NEWEST aha experience impacted me just about as much as each of the success principles I’ve been talking about now for the last ten years.

A friend of mine has built more than 12 companies: 1/3 were miserable failures, 1/3 did okay, and 1/3 were multi-million dollar successes – having started from nearly nothing.

Through those experiences, he has fine-tuned a process – identified a PRINCIPLE – that governs the success of businesses and business start ups.

I sat with him a couple weeks ago, having hit a brick wall in my own world and struggling to see what I was supposed to do next.  He knew just what the problem was – I had a blind spot – and he showed it to me.

The lights went on, and I have been awestruck by what I learned that day as I sat across the table from him. I had been feeling burned out, and viewed my desire to pull back from my goals as a sign of failure.  But he is a climber of Mt. Everest and explained that the climbers who charge for the top, taking the shortest route possible are often the ones who are found dead in the morning. He explained that the shortest route to success is NOT a straight line, and acclimation at each stage is critical for business longevity and overall profitability.

That’s when I realized that my gut instinct to pull back was good and right, and I was finally able to VIEW it in a positive light.  The glass which seemed half-empty (“I’m failing”) now seemed half-full (“I’m acclimating”), and the result was a new positive mindset. In my new mindset, I stopped feeling like I was doing something wrong, and once again felt qualified to receive  all I need for my greatest good.

This new point of view has given me permission to stop and take a breath as needed so that I can overcome adversity as it presents itself.

A book worth reading: The Zig Zag Principle

Because of how much the Zig Zag Principle has impacted my business, I want to make it easy for you to get your own copy.

Order his Zig Zag Principle book at:

To your success!  Leslie


Turning Your Ideas into Cash

tyh-lesliehouseholderA Book Worth Reading: Trust Your Heart: Transform Your ideas into income

Do you have an idea spinning inside your brain, but wonder if it could ever really make any money?

You’re not alone.  Thousands of folks have done it – really turned their ideas into cash.  But it’s kind of a miracle, right?  I mean, these folks just got lucky breaks.  Surely.

Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, the new book from IdeaMarketers.com showcases 19 very different individuals who once sat in the same spot you are.  Wanting to develop an idea and market it, but just wondering how.

The publisher, Marnie Pehrson, called to ask if I would write a chapter for her book some time ago.  My chapter is called “Confessions of a Best-Selling Author” and tells a little of how I took an outrageous dream, turned it into reality, and then had to adjust to some unexpected “side effects”.

This hot-off-the-press book reveals the stories behind real internet successes and shares how these individuals made their dreams come true.

After reading, I guarantee you’ll be inspired to get moving forward on your idea.  The truth is, anyone with the right formula can make their dreams reality.  Take a look at the blueprints these folks used to do just that.

Here’s where you can get a copy of Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, along with audio interviews from the contributors and your own web publicity package!

Get “Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income” HERE


What are You Thinking?

A Book Worth reading: What are you thinking?

The buzz around What Are You Thinking, the 36 page fully-illustrated children’s book published by ThoughtsAlive Books continues to gain momentum!

This one’s a KEEPER!

Here’s what our readers have to say:

That is an awesome book.  Thanks for sharing.  I will definitely buy one, or two, or more.  Thanks again.  Stephanie Chavez

Your sister read my mind. We bought our kids the 7 Habits Kids book a while back and they LOVED it and I was thinking that someone needed to write a kids’ version of the Jackrabbit factor. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. Tell her thanks a TON!!! (oh and the hidden rabbits is perfect too because finding the hidden worm was my kids favorite part of the 7 Habits book). Thanks, Tammy

Just ordered your sister’s book, can’t wait to read it to my kids! ;o) Thanks for sharing. Amanda van der Gulik, TeachingChildrenAboutMoney.com

Tell your sister: What a great book! I love the artwork too! Deric Glissmeyer, UtahKernels.com

Thank you for sharing. It looks great and I want to get a book for school. The artwork looks very appealing to children for learning the concepts. Keep up the good work! — Patti Hulet, Arizona Teacher of the Year 2007

I LOVE this book!  If you want to introduce your children to the Law of Attraction in a fun and whimsical way, you need this in your library. 

Written by my sister Valerie Ackley, and illustrated by one of our very own FTMF participants, Lori Nawyn, it’s a fun follow-up especially for parents who loved The Jackrabbit Factor.

To view sample pages and to place an order, visit http://www.whatareyouthinkingbook.com.  Look for the hidden rabbits while you’re at it!

I LOVE IT! Take a look!


The Truth About Portal to Genius

Long before Garrett became my co-author, I burned out on my business and just wanted to focus on my family.

I told my husband, “Garrett’s still passionate about this, and the work he’s done takes our message to a whole new level. He’s also got the energy to do the media appearances.  I don’t care what kind of recognition I get; what if we just put his name on The Jackrabbit Factor and let HIM be the one to get it out there?”

