LBW 08: Law of Relativity

Whatever life delivers, it just IS. It’s not good nor bad, until you *compare* it to something else. Use the Law of Relativity the *right* way to stay on track. If you’ve decided that what happened to you should NOT have happened, know this: what happened is perfect. This podcast helps you understand why.

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Midnight Ramblings on the Law of Relativity


We’ve all had setbacks and sometimes we get some that are more of a doozy than others. You know I want to talk today about the law of relativity.

I’ve picked this topic because it’s something we all employ every day, whether or not we know it. When we use it properly life gets better. When we use it improperly, which is the default setting for most of us, life seems hard. The law of relativity states that, “nothing we experience is fundamentally good nor bad, just like the immutable fact that energy is, each life experience we have also just is.” Our mind has three main components: the conscious mind, our aware mind which is what the conscious mind is, the subconscious mind which keeps our life-sustaining functions operating automatically, and the third component is our body which is the tool of the mind. Remember we’re not a body, we live in a body. So if you go stub your toe you can remember, ‘I’m not a body, I live in a body. I’m not a body, I live in a body.’ And sometimes that can help you get through.

And we gather data with our five physical senses the information comes in with no inherent significance. It is our conscious mind which attaches meaning to the data input. Our conscious mind decides whether the experience is good or bad, strongly influenced by programs that are running constantly in the background of our sub consciousness. For example, if an income check arrives in the mail for four thousand dollars the figure just is, it simply is what it is. For a person who has a subconscious program running that says he is accustomed to receiving income checks for fifteen hundred dollars at a time, the four thousand dollar check he sees is good and would probably initiate very positive feelings. However, for a person whose subconscious program says that he is accustomed to receiving income checks of twenty two thousand dollars at a time, the four thousand dollar check will appear bad and may initiate feelings of panic and despair. Well what’s the truth? The truth is that the four thousand dollar check just is; without conscious mind interception, the person sees it as bad will begin to feel bad and by law his body will begin to move into a negative state or a negative vibration, if you will. In this condition he is cut off from his personal link to inspiration. Let me say that again:

When you are in a negative vibration you’re cut off from your personal link to inspiration, the instinctive part of you that can lead you to the very solution you need in that situation.

So in order to keep the channels of inspirational guidance open, you need to remember that the $4,000 check is not good nor bad, it just is, and your conscious mind has a god-given ability to purposely assign a positive meaning to the data input. Let me say that again, your conscious mind has a god-given ability to purposely, by choice, assign a positive meaning to the data input. By assigning a positive meaning to it and feeling good about it, by law your body will move into a positive state or a positive vibration and open the way for the solution to be eventually discovered.

How does this happen? Well, if you choose a grateful and positive state, no matter what the circumstances are, you not only keep the channel’s open with God but also prepare yourself to make connections with the right people who will say or do the right things to trigger the ideas which will open the way for you to come out on top in the long run, without fail, so long as you persevere in the positive hopeful and expectant state. Because people around you will be attracted to you and your purpose and you’ll find the right help from the right people just at the right time. The law of relativity can help this happen, and here’s how. Whatever life delivers know this: it just is, it is not good, it is not bad, until you compare it to something else. If you constantly feel life has been beating you down, it’s because you have conditioned yourself to expect it should have delivered something different. You’ve decided that what has happened should not have happened to you.

However, the truth is that what has happened in your life is perfect. Providing you gifts disguised as hardships delivered on schedule according to a combination of natural law, your thoughts and actions, and the grand design of things, so that you could have opportunity through your free agency to find the seed of equal or greater benefit promised by Napoleon Hill, and become a better happier more fulfilled person in the long run. What is. is perfect, that disappointment, that heartache, that pain, that burden is perfect and is actually a gift. Think about it, without the hardship, the benefit attached, that does exist by law though not generally obvious, could never be yours. The problem, is that if we fail to discover the treasure contained in the hardship we are given the privilege of experiencing it time and time again until the lesson and benefit it contains is finally learned and enjoyed. Have you ever felt like you just keep having the same problems over and over and over again, and you’re wondering when is my life going to stop doing this to me? It’s because there is a gift there is a seed of equal or greater benefit contained in that hardship, and it will continue to be presented to you time and time again until you discover it.

