Hope Like a Balloon

Hot air balloons. Helium balloons. Truly magical, if you don’t understand the science behind their buoyancy. And even magical if you do, in my opinion.

Do you remember how it was to experience your first helium balloon?  When you were a child, were you astounded at how everything else you knew fell downward… except that beautiful, shiny ball in the air? It did two things: it ascended upward, and it helped you feel happier.

As you got older, maybe you allowed it to become more of a a commonplace phenomenon.

Even now, every time I stop to think about it, my spirits are lifted as I watch the pull of a balloon rising in the opposite direction of everything else around it.

All it is, is a container full of a gas that happens to be lighter than the oxygen/carbon dioxide mixture in the air, and when a balloon is full of a gas that is lighter than the gas mixture of its surroundings, it naturally rises above them.

Our thoughts, kept buoyant by focusing on the positive, also have the ability to pull US up and out of downer circumstances.

Every time you consciously choose a solution-oriented, hopeful, enthusiastically-expectant-of-good-things kind of thought, you fill your MIND with stuff that is lighter in nature than the common thoughts of negativity and discouragement.

It’s science:

Hopeful, buoyant thoughts do more than just help you feel good; they literally LIFT you above adversity like helium in a balloon.

So fill your mind with light-thinking, and in time, you’ll naturally rise above the gunk. The stuff that pulls you down will fall out of your life, like ballast out of a hot air balloon.

For a tank full of helium of the mind, I strongly recommend joining me in the Mindset Mastery Program.

I’ll help you keep your thoughts buoyant. I’ll give you REASON to hope, and a valid reason to have it, too. I’ll fill your mind with the stuff that will help you rise above your challenges, no matter what they are.

To your success! Originally published Oct 27, 2009


And Along Came a Spider

Some time ago my eleven year-old daughter came home from orchestra practice simply devastated. She had been the first to arrive, and as the others filed in, nobody chose to sit by her. She sat at the edge of the room, the only student with an empty chair at her side.

She felt rejected and alone.

So the next day, as I dropped her off, I encouraged her to hold back and let some of the others sit down first, and then make her choice to sit by someone she’d like to get to know better. “Find someone who might be having a bad day, and BE the one to make a friend.”

I encouraged her to have a prayer in her heart, picturing herself with an abundance of friends, and reminded her that choosing to be positive and confident would help others want to be around her.

So she pulled herself together with an intention that things would be different this time. She agreed to pray in her heart and try to think more positively.

But what happened next surprised us both…

When I picked her up from school, she was excited to report that she ended up right between two girls that she was excited to get to know better.

How did it happen? Not the way we thought it would.

Contrary to my advice, she still showed up earlier than most; and out of habit decided to sit in her regular chair on the edge of the room. As a few of the other students filed in, the pattern threatened to repeat itself.

(That’s the power of subconscious thoughts right there…)

However, just then, she noticed a scary spider on her music stand. Creeped out, she took her folder and tried to push it off.

Instead of successfully getting it out of her space, it fell onto her leg. She jumped up and shook her pants, and wasn’t sure where it ended up. Assuming it was still at her chair, she decided that it would be better to move.

It took her out of her comfort zone and into another chair. One of the girls she’d like to know better came in and sat right next to her. Before long, a second girl took the empty chair at her other side.

Admittedly she said she thought the answer to her prayer would show up in the form of an idea, or an added measure of courage to do or say something uncomfortable.

But no, it showed up as a spider.

This micro-experience captures the essence of how God so often deals with us. When we ask for things to be better, he doesn’t just make things better. He creates conditions in our life that make us get out of our comfort zone and put us somewhere else – somewhere, where the blessing we’re asking for can finally be received.

Sometimes we get moved out of our comfort zone and still fail to receive the blessing. This can happen when our thoughts are not inclined to look for the hidden benefit in our adversity.

It would be like my daughter getting out of her regular chair and into another, and being so upset by it that she doesn’t even notice the potential friendships on either side of her. By her response to the hardship, she could have completely denied herself of the blessing that the change contained.

In that case, the girls that flanked her could have picked up on the downer-energy and might have been inclined to just ignore her.

I’m grateful that she was thoughtful enough to give credit to God for sending a spider, because it prepared the way for her to receive the very thing she was hoping for all along.

My dear reader… What’s your spider? What ugly thing has showed up in your life that’s opposite to what you’ve been praying for?

It’s there for a reason.

(To watch additional clips from this event, click here)

A Hardship is always a blessing in disguise. Pay attention to how it “moves” you.

I’d like to help you make sense (cents) out of your setbacks. Are you ready for a better future? Click here to learn more about the life-changing Mindset Mastery Program. Originally published September 22, 2009


What we do to ourselves sometimes can’t be undone on our own

I was visiting my in-laws one evening when I signed in to my Facebook account and saw this post on my newsfeed. It was from my 18-year-old son. He said:

Jacob (18)

I just walked past my parent’s room and heard my 4 year old sister Sarah crying. My parents are gone so I thought she was in there waiting for Mom to get home. I tried to open the door but it was locked, so when I got into the room with a key and asked what was wrong, I saw that she had tied the ribbon of her dress to their bed.

As I was struggling to untie it she said:

“I’na good tyer.”

Then she came and asked me, “Wanna know why I tied myself to the bed?”

I asked, “Why?”

Bethany (7) and Sarah (4)

“Because Bethany was being mean to me.”

That was the only explanation she gave.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t be mean to your little siblings or they might lock themselves in a room and tie themselves to furniture with knots that they can’t undo on their own.


It’s true; sometimes our reaction to life’s disappointments and frustrations becomes the real source of our problems. We can really complicate matters when we react instead of responding with calculated choice of thought.

The fact is, life will disappoint us, and frustrations are inevitable.  Our power to rise above such problems, however, does not lie in the circumstances themselves, but in how we respond to them.

And, as explained in Hidden Treasures, Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters (free download), the larger the problem, the greater the opportunity.

So, I echo my son’s moral, and remind us all to apply it to the world of adults:

If life is mean to YOU, don’t tie yourself up in knots that you can’t undo on your own.

