How to Survive the Downs

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Life is like a roller coaster. When things go downhill, throw your hands in the air and smile!

Have you ever met someone whose life seems to be falling apart and they’re happy anyway? Have you ever thought, “Wait a minute, you’re supposed to be miserable and depressed!”

It’s true. There are some who are simply in denial, and who hope that the problems will go away if they just ignore them. However, there are others who feel happy even when things are going down because they know a secret. They understand the 19 Rules of Prosperity.

These people can feel happy during a downturn because they know the ride never goes downhill forever. By law, it always turns upward again at the bottom – just like a roller coaster. They smile now because they’re focused on the longer term; and they’re already thinking about the joy and heights that life will take them to next.

Now, while we’re on this “roller coaster theme,” imagine you’ve saved for years to take your family to an exciting theme park on the other side of the country. You’ve pictured the laughter, the fun, the memories you plan to create: the joy of being together, the food, the free time; it’s all so very wonderful!

Now it’s finally time to take that trip. You enjoy a relaxing plane ride, settle in at the hotel, spend the night, and in the morning you have a full day to take in all of the theme park attractions. After entering the gate, you notice that just inside the entrance there are two roller coaster rides to choose from. The first one is called “Straight-Shot to Success” and goes like this:

“Straight Shot to Success”

You get on, and it pulls the line of cars all the way to the top of a twenty-story tower where ….

… it lets you off so you can climb down the stairs to do it again.

Look at the enthusiasm in this picture, just before unloading to climb down and repeat the experience all over again! (Wouldn’t it make for a pretty boring roller coaster ride? Yes. But isn’t that what we think we want out of life? A steady, predictable, safe and easy climb to success?) The thing is, if that’s what we got out of life, I think we’d feel pretty dissatisfied with the whole experience. Without the lows, the highs mean nothing.

So, let’s take a look at the second roller coaster ride called “Joy in the Journey,” which instead goes something like this:

“Joy in the Journey”

You get on, and it pulls you to the top of a big hill and then turns you loose into a series of ups and downs, loops and turns. Everyone is terrified and laughing, all at the same time.

Even when the people plummet at break-neck speeds straight toward the ground, they have a smile on their face.

Now, is that twisted, or what? Are they in denial?

No. They are genuinely enjoying themselves, because they know that the terror is temporary, that the danger is an illusion, and that it will come to an end. They know that they are in a controlled, safe environment that is simply giving them the appearance of danger. Deep down, they know everything is going to be okay in the long run.

Which rollercoaster ride do you think would have the longest waiting line? “Straight-Shot to Success,” or “Joy in the Journey?”

I choose the latter. Here’s what helps me endure the scary parts:

Believe it or not, like a roller coaster ride, Life itself is a safe environment, even with all its dangers.

Contrary to appearances, it truly is a safe place to be. From God’s vantage point, the things we fear are nothing to Him, including death itself.

Do you realize that the life you live is precisely the life you would have chosen all along? THIS is the life that brings you the greatest joy: the life with all the ups and aggravating downs. So be grateful for your downs, and as you allow your heart to swell with gratitude, you’re putting yourself into the right mindset to receive next the best “ups” that God has to offer.

The ups and downs we experience help us feel.

The change from up to down (or down to up) is precisely what makes it possible for us to recognize the difference from one emotion to the other. Like I said before, without the downs, the ups would be meaningless. The lows help us feel and appreciate the highs.

Bob Proctor says, “Most people tiptoe through life, trying to make it safely to death.” Do you see the irony in that? Instead, we should have courage and press on toward our dreams with full, fearless intention.

Fear not!

As Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

You have a choice of what to think about. So think on the expected highs that put a smile on your face, instead of worrying about the imagined train wreck at the bottom of the hill that hasn’t even happened yet.

It is only when your heart is at peace that it is truly prepared to receive inspired solutions to your problems.

So, if you’re headed in a downward direction, be at peace. The tracks are bent and will surely guide your roller coaster car up to the top again in time. It’s going to be thrilling! And in fact, according to the Law of Rhythm, you’re already on your way. Originally published Mar 12, 2008


#2: How to RECEIVE

A few years ago I had a troubling experience with one of my readers. It was unbelievable – as you’ll soon find out. Through this experience, I learned a powerful lesson about “how to receive”.