Once you discover it and utilize it for what it was meant, then you do move on and life changes and you will find that your life can experience that quantum leap that you’ve been looking for. As James Allen describes in ‘As a Man Thinketh,’ “When a man completely and genuinely alters his thoughts about his problem, and discovers the true perspective that God intends for him to adopt, it will become so out of harmony with his mentality that it falls out of his life as a garment is cast aside, and with the growth of opportunities which fit the scope of his expanding powers he passes out of it forever.”

How then, do we change the way we feel about our troubles? How can you possibly assign positive meaning to something that seems so intolerable? The answer: use the law of relativity. Think about it, think about how it could be worse and simply generate feelings of gratitude that it isn’t. Instead of using the law against yourself, by constantly comparing your situation to others who appear more happy, work with the law by comparing your situation to how much worse it was before, as the case may be, or to how much worse it could be. You have much to be grateful for, and genuine gratitude never goes unrewarded. Here is a true story to help you feel better about your situation because I am confident that you are not financially worse off than this. Success magazine did a piece on Donald Trump and it stated, ‘not everything has gone Trump’s way, of course in the early 1990s, for example Trump struggled to stay in business during a deep slump in the commercial real estate market, unable to make payments on nine point two billion dollars in debt.’ That’s right, nine point two billion dollars in debt. He writes that, ‘a low point came when he passed a beggar on the street and realized the beggar was worth nine point two billion dollars more than him.’ Wow. Here at his low point Trump actually used the law of relativity against himself. How would you like to be financially worth nine billion dollars less than a beggar? The good news is that he was smart enough to stop the negative thinking cycle and consciously choose his focus.

The article continues, ‘Trump says, “he recovered by concentrating on how to revive his business and not panicking over its problems. “I focused on the solution not the problems.” he said. “I was steadfast in my positive approach, sure I had a lot of big problems, but I regained my focus and just kept working at it, knowing it would work out.”” His nine point two billion dollar negative net worth turned into billions in a positive net worth through his commitment to discipline thoughts and actions.

He who thinks his lot is the hardest financial or otherwise has the greatest opportunity for joy and accomplishment. But it requires relearning his understanding of the way life works, he must be as humble as a child choose to worry not what anyone thinks of him, turn to God and consider the possibility that if he learns how God wants him to think, life will finally begin to improve. If after changing his thinking a bit, life hasn’t improved or if he decides that he doesn’t have the peace of mind and fulfillment that he seeks, then the thinking alteration process is just not quite complete.

Too many people refuse to consider that the way they think could actually be completely wrong. Of those who consider the possibility, too many lack the determination to discover the truth, which can be an exciting and joyful journey or it can be a time-consuming and uncomfortable process. Either way, he who submits to it until the process is complete will experience uncommon freedom and fulfillment, enjoying a degree of serenity and achievement that could never be comprehended before. So, how can a person know if his thinking is off kilter? Well if he’s unhappy there is some new thinking that maybe God wants him to learn. We’re meant to be happy, you know perhaps he needs to begin by just choosing to believe that that statement is true, because it might not be his present way of thinking, to believe so. Now, you might be thinking, ‘no, he is unhappy because he needs to behave differently.’ Well the fact is, that all behavior springs forth out of that person’s way of thinking.

So, if we want to change our, behavior, we must begin with changed thoughts. If the behavior must be changed radically then there must be a radical change in the way of our thinking. If we’re unhappy it is the unhappiness that is also a gift, an internal guidance system that keeps us searching until we find the answer. When the answer is found, we can experience true happiness, the kind that is deep and abiding. All aspirations have one ultimate purpose, to find happiness.