Success is not a measure of how many problems we avoid; it’s a measure of how well we respond to the problems we have.

However, if you feel like you’re already “tied up” in some way, pat yourself on the back for being a good “tyer” (be kind to yourself!) …and then get some help. You don’t have to stay stuck forever.

To see how I can help you now, and to learn how to choose your thoughts carefully in a crisis for the best possible outcome, visit ProsperTheFamily.com Originally published November 29, 2010


When Things Look Bleak

47tips-bleakPositive Thinking Tip: Reflect with gratitude on your current blessings and previous victories.

I remember being in a real slump a few years back… on the verge of some pretty exciting things, but attacked by some new thoughts of concern.

I had set some lofty goals some time previously, and as the target date was approaching, and as things appeared to be bleak, it took all my energy to continually push aside doubtful thoughts.

For several days in a row I was plagued by questions such as:

  • “What if it doesn’t work out?”
  • “What if you miss your goals?”
  • “What will you do if the resources you need don’t come through?”

Each time an anxious thought came into my head, I rejected it. But just rejecting it wasn’t enough to leave me with burning faith, either. I was losing sight of my objectives, and felt weak in my ability to apply the very principles of prosperity I teach.

“Oh, give yourself a break, Leslie… you’re just pregnant.” I’m acutely aware of my emotional state when hormones are all wacky, and I learned to trust in God’s mercy in spite of myself. I believe He can bless me even when I’m not perfect (thank heavens)… and I’ve learned that because I choose that way of thinking over the more typical “I’m not worthy of His blessings” mentality, He is then able to send the blessings, by law…

Still, even though I have, in the past, been able to believe in my goals in spite of myself, that particular week was especially tough. Hope was fading, and I struggled not to just give up.

So I turned to two of my closest friends for support, and to help me fix my thinking. I knew that it was my thinking that needed fixing, even more than the circumstances around me (the lack of evidence that I would succeed). It was my thinking that needed fixing, because my success depended on it.

Let me share with you what they told me:

Marnie’s advice – “Dig into gratitude for what you have and what you know is coming. Also… depression isn’t such a bad thing because it makes you willing to change, helps you see contrast…also the whole [law of] rhythm thing… something great’s around the corner …refocus spiritually… Doctrine and Covenants 6:33-37 really helped me get through [a similar slump]”

(The reference she was talking about reads: “Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail… Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”)

My husband’s comment: “God hasn’t brought us this far to fail now…”

That struck me like a ton of bricks. It made me think back to all of the miracles He has performed for us, and it would be absurd to think that He would bring us this far, only for us to give up on our dreams and fail to accomplish the worthy things we’ve set out to do.

Suddenly, the struggle seemed like a waste of time and energy. No longer did I feel like I was IN the struggle; I felt like I had just set it aside as something I chose to have nothing to do with.

I found a quiet place and took Marnie’s advice to think on all the things I have to be grateful for. And you know what? It wasn’t just a nice exercise, it was literally an action step taken to get me back on track. Because I have a growing understanding of the laws of success, I knew that to take a half hour or an hour to allow myself to feel gratitude to God for all He has done, maybe even to the point of tears, was to put myself in harmony with Him again, and prepare myself to receive the very blessings He wants to send me.

No matter how far we come in learning these principles, we will be challenged our entire life to continue exercising those “muscles”. They can atrophy if we let them. Once again, I became excited about my dreams.

It’s true: we can make of our life anything we want it to be!

Above all, the only things that really needs fixing when things look bleak are your thoughts.

0795_Leslie-author-FB-sq-rotated-flippedGet your thinking right, and everything else falls into place.

Download a free copy of The Jackrabbit Factor or Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, and I’ll help you make the transformation, one step at a time.

Prosper on!

Leslie Householder


Your Reticular Activating System and a Tranquilizer Gun

One morning, my husband and I slept in a bit, because the day before had been so jam-packed with preparations for an event we were conducting.

Still tired, rather than rolling out of bed, we both just grabbed our laptops and got back to work in our pajamas: I kept preparing files for the printer, and Trevan continued to troubleshoot some bugs in our online systems.

Pretty soon, our daughters Bethany (7) and Sarah (4) wanted to come in, so we invited them to use the master bath where they could be near us and play with their toys in the water.

As they played, their giggles grew louder and their role-playing became more melodramatic until finally my husband had to say, “Hey girls, I realize this this is a play area for you, but it’s a work area for us. We need you to settle down!”

Bethany obediently responded with, “O-kaay.”

Sarah’s response was a bit more authentic. She explained, “But we’re having a lot of fun…”

We chuckled to ourselves and got back to task. Sarah has always been so incredibly quotable.

Time flew. Before we knew it, the girls had been in the water for more than two hours, singing, giggling, and playing with their toys. Again the volume became too much, and this time it was me who said, “Okay girls, time to get out!”

So Bethany got out of the water and went downstairs. Lingering behind, Sarah finally said, “Mom, could I just please stay a little longer?”

I said, “Well, you’re being really quiet now… so, okay, just a little longer.”

Pretty soon I could hear Sarah singing to herself and role-playing independently with her toys. It was so sweet, hearing her talk about princesses and mommies and singing away. It didn’t bother me – I hardly noticed it. I was able to keep working on my files and sort of enjoyed the cute little munchkin voice in the background.

Then, apparently exasperated beyond what he could tolerate, my husband suddenly exclaimed, “Argh! I need a tranquilizer gun!”

Stunned by his comment, I turned my head and glared at him, wide eyed. After a long pause, and assuming he was just trying to be funny with a really bad joke, (and to make my point without chastising him too bluntly) I matched his comment with these equally tasteless words: “Don’t… you think… we would need to… at least… drain the water… first??”

He looked at me confused, and then finally the lights went on. He insisted with just as much shock in his voice, “I was talking about the dogs!”

Dogs? What dogs?

That’s when I finally noticed them. There were quite a few still barking incessantly outside our back window, and he had had it. He had been trying so hard to keep from losing his train of thought while solving a really tough dilemma, so cracking a joke about a tranquilizer gun was his best attempt at channeling his frustration energy into humor.