Let’s talk about the piece that sometimes gets overlooked: your ability to receive what you’re asking for.

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why.

The podcast above is an excerpt from my Mindset Mastery Program.

Listen to the podcast first ^^. When you’re done, I have the sample lesson in PDF format for you, as a thank you for all of the tremendous love and support I’ve felt from my readers since 2002. However, a few readers have been unable to “receive” this gift, because there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome.”

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Transcript (the following text was auto-generated and may contain errors)

welcome to the rare faith podcast where
the solution to every problem is only an
idea away and where the same activity
with just a little more awareness always
yield better results award-winning
best-selling author Leslie householder
bring some of her best information to
this inspiring series of life-changing
episodes that you won’t want to miss
show notes for this episode can be found
at a rare kind of faith calm
I’d like to share with you part of a
lesson from my transformational mindset
mastery program the segment that I’m
going to share with you begins in the
middle of the lesson so brace yourself
we’re just going to jump right in
here’s another one of those felicity
tantrums I used to have I guess deep
down I thought that if I was victim
enough someone would rescue me but I was
doing all those years was looking
outside of myself for the solution the
solution was inside of me all along but
I didn’t know it or at the very least I
didn’t know how to access it
there is a good woman who came to my
website quite a few years ago she wrote
me long descriptive emails composing
volumes on how desperate and hopeless
she felt and because I wanted her to
feel the same kind of relief I had found
I offered to send her a downloadable
copy of the Jackrabbit factor at no
charge because of her story I knew it
would help her this was long before we
had created a way for the document to be
downloaded at no charge to the general
public she graciously accepted so I
located the file and sent the email a
few weeks later she wrote me again
expounding volumes on how horrible
things have been since she wrote and
asking pleading for advice I asked her
if she’d read the book and she said
she’d been too depressed to read it but
would I please give her advice on what
she should do I advised her to read the
book but if I could have effectively
summed the message of the book up I
would have just said believe dream
create but in her condition it would
have been of no use she needed to
experience the entire process she said
she would months later she contacted me
again at the end of her rope and
desperate for advice did you read the
book I lost it will you please send it
again I’m really ready for a change in
my life I want to read the book I sent
it to her again and then she replied
that it wouldn’t open she was using web
TV and couldn’t view PDF documents I did
some research and directed her to a
resource and explained how to enable her
system to read PDF documents it required
a hard drive which she didn’t have so I
sent it to her in regular Word format
that didn’t work for her either so I
copied and pasted the entire document
right into the email itself each time
she thanked me graciously and promised
she’d read it but when she wrote again
begging me for advice just a few weeks
admitting that she’d been too depressed
to read the book I simply had to say do
not contact me again until you have read
the book for her own benefit in my own
self-preservation I had to do it even
though I felt sad to be so blunt by year
went by finally she wrote again dear
Leslie I don’t know if you remember me I
have written to you about the hardships
of my life and my depression and anxiety
you out of the goodness of your heart
sent me the jackrabbit factor to read
because I am on disability and don’t
have the money I’m hoping you can send
it again I’ve looked and looked for it
and apparently it got deleted because of
some complications with my computer
please can you be so kind to send it
again because I need to read it so much
please get back to me with much
gratitude penny name has been changed I
responded if I recall you were unable to
read a PDF document on your web TV am i
right it seems like my last question to
you was asking if your web TV had a
harddrive and PDF reader are you able to
read PDF documents now she replied I
think so someone sent me an article in
PDF format and I could read it I would
appreciate if you could try to send it
so I can see if it can get through
thanks a lot for remembering in
appreciation penny on the same day I
sent her the PDF document didn’t hear
from her for eight more months until
this arrived I hope you’ll remember me I
had a very bad setback knows financially
and emotionally in trouble I am back on
my computer again after months of not
being able to I was wondering if you can
send me the Jackrabbit factor again I
promise this will be the last time I ask
I really want to read it because
something is very wrong that I keep
falling over and over in my life now I
am at a standstill and wiped out by my
problems how do you change your life I
don’t know I try to think positive but
it doesn’t work please I hope you
remember me can I really change this
life of mine from being depressed having