But after all three of us discussed it together, what ended up happening next was the LAST THING I expected…

Here’s the whole story:

If you didn’t already know, Portal to Genius is the sequel to The Jackrabbit Factor.

I learned so many things after releasing The Jackrabbit Factor in 2005 that if I was going to write Jackrabbit Factor over again, I’d change a few things – because my understanding of the laws of success and principles of prosperity had changed and expanded.

In fact, what I’ve learned leaves me 100% certain that I will never learn all there is to know in my lifetime – because just when I think I’ve got everything figured out, there’s inevitably something more for me to learn.

How exciting is that??

Nothing brings me greater joy than to learn, grow, live, and love more perfectly and completely – and each challenge I face reminds me that I still have a LONG way to go.

That’s good news – because it tells me that life will never need to be dull or boring.  What an adventure this is!!

So anyway, near the end of 2008, Trevan (my husband) and I visited with Garrett Gunderson at our home while he was in town on other business, and I was at a point in my life and business that I felt overwhelmed like I had simply taken on too much.  We knew that what Garrett had created in his business pretty much amounted to “Jackrabbit Factor 202” – upper level training for those who embrace the foundational principles in our book.

As I struggled to juggle our business and raise our seven children, torn between the passion that drives me to share these principles as far and as wide as I possibly can, and the passion that drives me to shut the world out and just do something simple like clean a toilet, read a story to my pre-schooler, learn a new recipe, or organize our family photos… I searched for a way to effectively do both.

A Bit of Fun Trivia: When Bob Proctor mentored us in 2006, he emphatically said, “Leslie, you’re conflicted.  There’s conflict all over these goals of yours.”

“I know, I know!”  I replied, but I just didn’t know what to do about it.

To deal with my inner conflict, I ran in one direction until my attention was needed back in the other direction; and swinging one way and then the other, back and forth, back and forth, I made some progress.

Sharon Lechter (co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and my guest for an upcoming teleclass) put my mind at ease one evening when she essentially said that “balance is bunk”.  In other words, stop seeking perfect balance in your life, because just as when you are solidly balanced on both feet, you can get NOWHERE.  You’ve got to shift your balance back and forth, or you can never swing the other foot forward to advance in the journey!

That was a powerful visual for me.

So, back to Garrett… as he visited with us in our home, I was in a swing away from work and business.  As much as I loved what I was doing, I was burned out and needed to get back to greater focus on my family.

I was almost ready to say, “Garrett, you’re passionate about this stuff, and you’ve got the energy to do the media appearances, and the team to support the growth.  I don’t care what kind of recognition I get, what if we just put your name on The Jackrabbit Factor and let you be the one to get it out there?”

But what came out of that meeting was another idea.  Both Trevan and Garrett agreed it was time for a sequel.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to write another book – I always figured I’d wait until my two-year old was in college first.

But finally, (I’m not sure where I found the strength to agree to this, but…) we decided to team up and create the sequel together.  He knew I was overextended, so he encouraged me to utilize his team.  He even let me use his cabin to work on it – and his counsel and perspective was the most valuable piece of all.

So I took the lessons we were learning from Garrett and I set out to weave them into the sequel.  Garrett advised me on how the principles work and apply in the corporate world, and we both felt strongly that at every level, they really work best when you’re setting goals in alignment with your soul purpose: your combination of gifts, talents, and the unique contribution you were meant to make in this world.

I set an intention to complete the sequel before January 1, 2009 (less than 2 months later).  I did not relish the thought of spending two years like I did on the first book.  I’d give this one a solid two weeks in the middle of December where I would stay at my mother’s house and give it my complete focus.

Certainly, I thought, when a person is “in the flow”, ideas can come rapidly; and so long as I have any say in the matter, that’s how I plan it to go for me now.

Well, January 1st came and went.  I hit a major writer’s block.  Part of my frustration came because I knew I needed to write the book, but I had no clue how this one would end.  With The Jackrabbit Factor, I knew the end from the beginning.

But with this one, I had no ending in mind – I didn’t even know what would happen in the middle.  I just got started and then  opened my mind to see where it would take me.

Goal achievement is like that sometimes.  You may have a general idea of what you want to accomplish, but sometimes all you can do is get started, and have the faith that the way will reveal itself as you go.

At various intervals, I met with Garrett again to discuss the story and inevitably, when I was stuck, he saw with clarity what should happen next.  There were other times when he was assigned to work out the details of a certain chapter and he was the one to get stuck.

The unfolding of the story certainly didn’t come the way I originally planned.  But I learned it’s important to adapt and adjust according to the challenges and roadblocks that come.

At the time that I had writer’s block, in a quiet moment an impression hit me very clearly that said, “You cannot write the ending of this story, because you haven’t lived it yet.”

The impression took me by surprise, but I thought, “Okay, then.”  So I put the book aside and just lived.

Alex Mandossian interviewed Garrett and I and pulled out more of the rest of this story… Listen to the interview HERE