What he didn’t realize was that his comment was actually funnier than he intended. Once he realized how it sounded to me, we both erupted into laughter and continued to laugh out loud whenever we thought about it.

Isn’t it interesting… how our minds had been focused on our work, and subconsciously, I was enjoying the playful sounds of a 4 year-old in the background, while my husband was becoming increasingly annoyed by the barking of the dogs in the background?

Same environment, two completely different experiences.

When your brain hones in on certain data input from your environment instead of some other kind of available data, that’s a function of your brain’s Reticular Activating System. The “RAS” draws from past experiences, calculates the amount and intensity of emotion that you have added to those experiences, and sees to it that you notice the elements in your environment that correspond to those dominant thoughts and feelings.

The point of this story is that there is always more going on in your environment than you are noticing. When you’ve set your goals properly (according to the principles of success), your Reticular Activating System becomes a great friend.

It goes to work for you, helping you notice and pay attention to the resources you need to be able to accomplish your goal.

The resources you need are already in your immediate surroundings; your Reticular Activating System helps you recognize them.

Sadly, those resources can remain unnoticed your whole life (completely within reach, but never utilized) when you don’t set and carry out your goals properly.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I teach.

So, don’t just stop with this article, keep reading all the tips and tools I’ve created for you, so that the gaps in your understanding can be filled, and you can come away ready to change your life, equipped with confidence, and empowered to discover and implement every next genius idea you’ll ever need.

If you’ve already read The Jackrabbit Factor, then it’s time to join me in the Mindset Mastery course. Learn more about it at www.prosperthefamily.com or watch this video.

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The Law of Vibration and the Spirit of God

This is the transcript of a chat I conducted many years ago, but I just found it in my files and thought I’d share it with my readers. Enjoy!

“The Law of Vibration and the Spirit of God” with Leslie Householder

Chat held as an unofficial follow-up after the SheLovesGod Virtual Women’s Conference Nov. 21, 2004

19:34:49 [LoriS] I still don’t really understand the Law of Vibration. Any tips on that one?

19:38:25 [LoriS] How does it work in Christianity terms?

19:38:42 [LoriS] Prayer, etc.

19:39:39 [marniep] Yes, prayer… promptings from the Holy Spirit.

19:40:15 [marniep] visions, dreams, revelations… all fall in this category

19:42:09 Leslie enters this room

19:42:31 [marniep] Hi Leslie… Lori, ask Leslie your questions about Law of Vibration…

19:42:33 [LoriS] hello, Leslie.

19:43:18 [LoriS] Leslie, I was trying to understand the Law of Vibration. It’s the most difficult one for me.

19:43:20 [Amy] Hi Leslie !

19:44:31 [Leslie] tell me what you know, or what you’ve been told so far, so I can hone in a little better than just spouting out of the blue

19:45:29 [LoriS] Feel free to spout, I don’t mind. But I am specifically wondering how the Law of Vibration works with Christianity.

19:45:46 [LoriS] Is it a mindset that I need to have during prayer?

19:46:18 [Leslie] okay, tell me this: have you ever been to a church meeting where you really really felt something powerful?

19:46:25 [marniep] you listened to Leslie’s call on Monday – right Lori?

19:46:30 [Leslie] as you listened to the sermon

19:46:46 [LoriS] Yes, I listened to that call. That’s the only thing I’ve ever heard about this law.

19:47:23 [LoriS] Yes, I have been to a sermon like that. I remember zoning in on the preacher in such a focused way that all else seemed to black out , like a camera lens.

19:47:25 [Leslie] in Christianity, I think most of us call it “feeling the Spirit”

19:47:38 [Leslie] is that how you interpreted the feeling?

19:48:09 [LoriS] “feeling the Spirit?”

19:48:13 [Leslie] yeah

19:48:26 [LoriS] Or, something powerful — I’d say it was something powerful.

19:48:50 [Leslie] okay, would you say it came from God?

19:49:03 [LoriS] Yes

19:49:27 [LoriS] It was what I needed at the right time

19:49:40 [Leslie] if you wanted to feel it again, what do you think you would do to prepare yourself for such an experience?

19:50:15 [LoriS] Wait is the thing that comes to mind!

19:50:34 [LoriS] And keep an open ear and open heart/mind

19:51:11 [Leslie] yes, and I’ll add a few things to the list based on my own experiences…

19:51:26 [LoriS] ok

19:51:46 [Leslie] after feeling that kind of power, that kind of “communication” or whatever it was, from God…

19:52:22 [Leslie] I have been able to feel it many many times in my life when I have these elements in my mind or heart…

19:53:00 [Leslie] a desire for it, humility, obedience to the commandments,

19:53:44 [Leslie] but an important part is to focus, and concentrate, in a spiritual way…

19:54:05 [Leslie] seeking a oneness with God

19:54:27 [Leslie] and when I am prepared in these ways…

19:55:12 [Leslie] I can go to my church meetings and it doesn’t matter what the preacher is saying, I feel the direct communication from the Lord, and the message reaches me.
19:55:53 [Leslie] I believe that this explains why two people sitting in church can get two different things out of the meeting…
19:56:16 [Leslie] because they are each at a different place in their life, needing different messages from the Lord…
19:56:51 [marniep] The spirit translates the message into whatever you need to hear.

19:56:54 [Leslie] I imagine that the time you had your experience, you might have been near someone else that DIDN’T experience it too…

19:57:21 [LoriS] Likely

19:57:22 [Leslie] before I go on to tie this in with the Law of Vibration, is this making sense so far?

19:57:41 [Amy] yes !
19:57:52 [Leslie] Lori?

19:58:04 [LoriS] Yes, I think it may have been what you are talking about when I prayed once about my dh and then every sermon, every radio talk,

19:58:14 [LoriS] etc., kept being about “serving.”

19:58:32 [Leslie] wow. Yes, that’s it.

19:58:34 [LoriS] I started “serving” Tim and great things happened after that between us – an answer to prayer.

19:58:42 [Leslie] now, this is the really neat part…

19:59:01 [Leslie] (that’s really neat, Lori)

19:59:14 [Leslie] Do you know what tuning forks are?