no money no love no job no friends I am
at the bottom and want to go up
sincerely penny curbing my natural
reaction to throw up my hands and hoping
to avoid the PDF problem again I went
ahead and sent it as a Word document
it’s attached in a Word document hope it
helps Leslie
two days later she wrote dear Leslie I
don’t know if you remember me my name is
penny you have sent me for free your
manuscript of the jackrabbit factor I
never got a chance to read it my life
fell apart
even more I couldn’t get on the web to
read my emails and I am in the dumps and
can’t get out every morning I wake up
depressed feeling this is not the life I
wanted I’m 51 years old have never been
married don’t have children and this
brings me down I always wanted to be
married and have children I feel like my
life is over and this is all I get I’m
on disability and have no clothes can
barely eat at times I never thought at
this age this is where I would be I’m
lonely depressed and in a pattern of
negativity that I can’t get out of
negative people come into my life and
drag me down I have a dream to be a
writer and have so many ideas but I’m
weighed down by my terrible past and the
depressing present that I’m living
please help I feel like my life is over
can you please send me the manuscript
again I will definitely read it I don’t
see any changes in my life what is wrong
why do bad things keep happening and why
is it I am living in poverty Thank You
penny on that same day I replied and
copy the entire text of the book
directly into the email body two days
later I received this message hi again I
sent an email to you Leslie and you
never answered please when you get the
chance would you kindly answer I so
would appreciate it I hope you can help
me I really do
sincerely penny maybe you’re wondering
why I put up with this for so long
partly because a piece of me still
remembered how it felt to feel like her
and caring I truly wanted to help penny
I have now replied three times I am
sorry if you are not receiving my
messages let me know if you get this one
this is my last attempt Leslie two days
later dear Leslie I will try again to
send you this email I have sent you an
email and you never answered please can
you answer me when you get the chance I
was asking for your help and hope you
will be able to do this I don’t know how
to get from my troubled life to a better
life and it terrifies me life is going
so fast and I don’t want to be in the
same place next year oh god there has to
be a way sincerely penny oh I have no
address no phone number no other way to
contact her except to reply to her
and when they do not reach her there is
nothing more I can do except pray for
her I hadn’t heard from her for so long
that for her to shop again out of the
blue while I was in the middle of
creating this course I had to stop and
wonder why
is the lesson for me in this there is
wisdom to be gained in every experience
and nothing happens by accident so what
positive could be derived from the
seemingly impossible negative experience
while I’d prefer that she be the one to
gain the lesson I had to look inward and
asked myself what lesson was in the
experience for me
what was God trying to teach me through
it all you see what she learns from our
interaction is not within my control all
I could do is wonder what positive
lesson I could personally derive from my
interaction with her now I realize there
is a shallow lesson to be learned and
that is this I can’t spend my time
trying to save everyone from his or her
problems another lesson that sits on the
surface of this experience is that a
person has to want it bad enough before
they will do what it takes to change
she was asking a question in both cases
making a request but ending them with a
period is almost as though she didn’t
expect a response her plea was not
direct but rhetorical but then I
discovered a deeper more meaningful
lesson after our last run of
disconnected correspondence penny is
reaching out for help she’s asking for
it she’s persistent I believe I have a
few answers that could help her I’m
willing to help I care about her and
want her to feel some new hope and a
sense of relief so what’s missing the
element that is missing is her ability
to receive no matter how much I want to
help her whether or not she receives is
up to her and only her knowing that I
have responded in the past she contacted
me with hope and expectation that I
would respond again that is a critical
mindset for success however when the
help didn’t show up like expected
instead of looking inward to find other
ways to receive what she saw it she
automatically assumed I was ignoring her
and that once again in her mind nobody
believing that nobody cares she
eventually stopped trying
instead of doing more of the same more
emails with the same request over and
over and expecting different results she
might have tried a different approach if
she could have continued to hope for a
response and expect it to come and
believe that I want to respond her next
email might have looked something like
dear Leslie you’ve been very generous
and patient with me in the past I
believe you want to help me but for some
reason I haven’t heard from you is
everything okay if you are having
trouble reaching me perhaps you could
try my phone number or mailing address
I’ll include it here or even better yet
I will not trouble you again until I
obtain a copy of the book from the
