Who is Leslie Householder, and what is her Rare Faith Newsletter all about?

who I am and what this is all about…

If you received an email from me and can’t remember how you got on my list, let me help jog your memory.

You are probably on my list because you requested one of my free downloads. This post is to help you remember who I am (and why you’d want to stay subscribed to my weekly Rare Faith Newsletter and monthly Ezine 😉).

When I had that tiny inkling to do something to help people experience the same kind of life-changing breakthrough we had experienced in 2000, I had no idea the magnitude of what the project would become. This blog (and my newsletter) is just one little piece of it.

It also turned into 3 international best-sellers, countless trainings, and workshops that have been changing lives all over the world. It also became:

(If you’re reading this post, then you probably visited one of those pages above and requested a free download. Each of my download pages explains that a subscription to the newsletter will be included, and that it is easily canceled at any time.)

Yet, in reality, I know it’s still only just the beginning.

But with the simple intention to wake people up, shake up their paradigms, and show them how great and powerful a simple thought can be, this work has made an impact on the planet for more than a decade, and will continue to ripple down into generations to come.

Mothers who wanted to be home from work, have come home. Fathers who wanted to provide more abundantly for their families are doing that. Single folks are rocking and rolling with it, too.

(Did you hear about Ben Southall who won the World’s Best Job out of 34,000 applicants because of what he learned from The Jackrabbit Factor?)

But along with all the UPs of this journey, I’ve also had my fair share of DOWNs, disappointments, frustrations, and defeat.  I hit brick walls, I get mad, sometimes I just want to hide under my covers for days at a time.

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Leslie Householder

Leslie is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can, Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius (all FREE downloads!). She aims to help you crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under your bed. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.
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4 thoughts on “Who is Leslie Householder, and what is her Rare Faith Newsletter all about?

  1. I watch the peck family and was wondering why not help trouble teens in their own community…. I am from England and not all teens are like James and Hannah. I have seen teens in the states that are much worst then James and Hannah but no show on them.. Not all teenagers in England drink and smoke and drugs. And I am grateful for the way my parents raised me and my siblings and now my parents are great grand parents . And my parents raised us with strong family values which we teach our children ….So don’t stero type all teens from England or Europe are rebellious . Look in your own backyard (states)

    1. Hi Rosie, perhaps you didn’t get the whole story on the Pecks… they were actually selected by the BBC producers because of the reputation they had built in their own community for taking in troubled youth in the foster system, and causing tremendous changes with them. They did this for years locally, probably affecting as many as hundreds of teens who needed it right here in America. Nowhere in the show or in my writings did I intend to convey that the problems were all in England, nor did I intend to imply that the solution is only in America. I’m not sure where that conclusion came from…

  2. Hello Leslie,
    What a wonderful day it is today.
    I really do love what I have just reviewed. I must honestly say that I have also found a way to shake up my paradigm and become very successful.

    Everything that I ever wanted was achieved, Everything. Then I met a woman in Guelph who destoryed me, she took everything I owned and created such chaos in my life that must forever be dealing with that I cannot find a way to return to my true self environment of purpose.

    She has even beguiled the police so much that they followed me everywhere with the intent to have me killed. These linke on my website “Lionel Speaks or Lecilop” will confirm my issue.

    They followed me to Trinidad. To Barbados. To St. Vincent & the Grenadines and has even threatened a Business-man there that he must not enter into any business arrangement with me or his Business licence will be withdrawn for failing to cooperate with internatinal police in matters of international security. All this can be proved.

    I am not one with a criminal intent. I am hoping that your blog might be able to assist me in freeing myself from this Demonic infestation.

  3. Good evening Leslie, how are you ? I sent you an email regarding doing a perspective cd you can contact me at your earliest convinience. Have a fabulous day. Thanks.

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