19:59:25 [LoriS] Yes

19:59:50 [Leslie] I have two really large tuning forks, each mounted on a sounding box…

20:00:32 [Leslie] so that the part you normally hold is stuck to the top surface of a wooden box that is open on two opposing ends.

20:01:00 [Leslie] I can put them near each other, but not touching, and when I strike one of them…

20:01:22 [Leslie] if they are in tune with each other, the other fork will actually start to “sing” as well

20:01:38 [LoriS] Wow!

20:01:41 [Leslie] if they are slightly out of tune with each other, then when I strike the first one,

20:01:49 [Leslie] the other one stays dead silent.

20:02:24 [Leslie] This shows me that if WE are “in tune” with God, then his messages will resonate with our own spirits.

20:02:47 [Leslie] if we are out of tune, then quite often we just don’t “get it”

20:03:18 [Leslie] we control how in tune we are with Him by the thoughts we keep in our minds… “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

20:04:04 [Leslie] now the Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates. If we have had 9th grade chemistry, we learned that on the molecular level, that is true.

20:04:25 [Leslie] the table in front of me, as solid as it seems, is actually in a state of vibration…

20:05:06 [Leslie] water is H2O in a liquid vibratory state, but as ice, the vibrations are slower, and as vapor, the vibrations are extremely rapid.

20:05:29 [Leslie] WE are vibrating.

20:05:51 [Leslie] a “feeling” is nothing more than a conscious awareness of a particular vibration

20:07:08 [Leslie] so when we “feel” something at church, or as we read God’s word, then we can be aware that our own vibration (if you will) is at the moment in harmony with the Spirit of the Lord

20:07:21 [Leslie] just like the second tuning fork

20:07:33 [LoriS] LIGHT BULB moment here! I get the law of vibration! I needed the visual of the tuning forks!

20:07:56 [Leslie] so, how do we apply this idea to our lives and abundance? That’s where I’ll go next unless you have any questions

20:08:03 [LoriS] This makes it easier to stop questioning whether a “feeling” is from God or not.

20:08:14 [Leslie] yes!

20:08:34 [Leslie] if it persuades us to believe in Christ then it is most definitely from God

20:09:04 [marniep] and Lori, you can go back to Galatians 5:22 that we discussed earlier to tell whether a feeling comes from God: “The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance”

20:09:23 [Leslie] now I seek abundance in my own life. I have a lot of goals for myself and my family that frankly will cost a good deal of money…

20:09:59 [Leslie] but as I choose my goals, I like to pray about them and see if I get that feeling, so I can know if it is an appropriate desire for me to have.

20:10:05 [LoriS] Thanks, Marnie

20:10:17 [Leslie] once I get that, then look out because I know He’s on my side

20:10:31 [LoriS] Does that also help you with timing — what to pursue first?

20:11:06 [Leslie] yeah, so often we are faced with so many GOOD choices that we get all gummed up and get nothing done…

20:11:53 [LoriS] I do that a LOT

20:12:39 [Leslie] but I’ve discovered that He seems to make me sort things out on my own first, as if He’s trying to make me grow, and when I use my own judgement to set priorities, I then take it to Him with “this is what I’ve come up with, is this right?” and I check for that feeling. If I feel peace, then I know
20:13:39 [Leslie] it’s right. If I feel confusion, then I rethink and try to come up with some other idea. Fear is NOT an answer, because He is never the author of fear. That’s the “enemy’s” job

20:13:44 [Leslie] (Satan)
20:14:16 [LoriS] Confusion is usually Satan? Or at least it is not God?

20:14:35 [Leslie] no, confusion is just the absence of peace.

20:14:43 [Leslie] fear is Satan’s answer

20:14:48 [marniep] It’s an absense of the Spirit

20:15:09 [marniep] Think Spirit=Peace, Spirit=Joy

20:15:14 [LoriS] When you say “fear”, does confusion fall into that same category?

20:15:26 [marniep] Without those, you don’t have the Holy Spirit’s seal of approval on your choice.

20:15:28 [Leslie] so when I pray, I am looking for peace and love versus confusion. Confusion is just, like Marnie said, the absence of the Spirit, or the absence of peace

20:15:45 [Leslie] no, confusion is not in the same category as fear

20:15:51 [LoriS] ok

20:15:56 [Leslie] confusion for me after a prayer like that is like…

20:16:23 [Leslie] my mind darting all over the place and the utter inability to hold the thought of my idea I came to HIm with.

20:16:33 [Leslie] does that make sense?
20:17:11 [LoriS] Obviously I feel confused a lot, so I’m asking about it the most!

20:17:26 [LoriS] Yes, I’ve felt that way after prayer.

20:17:37 [LoriS] YOu’re both really clearing this up for me. I haven’t know what

20:17:44 [LoriS] known…what is or isn’t from God.

20:18:08 [Leslie] well when you have a light bulb moment, that is sort of how it feels to tap into pure truth. It makes sense, it feels good, it causes your faith to grow, it brings a bit of joy…

20:18:38 [Leslie] I think that’s how God leads us along, steering us on how to live in the happiest way possible.
20:20:17 [Leslie] so, Lori, are you looking for how to have more abundance in your life?
20:21:06 [LoriS] Yes, very much! God has been working on me intensely over the past 4 years. I wasn’t making Him a priority, but more and more I”ve felt Him

20:21:27 [LoriS] nudging me. So many things in my life have changed over those years.
20:21:54 [Leslie] what kind of abundance are you seeking now… more understanding of Him, or financial, or in relationships… anything specific?
20:22:11 [LoriS] I told Marnie and Amy that God has led me to be a writer since I was a little girl — now I know it is in the direction of helping other young moms — like Titus 2 , in “keeping the home.”
20:23:11 [LoriS] Um, financial is a concern — dh lost his job 8 weeks ago (in a weird, no sense to it kind of way – I can’t help but think God has his hand in it)

20:23:36 [LoriS] Even though finances is a concern, I”m not really concerned though.
20:23:47 [Leslie] that’s good

20:23:48 [LoriS] If I could change one thing I KNOW what it would be.
20:23:48 [LoriS] If I could change one thing I KNOW what it would be.