When we cease to wait for external factors to cause us to be happy, and rather find happiness and peace of mind, just as our external factors are, ironically, that is when our circumstances finally begin to change. However, you must not seek the happiness now for the purpose of changing your circumstances, or the happiness you find will not be the real thing. Your intentions will trap or liberate you depending on what they are. When happiness cannot be found as things are, then the promise ‘seek and ye shall find’ guarantees that if you seek happiness and you intend to find it without any alteration of external factors, then I believe God will nudge you this way or that and give you suggested action steps, in your heart that if you follow, you’ll surely find the way. Happiness is a natural byproduct of lawful living, and by lawful I mean by living the laws of God.

These are not just ‘The Seven Laws of Success’ discussed in my hidden treasures book but they also encompass the Ten Commandments and so forth. God’s laws were established and given to show us the way to happiness. Living by law is not restrictive but liberating. A kite might appear to be held down by the string, but when in reality it is the ‘restrictive’ string that keeps it in the air. Otherwise, it would be tossed about only to ultimately crash to the ground.

Same goes for the laws of God. On the surface it may appear that the laws are restrictive keeping us from being free to do whatever we want to do. But like the kite, without a string when we disregard the laws of God, we feel free for a time, but we will eventually come crashing down. And the only way to return to the freedom of the skies, so to speak, is to re-adhere to His law and let the winds of life blow our way.

Allow the hardships to be the wind that keeps you soaring. That’s how to soar. That’s the formula for success. Adhere to law and let the stormy winds of life blow. Don’t wish for no wind, don’t wish for no hardships, because without them you have no true joy, it’s impossible. However, just because there is so stormy wind does not automatically mean the kite will fly, it must adhere to the string and face the wind head-on. Ease will never compare to joy. So, what is your goal? Are you looking for an easy life or happiness no matter what comes your way?

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LBW 07: Law of Rhythm-The Waves of Life

When facing difficulties, you don’t have to think of them as setbacks; instead, think of them like labor waves. You are giving birth to a dream, and each surge of pain indicates progress, not failure. There will be hard times, and good times. Difficulties sometimes come in waves, but they always pass. It’s the rhythm of life. Listen to this audio to understand why it’s ALL good.

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LESLIE: I believe the universe operates in a lawful manner. I believe that it’s God’s laws that the universe operates by and so when I teach you to set a goal and we use laws of the universe to help these goals come to pass more smoothly and a little more easily, it is in no way to discount that I believe God is the source of all blessings and that the universe operates by His laws. And so if it’s the universe that delivers the goods to me there is no argument there between the theologian and the scientist. I think that we live in a scientific world and I believe that God’s the author of all of it. So whatever your vocabulary is on the matter just translate where you need to be in order to feel comfortable with the way I talk about these things. But I think we all have beliefs that we can build on together.

So life does have ups and downs. It’s just part of life. If we didn’t have a down, we wouldn’t know what an up really felt like. We wouldn’t even know we were having an up if we hadn’t had a down. And that’s good. Even when we’re really focused and determined we will have what feel like ups and downs. That’s the law of rhythm. It’s one of those universal laws. There are seasons. There is the tide that comes in and out. The day: it’s night, it’s day. These kinds of cycles are natural and there are cycles in our own life that we will discover and we can experience whether or not we understand what’s going on. If we’re having a down we can expect another up by the law of rhythm. We’re not going to be down forever and as you start looking forward to the up, it puts you in a different state of mind to start noticing the little evidences that up is coming. And by noticing them you’ll start to take action on them and the up will come even faster.

We need to be positive minded and we need to be hopeful and when we have a hiccup and we’re feeling down, you know, experience it completely, feel it, do what you got to do but expect that the upturn is on its way. Expect that you won’t be miserable forever. Expect it. Expect it. Watch for the evidence because it’ll come. The discomfort that we feel in life comes in surges. It doesn’t come all at once and it doesn’t come eternally all bad. Truly, I know it may feel like that sometimes but you need to look at and appreciate those little breathers that life gives us so that we can come up for air before we have to go under again. We’re given breaks along the way. We have relatively better days in between and on the other side of the tougher days.