library and read it cover-to-cover
see that the solution to every problem
is only an idea away but when we are
thinking only about appearances our mind
shuts down to the very ideas that have
the power to liberate us I can’t judge
penny too harshly anyway because I
remember going through a similar
experience waiting for permission from a
well-known poet to use her writings in
one of my publications I contacted her
multiple times hoping for an answer
which never came finally I sent another
request only to receive her response it
looked something like this
Leslie I don’t know why you aren’t
receiving my responses but yes you may
have permission to use my writing in
your publication I have responded three
times now I hope you get this because
this is my last attempt sound familiar
I was surprised to find out that the
problem was not with her the problem was
with me I was not receiving the messages
she attempted to deliver both of these
experiences caused me to reflect on the
way I approach God with my requests
sometimes I hope for the requested
blessing and sometimes I even expect it
but my grandest requests have only been
granted after I believed in my heart
that God genuinely wanted to help when I
pictured him delighting in my progress
and feeling joy sending me the blessings
I saw it it helped me more naturally do
the things I needed to do to receive the
very things I asked for the things he
wanted me to receive all along if it
didn’t arrive as expected I didn’t take
it to mean that he didn’t want it for me
I took it as a hint that I may need to
do something more something perhaps a
little different I can look back and
recognize now that there have been times
when I have begged for help asking for
it the same way over and over again
without doing my part to make it
possible for me to receive believe that
God wants your family to thrive he wants
you to be able to provide abundantly for
your children or whoever depends on you
for support if that’s what he wants
maybe he’s
already trying to send it to you but you
haven’t done your part to receive that’s
like praying for rain without bothering
to till the soil and plant the seed all
the rain the world won’t help a crop
that hasn’t been sown when you expect
success and it doesn’t come instead of
automatically saying I guess it wasn’t
meant to be open your mind to the
inspiration that will nod you toward
your next step in the process be patient
or even perhaps to consider an
alternative idea that God knows will
bring you even greater joy than you can
imagine the answers to your dilemmas are
inside of you even when I coach people I
am NOT there to provide answers I am
there to draw the answers out of the
client I ask questions back to challenge
his or her thinking and allow the client
to come to his or her own conclusions I
am NOT a paid consultant an expert who
has all the answers I am a coach someone
who helps her clients to find their own
answers can you see why that’s important
remember what happened to the guy who
jumped in bark thinking it would produce
a rabbit you’ve got to get used to the
idea of following your own gut feelings
and remember gut feelings show up almost
imperceptibly causing you to move toward
your goal sometimes unconsciously after
you’ve established a clear firm
committed intention to accomplish
something very specific to have that
kind of result commitment literally
opens the channels for inspiration and
divine guidance whether or not you
realize you’re being guided even this
course is not meant to be an
encyclopedia of answers to every
it isn’t organized like a reference book
it’s a tool to get you thinking the
progressive flow of ideas it leads you
through is intended to help you open or
strengthen the channels of communication
between you and your very own personal
inner source for answers call it
intuition inspiration the inner voice a
gut feeling whatever best fits your
point of reference there is a wealth of
information here but context timing and
application of ideas will be unique to
each reader hi this is leslie
householder again thank you for taking
the time to listen to this excerpt from
the mindset mastery program at the
conclusion of the entire lesson mindset
mastery program participants are
to go to their workbook to complete the
next assignment an experiential designed
to help them internalize the ideas and
see real results remember just like with
penny all of the hoping wishing praying
visualizing affirming and asking for
better conditions will do nothing but
leave you frustrated unless you do your
part to receive I look forward to
helping you figure this out and helping
you discover and find the courage given
the excitement to do it there are so
many more rewards waiting for you than
you have the capacity to accept so let’s
remove those blocks that keep you from
becoming your best self and
accomplishing all you want to achieve
begin your journey now by visiting
prosper the family comm I look forward
to working with you
this concludes today’s episode of the
rare faith podcast you’ve been listening
to leslie householder honor of the
jackrabbit factor portal to Jeanne’s
hidden treasures heavens astonishing
help with your money matters all three
books can be downloaded free at a rare
kind of faith com so tell your friends
and join leslie again next time as she
goes even deeper into the principles
that will help you change your life

y posted on December 23, 2009)