20:24:16 [LoriS] I haven’t been spending quality time with God. Just little snippets of devotionals, little praise-prayers.

20:24:18 [Leslie] what would it be?

20:24:45 [LoriS] I’d like to spend more time with Him — I’m trying to get up at 6am to get an hour in before the kids (4 of them, ages 1 to 9) wake up.

20:25:04 [Leslie] okay, good

20:25:06 [LoriS] I’d change that habit of not being with God.
20:25:40 [LoriS] (I’m not doing well at the getting up thing — I’m 50/50 now. Something keeps getting in the way!)

20:25:43 [Leslie] sounds like you are already changing that habit
20:25:59 [LoriS] How do you keep Satan out of the way for a while?
20:26:17 [Leslie] what kinds of things get in the way?

20:26:31 [LoriS] My second change would be to start writing regularly.
20:27:15 [Leslie] because you enjoy it or because you are shooting for a certain accomplishment?

20:27:22 [LoriS] The kids will get up too early, I won’t get enough sleep the night before, etc. I’m very flexible and a creative-type person.

20:27:31 [LoriS] It’s hard to be self-disciplined.
20:28:21 [LoriS] As far as writing — yes, I know that I am supposed to write . And I know it is to be for young mothers. “Keeping the home” is the theme that has lately been on my heart — from Titus 2.

20:29:56 [Leslie] lol, I am in the middle of the same effort. I have a handful of kids myself, and trying to get up at 5 to walk with a friend, and then study before the kids get up. I’m afraid I am not the guru on this one. On the other hand, if you want your dh to get a great job, or if you want someTHING I can

20:30:06 [Leslie] tell you exactly how to do that

20:30:20 [LoriS] LOL

20:30:31 [LoriS] I’ll tell you 2 things.

20:30:54 [LoriS] I want to write a book OR you can choose dh getting a great job, we need that income!

21:22:56 [Leslie] so you decide what it is that you want. Be as specific as possible.

21:23:15 [Leslie] I’ll take the example of your dh’s job.

21:24:21 [Leslie] Back to the law, the fact that everything vibrates. Everything has a specific vibratory characteristic. A carrot has a specific vibration associated with it. Everything does.

21:25:59 [Leslie] imagine you go into some fast food restaurant.

21:26:24 [Leslie] Now imagine going into the fanciest restaurant in town.

21:26:41 [Lori] ok

21:26:46 [Leslie] both have food, both have employees, both have parking lots, etc…

21:27:09 [Leslie] but one has a better “atmosphere”, would you agree?

21:28:28 [Lori] Absolutely!

21:28:37 [Leslie] Have you ever been somewhere that was so utterly lavish, you felt uncomfortable? (any kind of place, not just a restaurant)

21:28:55 [Lori] Yes, I’m not uppity-up. I feel out of place there.

21:29:28 [Leslie] on the other hand, have you ever been somewhere really horrible, maybe it was filthy, and you felt uncomfortable there, too?

21:29:48 [Lori] Yes

21:30:25 [Leslie] We must realize that everything, not just ojects, have a specific vibration. Situations have a specific vibration. Places do, people do, everything does.

21:30:56 [Lori] Which is why we feel uncomfortable in those places.

21:31:14 [Leslie] When we feel uncomfortable, it is because WE are not in harmony with that particular vibration.

21:31:17 [Leslie] right

21:31:28 [Lori] That makes sense.

21:31:35 [Leslie] So the point is, and the most sobering part of this law is this…

21:32:47 [Leslie] we are in harmony right now with the situations we are in. The way we live, the balance in our checkbook, everything about our life, is the way it is because subconsciously we are in perfect harmony with it.

21:33:00 [Leslie] We might not like it…

21:33:14 [Leslie] and we might do everything we know how to change it….

21:33:44 [Leslie] but until we change the state of our vibration, we will continue to live as we do.

21:33:54 [Leslie] let me illustrate…

21:34:35 [Leslie] imagine you have a drop of water and a drop of milk…

21:34:42 [Lori] ok

21:34:57 [Leslie] and you bring them close together gradually, what will happen to them?

21:35:50 [Lori] They will mix, becoming watery milk

21:36:03 [Leslie] would you have to try very hard to get them to join?

21:36:18 [Lori] not at all

21:36:59 [Leslie] kind of like the way clouds gather. The moisture is in the air, and they gather and join together very automatically…

21:37:22 [Leslie] but then take a drop of water and a drop of vegetable oil. Could you make them join?

21:37:33 [Lori] no, they repel

21:38:05 [Leslie] the water and milk (or water and water as in clouds) are in harmonious vibration with each other. The water and the oil are not.

21:38:30 [Leslie] So here’s how this works:

21:40:11 [Leslie] If I am experiencing lack of any kind, then my mind is in harmony with lack, and unless I change my vibration, I will continue to draw to myself experiences and people and circumstances that lend to more of the same: lack.

21:41:22 [Lori] That makes sense when you imagine the poor communities that stay poor and never seem to get out of poverty.

21:41:30 [Leslie] Have you noticed that when people are down and out, they are more likely to be the ones to end up with a fender bender at the grocery store, or with a bike stolen off their property, or forget to pay a bill and get hit with a late fee…

21:42:31 [Lori] Yes, we’ve had a string of things happen in the last 8 weeks, adn I kept saying, “We’re having such bad luck.” Over and over I said that, until listening to the

21:42:36 [Lori] conference this week.

21:43:07 [Leslie] as much as they hate it, they continue to attract hardships because they think about them, talk about them, complain about them… they are so focused on worry and hardship, that they are literally keeping themselves in the same vibration that attracted all the problems in the first place.

21:43:27 [Leslie] like water to water.

21:43:41 [Leslie] and then there are the rich people

21:44:55 [Leslie] some people have never experienced lack, and they expect things will go their way, because it always does, and they always have all they need, and more, and with that mindset, they are literally keeping themselves in the right vibration to be in the right places at the right times to be drawn to

21:45:06 [Lori] Does the Law of Rhythm mean that we have to go through these hard times , though?

21:45:13 [Leslie] right opportunities to keep them in abundance.