It’s like going through labor to bring a child into the world. The labor pains come in surges. The mother is given breaks to have a chance to gather her strength. Now does there need to be a struggle at all? You know I’m told that some women have learned the art of labor without pain or medication but I would guess their mental toughness was something that had to be developed and I don’t know how it could have been developed without opportunity to practice during some pain. The baby will come with or without the pain. Experienced midwife’s however will tell you that the more you fight the pain the worse it’ll hurt. The same thing goes with trying to give birth to a dream. Whatever your goals are for your family, whatever those dreams you have for your individual life, whatever it is you’re aspiring to achieve or experience or accomplish, there will be work to be done regardless. It hurts less when you don’t fight it just like in giving birth.

Progress happens better when you relax in spite of hardships and apparent setbacks which are really only setbacks as much as labor pains are considered setbacks. Think about it. A labor pain, is that a setback? In reality each one brings you closer to the goal if you could really see it for what it was. Oh, if you could just see what I see. You know you set a goal and you start feeling the labor pains. It’s so easy to interpret those pains, interpret those setbacks as setbacks, as something that’s keeping you from accomplishing your goal when in reality it is the experience that you need to go through to mould you, to shape you into the person that can appreciate and that is going to be able to receive the goal, the blessing that you set out to accomplish in the first place. It’s the truth.

Like I said, the baby will come with or without the pain and it hurts less when you don’t fight it. How do I deal with this? One thing is for sure is that the joy at the end always far surpasses whatever is required along the way. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that nobody was ever pregnant forever. I’ve used this comparison of giving birth to a child to giving birth to a dream and this analogy helps me comprehend how we could possibly know whether we’re close to finally achieving a goal or reaching our dream. If you want to know if you’re close, you know sometimes it feels like you’re never gonna get there, but think about the first struggles you faced after setting a big goal. At first the discomfort, as in labor, is just bad enough to get your attention but certainly tolerable. Near the end however the pains are, for many, as if you’re at the door of death itself. During that final transition the surges come so quickly and then last so long that it would seem there is no relief in the middle. You know, I can say this from experience. I’ve had seven children. And I know that it just gets to where they’re on top of each other and you feel like, where is the relief? I want out of this, you know. And I know that giving birth to a dream can feel the same way. Where is the relief? When is the breakthrough? How much longer do I have to experience these setbacks? Well, when those pains come in that way, fast and furious, back to back, it’s natures way of saying that it’s almost over. Each pain is associated with progress, though it often cannot be measured and sometimes appears fruitless. But it is, it’s almost over.

You know what though, you can stop this dream from coming to fruition if you see these pains and abort. Don’t abort. Don’t abort. It’s not over, and it’s closer than you think. So if you have a dream and things are looking really really bad, and you’re getting hit by one challenge after another, with scarcely room to catch your breath in the middle, you are posed for the most glorious success you can imagine if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes, the relief only shows up at the moment you have come to the absolute end of all you can do. So you simply cannot allow yourself to give up any sooner. Sometime it comes when you’ve cut off all possibility of retreat. A person whose has not experienced this level of commitment could never possibly feel the exhilaration of the victory that corresponds to it. There are no words to describe it. Although you may experience a degree of it vicariously through others who’ve had books or movies made about them like Rudy Ruettiger or Will Stoneman.

To wrap this up I love how this poet makes the point. He says, “When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must but don’t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns and many a fellow turns about when he might have won had he stuck it out. Don’t give up though the pace seems slow, you may succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than it seems to a faint and faltering man. Often the struggler has given up when he might have captured the victors cup and he learned too late when the night came down, how close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint in the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are it might be near when it seems afar. So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things seem worse that you must not quit.”

So now it’s your turn. Be the hero in your family. Don’t give up on the dream and show it by taking yet another step forward. If you’ve set a goal and it’s looking impossible to accomplish don’t give up. You do not need to know how it will all work out. You just need to keep moving forward as though it will. Even if you don’t know how things are going to work out say next Tuesday, there’s something that you can do today, and that’s all you need to do is today’s job. Today’s work, today’s effort. Just do today. Do what you can do today make that phone call. Prepare for the success you expect to enjoy. If you intend to sell a widget have you got the widget in hand ready to sell? If you intend to make a business deal do you know what you’re bringing to the table and what you expect to receive in return? Is it vague? Or is it in writing? Do what you can do today to prepare for the success.