21:45:31 [Lori] I have a brother who is like that last example!

21:45:48 [Lori] I have another brother who never has anything and always wonders why.

21:45:56 [Leslie] there will be what seem like ups and downs our whole life.

21:46:23 [Leslie] without them, we wouldn’t know when we feel good, because we’d have nothing to compare it to… but…

21:47:03 [Leslie] I would much rather live on an upward climb. In my mind I look at my downs as plateaus…

21:47:36 [Leslie] I think we “feel” happiness when we are up, but up can be simply relative to our previous “up”

21:48:04 [Leslie] we can either go up and down and go nowhere…

21:48:33 [Leslie] or learn and grow through each cycle and end up in a higher place

21:48:56 [Leslie] I like to illustrate this with a wavy up and down line…

21:49:06 [Leslie] which is how some people view life…

21:49:29 [Leslie] but take that wavy line and turn it 45 degrees and you have a staircase.

21:49:48 [Lori] Ah, yes!

21:49:55 [Leslie] that happens so long as we submit ourselves to changing the way we think

21:50:26 [Leslie] So are you wondering how to change our vibration?

21:50:55 [Lori] Yes, how to get what I need — like dh’s job back, or a better one than before.

21:51:53 [Leslie] okay. Do you think he would be with you in this effort of will you be doing it on your own?

21:52:12 [Lori] He would do it, too.

21:52:56 [Leslie] Take some time with him and create a list of exactly the kind of job he would like to have…

21:53:44 [Leslie] Write it down. Include the kind of salary, the kind of commute, the hours, the benefits, the kind of people he’d be working with, anything else about it that he can think of.

21:53:57 [Lori] ok

21:54:00 [Leslie] Where do you live?

21:54:49 [Lori] Fairhope, Alabama, on the Florida border – on the Gulf Coast

21:55:19 [Leslie] how many people in your community would you guess?

21:56:03 [Lori] Fairhope is small – only a few thousand. Jobs are in the bigger towns.

21:56:18 [Lori] Only around 300,000 in the whole county, which is pretty large.

21:56:27 [Leslie] okay, did he commute before?

21:56:56 [Lori] To a town called Daphne. There are I think about 10,000 there but a booming town.

21:57:41 [Lori] No, 10,000 is too small. Maybe more like 40,000 in Daphne. I’m guessing based on teh county size.

21:58:02 [Leslie] Well, as you make the list, also take the time to talk aobut and feel what it would be like to actually have that kind of job.

21:58:07 [Lori] It is just a 16-mile commute.

21:58:16 [Leslie] -about- sorry

21:58:18 [Lori] The ideal job?

21:58:44 [Leslie] the part about “feeling what it would be like to have the ideal job” is the crucial factor

21:58:49 [Leslie] yes

21:59:11 [Lori] Then what?

22:00:05 [Leslie] then I would pray about it and ask, “this is what we are seeking, is this a worthy goal?”

22:00:25 [Lori] ok

22:00:30 [Leslie] And believe me, God wants us to have good things.

22:01:54 [Leslie] I just mention that because it wouldn’t be appropriate to apply these principles if we were seeking to have the fancy car for the purpose of making our brother in law think you are better than him or something goofy like that.

22:02:20 [Lori] Yes, I see what you mean!

22:03:39 [Leslie] I mention that also because we are told over and over in the scriptures that if we ask, we shall receive. So we should practice asking, and this is a great way to do that

22:03:59 [Lori] So, step one is to imagine it and write it down in detail…step 2 is to check with God.

22:04:24 [Lori] I admitted earlier to Marnie and Amy that I’m not good at asking God for much…I’m much better at praising Him.

22:05:13 [Leslie] I’d say step 2 is to imagine how it would feel first. Someone else might disagree with that, but that is how I do it.

22:05:25 [Lori] ok

22:06:03 [Leslie] after checking with God, then you spend time daily imagining how it would feel.

22:06:22 [Lori] As part of vibration?

22:06:29 [Leslie] What you are doing is training your subconscious mind to change your “vibration”

22:06:46 [Leslie] your vibration is controlled by your subconscious mind.

22:06:59 [Leslie] and you are trying to override all the old programming.

22:07:14 [Leslie] Here’s the coolest part:

22:08:28 [Leslie] when we have changed our vibration, then the things that need to happen to make the goal come true, start happening with very little effort.

22:09:22 [Leslie] someone might call with a lead, or you will be led to the right ad in the paper, or you’ll happen to drive past something that makes you think to call so-n-so…

22:09:47 [Leslie] you never know. You just act on the little nudges that come to mind.

22:10:08 [Leslie] But remember that you have to believe. Doubt and fear sabotage it all.

22:10:23 [Leslie] But because this is a LAW, you can depend on it.

22:10:25 [Lori] It’s all part of trust in God, isn’t it?

22:11:08 [Lori] When you did the class, you mentioned free will and how God can’t bless us if we are repelling it.

22:11:09 [Leslie] exactly. I remember feeling like I was supposed to have faith, but until I learned the law behind it all, it was very hard to maintain belief.

22:11:20 [Leslie] right

22:11:49 [Lori] This does make it easier to maintain belief, as you said.

22:12:03 [Leslie] I have a part 2 to this, but I want to make sure you don’t have any more questions so far about what we’ve talked about.

22:12:23 [Lori] No, it’s clear. Thanks!

22:12:36 [Leslie] okay, here’s the next coolest part:

22:12:57 [Leslie] how do you know if you have been successful in turning it over to your subconscious mind?

22:13:03 [Leslie] I’ll tell you…

22:13:31 [Leslie] first you have to understand how your subconscious mind (sc) works

22:14:22 [Leslie] it is the part of our mind that operates automatic things like keeping our heart beating. It also is what controls the kind of vibration we are in.

22:14:36 [Lori] ok

22:15:16 [Leslie] While our CONscious mind had the ability to accept or reject an idea, our SC cannot do that. Once something reaches it, it unconditionally believes the idea to be TRUTH.

22:15:45 [Leslie] Like we may have accepted the “truth” that there’s never enough money.

22:15:59 [Lori] Yes, I’ve done that one!

22:16:41 [Leslie] with that so-called “truth” in place, we are perpetually drawn by our vibration to circumstances that keep that truth alive in our environment.

22:17:19 [Leslie] Here’s another good example, “I am overweight.”

22:17:50 [Leslie] no diet, no discipline, NOTHING will change the reality until the SC has been convinced of a new truth

22:18:36 [Leslie] Even if we eat the very same things as someone else, our body will cling to whatever it needs to maintain the image we have of ourselves in our SC.

22:19:35 [Lori] Oh, that’s amazing.

22:19:48 [Leslie] So back to the question, “how do I know I have imagined the feeling long enough to change my vibration?”

22:20:06 [Lori] Right.

22:20:09 [Leslie] (the feeling of having the job in place, or whatever)

22:20:35 [Leslie] there is a completely dependable indicator…

22:20:56 [Leslie] let me ask you a question…

22:21:24 [Leslie] if you were forced to accept 2 opposing ideas as truth, how would you feel?

22:21:39 [Lori] confused

22:21:50 [Lori] and discouraged.

22:21:57 [Leslie] right

22:22:41 [Leslie] when your SC is forced to accept 2 opposing ideas as truth, it causes feelings of discomfort in you.

22:23:03 [Leslie] This shows up as fear, insecurity, dis-ease, nervousness

22:23:29 [Leslie] So suppose you have planted the idea firmly of the great job, and along comes an interview.

22:23:54 [Leslie] if you have been successful in changing your vibration, or at least disturbing it from its old status…

22:24:17 [Leslie] then you and/or your husband will feel like freaking out and you won’t know why.

22:24:57 [Lori] in a good way?

22:35:21 [Leslie1] You’ll freak out because you will feel fear and discomfort. It only means your SC is wrestling to make sense of two ideas that are supposedly true, but incongruent with each other.

22:35:36 [Lori] ok

22:35:40 [Leslie1] That is called the “terror barrier”

22:36:04 [Lori] But that is not a sign to not go on the interview?

22:36:12 [Leslie1] Most people interpret that to mean that it isn’t supposed to happen for them: the change is wrong (change from lack to abundance)

22:36:38 [Leslie1] most people throw the new idea away and cower at the new opportunity.

22:36:50 [Leslie1] and they revert to the same old vibration as before.

22:37:08 [Leslie1] but knowing what is going on is so empowering…

22:37:31 [Leslie1] because when you feel the fear, you can KNOW that you are THIS CLOSE to realizing the dream.

22:37:57 [Leslie1] All you have to do is proceed in SPITE of the fear, and you break through the terror barrier.

22:38:18 [Leslie1] and the fear goes away. FEAR: false evidence appearing real.

22:38:22 [Lori] And if we received confirmation from God in the first place, we only need to remind ourselves of that during the terror barrier, right?

22:39:18 [Leslie1] Right. Now you see why getting His approval is such a good idea. Otherwise, you’d question it at that barrier, and most people aren’t strong enough to break through on their own.

22:40:17 [Lori] I see.

22:40:28 [Leslie1] But once you have established the new “vibration”, keeping it there gets easier because you no longer are trying to believe in abundance that you don’t already have… you get to believe in abundance that you have all around you.

22:42:30 [Lori] I can understand that.

22:42:33 [Leslie1] If you sign up for my newsletter at http://www.thoughtsalive.com/contact.php , you’ll get the first chapter of my book that explains how our thoughts turn into real-life things as we live by these laws.

22:45:03 [Lori] I’ve been curious, with you and with Marnie on Tuesday: why are you willing to spend so much time helping just one person (me) understand all of this?

22:46:00 [Leslie1] You know how I described how poor people keep themselves poor and how rich people keep themselves rich by the vibrations they keep?

22:46:36 [Lori] Right.

22:47:04 [Leslie1] I think that most rich people aren’t even aware of these laws. Only someone that has once had it bad, and managed to break out of it could ever really appreciate the power behind understanding the laws.

22:48:11 [Leslie1] I took that journey, and it just is SO AMAZING to me, and so darn simple, I hunger to see other people discover it and see it work too.

22:48:28 [Lori] I’m grateful for our tough times. I’m hoping these new tough times will be used to help someone in the future.

22:48:54 [Leslie1] I am grateful for mine too… but I didn’t always feel that way.

22:49:35 [Lori] No, neither have I. But the hard times before made the hard times now be easier — I mean, we’ve been poor before,

22:49:46 [Leslie1] I know that I can use these principles to make any changes I’ll need to make through my whole life.

22:49:50 [Lori] so when we unexpectedly didn’t have an income 8 weeks ago, we knew how to react.

22:50:41 [Lori] I am so excited to have these laws. I was in a rut of saying we were having such bad luck — and more and more crazy things were happening to keep that statement true!

22:51:03 [Leslie1] And that’s why I feel rich… not because of money, but because of the knowledge of the power we have in our own mind.

22:51:22 [Leslie1] well I’m impressed that you knew to react in a faithful way 8 weeks ago

22:51:25 [Lori] Thank you so much for your time! I know God will bless you for it.

22:51:53 [Leslie1] Well, I look forward to hearing from you when it all plays out.

22:52:08 [Lori] Um, my attitude wasn’t always right 8 weeks ago, I just mean that I know how to be poor — like as in how to shop frugally.

22:52:44 [Lori] My attitude had to go through many changes. I think it was a God leading that I stumbled upon shelovesgod.com just a week or two before this conference.

22:53:41 [Leslie1] funny how He does that… I found it 2 years ago as an answer to some of my own frustrations over some other things.

22:54:01 [Leslie1] 2 1/2 years ago, I guess

22:54:29 [Lori] You know, this week our “luck” has changed in a few ways. Coincidence?

22:54:45 [Leslie1] no such thing

22:54:52 [Leslie1]

22:54:59 [Lori] I don’t think so either.

22:56:06 [Lori] Thank you again! I’ll let you go now and get some sleep.

22:56:44 [Leslie1] You too, it’s been nice talking with you. You know how to reach me with your success story

22:57:31 [Lori] I will, already it has been successful. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the book chapter — I’ll read it tomorrow. Goodnight!