There will always be something that pops into your mind of something you can do. Stop ignoring it as insignificant as it may seem, it might say, “step outside”. That might be as insignificant as it gets or “turn the corner here”. You never know who you might run into. You might run into the very person who has the solution to what you need. Get up and do what the thought says to do. That’s called learning to recognize and follow your intuition and trusting it. Whether you want to call it your gut instinct, inspiration, intuition or the inner voice, it’s time to start paying attention to it, in trusting that it’s leading you to where you decided to go when you set the goal. If you’re not getting any nudges one way or another then it’s time to set a goal. No more vague wishing. I’m talking about something you absolutely intend to accomplish no matter how long it takes.

What is it in life that you are that committed to? What does it look like for your family to accomplish the lifestyle that you want for them? And whether that means fancy cars, I don’t care. That’s not what it ever has meant for me. For me it equates to family time and being mom and being able to cuddle with my kids when I want to cuddle with them and not having to answer to anybody else or punch a clock or any of those things. It’s freedom to build your family, to strengthen those relationships and to be there for them when they need you. So you can expect those nudgings to come once you’ve made the decision of what specifically you intend to accomplish. Remember it’s always goal first, way second.


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LBW 06: Dear Lord – I’m Doing Pretty Good – But…

“… so far I haven’t yelled at the kids, cussed, thrown anything in anger, overeaten, overspent, or overlooked my responsibilities… But…” This audio was derived from the following article:


LESLIE: A woman prayed, “dear Father, I’ve been doing really well today! So far, I haven’t yelled at the kids, cussed, thrown anything around in anger, overeaten, overspent, or overlooked my responsibilities. I haven’t watched too much TV, and I haven’t driven too fast. I’ve been good-natured and cheerful, but, dear Father, it’s morning, and time for me to get out of bed now. From here, I’m really going to need your help!” That’s what it comes down to. If you choose to believe that, somehow, God makes up the difference between your efforts and what’s required, then it’s that very belief which puts you in the right state of mind to receive the blessing, even when you don’t deserve it. In all honesty, none of us really “deserve It;” only by the grace of God are we even breathing. So, to reach our goals, what does He require? Do what you can, but you need not run faster than you have strength.

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LBW 05: The Impossible Loan

Disclaimer: This audio does not imply a recommendation to invest in real estate. These purchases turned out to be costly mistakes at the height of the real estate boom. But I share it to illustrate the point that the solution to every problem is only an idea away. A secondary lesson learned is to be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it! 😉


LESLIE: Years ago, my husband and I made the mistake of trying to purchase two investment properties and refinance our primary residence all at the same time. The first home went through relatively easily, but the second home was tough. They kept coming back with hoops that we had to jump through, telling us we had to show outrageous amounts available in certain accounts that also had to be seasoned for so many months, and, each time we managed to jump through one hoop, they came back with yet another. Originally, they only needed to see X amount in the bank for closing costs and three months’ worth of payments in reserve; then it turned into something like X times two and six months in reserves, which eventually stretched to twelve months plus a letter stating we weren’t accruing more liabilities ̶ even though they already knew we were. It finally became impossible to do what they asked; we had done all we could do.

Then a simple thought came to mind: “we don’t have to do everything they’re asking. All this would take is for one person in underwriting to simply have a change of heart.” Suddenly it all seemed so simple, because it was going to be so much easier for us to pray for one person’s heart to change than to pray for another twenty to forty thousand dollars to show up in our account by the next day with a viable explanation as to where it came from. We let them know that we would not be providing them proof of the funds they were asking for. The next day, our loan officer called and said they had one simple token request and it would be a done deal; there was no more mention of the large sum of money they had wanted before, and it all finally went through.

So, what’s the point? Belief. Do what you can, and then say to yourself, “this is just going to have to be good enough.” Can you see how thinking this way is in harmony with the laws? If we think we aren’t doing well enough, and if we think that our inadequacy will prevent us from succeeding, then we’re right. But trust God to fill in, believe that he will, and you’ll succeed.

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