22:57:51 [Leslie1] Goodnight.

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What are You Thinking?

A Book Worth reading: What are you thinking?

The buzz around What Are You Thinking, the 36 page fully-illustrated children’s book published by ThoughtsAlive Books continues to gain momentum!

This one’s a KEEPER!

Here’s what our readers have to say:

That is an awesome book.  Thanks for sharing.  I will definitely buy one, or two, or more.  Thanks again.  Stephanie Chavez

Your sister read my mind. We bought our kids the 7 Habits Kids book a while back and they LOVED it and I was thinking that someone needed to write a kids’ version of the Jackrabbit factor. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. Tell her thanks a TON!!! (oh and the hidden rabbits is perfect too because finding the hidden worm was my kids favorite part of the 7 Habits book). Thanks, Tammy

Just ordered your sister’s book, can’t wait to read it to my kids! ;o) Thanks for sharing. Amanda van der Gulik, TeachingChildrenAboutMoney.com

Tell your sister: What a great book! I love the artwork too! Deric Glissmeyer, UtahKernels.com

Thank you for sharing. It looks great and I want to get a book for school. The artwork looks very appealing to children for learning the concepts. Keep up the good work! — Patti Hulet, Arizona Teacher of the Year 2007

I LOVE this book!  If you want to introduce your children to the Law of Attraction in a fun and whimsical way, you need this in your library. 

Written by my sister Valerie Ackley, and illustrated by one of our very own FTMF participants, Lori Nawyn, it’s a fun follow-up especially for parents who loved The Jackrabbit Factor.

To view sample pages and to place an order, visit http://www.whatareyouthinkingbook.com.  Look for the hidden rabbits while you’re at it!

I LOVE IT! Take a look!


For Working Moms

positive Thinking tip: too busy for your kids? there’s something even better (and easier) than a sincere, heartfelt apology.

Are you a Mom who helps with the family finances?

Do you feel guilty for not being 100% attentive to your children?

That’s how I felt for many, many years.

I didn’t realize that I was doing damage in a way I had never considered, simply by the way I thought about my situation.

All the time that I felt frustrated and angry about having to work, I wanted my children to grow up believing that our situation was NOT the standard.  I wanted them to believe that mothers should be 100% attentive to their children.  I wanted them to grow up expecting things to be more “ideal” in their future families.

I’d say things like, “I’m so sorry I have to work so much!  I really should be spending time with you, and I promise, we’re doing all we can to fix the problem!”

Or, “I wish I didn’t have to work!  I hate the way things are, but we’ve just got to keep hoping that things will get better.  We have to be patient; can you hang on just a little longer until things can be better?  I really believe this won’t last forever…”

My intentions were good, but what I was really communicating was doing more damage than I realized.

1) I was teaching my kids that my husband and I were doing something wrong, when in reality, we were doing precisely what was necessary.

2) I was teaching my kids that it was acceptable to complain about doing what was necessary. I realized my error when I noticed them complaining about their necessary work, and expecting things to be easier for them, too. For example, they complained about having to walk to school because I was too busy to drive them a measly 1/2 mile in beautiful Arizona weather.  They complained about having to cook, clean and do dishes because I was too busy to do my “regular motherly duties”.

3) It became easy for my kids to conclude that Mom and Dad just don’t keep their promises when the need for me to work stretched from months into years.  I believe our children had a harder time believing the things we said because of it.

4) The “guilty Mom” syndrome caused me to overcompensate in other areas. If they begged for more privileges (even privileges that contradicted family policy or went against plain good sense), I was more likely to give in, just because I felt guilty about working too much. (My friend Matt Reichmann who works for LAPD and sees plenty of domestic dysfunction says there’s nothing more dangerous than a guilty parent.)

One of the best shifts I’ve ever made in my life was the day I decided to stop apologizing for working.

Yes, I still thought it would have been more ideal for our family if I had been able to give more time to my children, but under the circumstances, the next best thing I could do for them was to change the way I felt about it:

I decided to accept my situation and make the most of it.  Instead of saying, “I’m so sorry for working so much; I wish I didn’t have to…”  I started saying things like, “Hey, this is what needs to be done, and you know, it feels really good to work!” Or, “Hey, let’s both get some work done, and at 4:30, let’s go to the park!  What would YOU like to accomplish?”

The energy in our home shifted in an incredible way.  We also decided to make our children more involved in our work, and help them see the impact that it had in the lives of others.

We showed them how doing their chores and helping the family run more smoothly (picking up the slack where Mom couldn’t do it all), was actually helping people all over the world have better lives.  We helped them see the bigger picture, and they started doing family chores more cheerfully.  They even started doing what needed to be done without being asked.

My children are incredibly independent.  They became that way because they had to be.  But I have no regrets – they are learning how to work, and how to feel good about a job well done.

This family is certainly not perfect, and my kids still complain just like anyone else’s kids, but every one of my children has had at least one wonderful moment when they made that shift, and expressed great satisfaction from being independently productive.  It only takes a few of those successes for a child to have a memorable comparison between how they feel when they’re cheerfully productive and how they feel when they are not.

I’d say it’s the Law of Polarity in action: what I thought was so horrible (me working) has turned into a tremendous blessing in our family – but only because I first decided to stop apologizing.

No matter what your work is, it’s helping someone.  Talk to your children about what you do, and the difference it makes in the lives of others.  Teach them by your example to learn how to enjoy being productive.  This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them before they leave the home: a love of work, and an acceptance of what “is”.

(Accepting what “is”, is the first step toward major transformation.  Test it!)

Do you see how children learn from our examples, whether we work or we don’t?  Teach them to find joy in making a contribution when necessary.  Teach them by your example to accept the things they cannot change, and find happiness, no matter what.

If you don’t have to work, I hope you’ll still find work to do – a hobby, a project, community service, whatever – so that your children can learn these lessons.  It’s worth it!

See, no matter how well you parent them, they will face challenges in their adult life.  How well they turn out will have less to do with whether you worked or you didn’t, but more with how they saw you to respond to your challenges.

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