Open your Eyes

When times have been hard for me, oh how often I’ve known I should think differently—more faithfully, more confidently—but it just seemed too hard, or I couldn’t remember how.

You go long enough trying to live the principles without success, and you really begin to wonder if it’s all a lie. I know; I’ve been there.

I understand how it feels to be told that I’m supposed to believe in my dreams no matter what, but to be trapped in fear anyway, or drawing a blank when I try to think better.

Maybe you know what I mean.

If so, I’d like to give you a little wider perspective…

The good news is that peace of mind (and even prosperity) increases as your awareness grows and as your perspective widens.

When your eyes are opened (figuratively speaking), your confidence becomes strong. Gaining knowledge of the laws and principles that govern prosperity facilitates this. And as you align yourself to the principles revealed through this heightened awareness, you pair with an attractive force that brings all that you need into your life.

It’s not theology any more than it’s science, and it’s not science any more than it’s theology. They are simply two ways of describing the same power. It’s just a force that is constantly in effect, reliable, steady, and sure. It’s there and actively governing, no matter how you want to explain it, and whether or not you choose to understand it.

When the effects of unseen forces (like gravity, electricity, aerodynamics, magnetism, or attraction) are observed, the explanations for those invisible forces often vary among the observers. But no matter how people attempt to explain them, the forces themselves are always constant and true.

Like a scientist, you can experiment with the laws, and test the causes and effects of these forces!

This is what I’ve attempted to do through my books and programs—to open your eyes and show you how you can experiment with—or test—the laws of success for yourself. When you apply the principles correctly, you will experience more happiness, greater peace of mind, and unshakable confidence in your ability to obtain all that you need.

And that’s when your RESULTS will also begin to reflect it.

(Notice: the results follow the faith. The windfalls come after the understanding. Success doesn’t precede these qualities, it’s brought about by them. On occasion when a windfall does come first, you may discover that the success rests precariously upon an unstable foundation.)

To me, it’s less about learning how to make something happen and more about learning how to jump over onto the train that’s already going in the right direction.

Students of this information have doubled and tripled their income. They’ve obtained raises. They’ve paid off debt. They’ve funded family vacations. They’ve moved up from cars that won’t start and jobs that don’t give them a sense of fulfillment. They’ve healed relationships, kept their promises, and given their children greater opportunities. They’ve launched successful businesses, achieved NY Times best-seller status, and landed on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies. This information has helped people get the “impossible” job, or achieve the “impossible” goal. Visit our forums to read some of these stories.

But for someone who has tried, really tried, to live these principles without success, it can all start to sound like a pipe dream. Believe me, I know. I was that student for seven years. I went to over 100 seminars and read countless books trying to get all the pieces to fit together and to try and get my thinking into the right flight pattern to qualify for the success.

But for seven years I just couldn’t get it to work, and I was ready to give up.

If this describes you, you’re not alone. I’d venture to say that most people who study the principles feel this way. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it’s a process, and it can’t be shortcutted.

Frankly, it’s uncommon to figure it out, and that’s what makes the information so valuable. Not everyone will dig deep enough or long enough to get the formula right. It’s rare, and valuable, and priceless.

So just don’t give up. Try again. Experiment again. Be the person who keeps experimenting longer than everyone else is willing to.

According to a writer on Quora, “As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, ‘How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?’ Edison replied, ‘I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lightbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.'”

He KNEW it could work. So he just kept at it until it did.

And so can you.

Even though there are sometimes more conversations about The Jackrabbit Factor book (because more people have read it and it’s a little more entertaining), I’ve noticed that the lid really comes off when a person moves on to the meatier Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters book.

The Jackrabbit Factor instills HOPE, but Hidden Treasures provides the WHY you can depend on the principles, and the rest of my work gives you the HOW to help you implement the knowledge successfully.

(You may not know this, but I campaigned hard to get The Jackrabbit Factor to the best seller list, but Hidden Treasures ended up there all on its own, because people like you really started to find out how effectively it opens their eyes.)

Hidden Treasures opens eyes even when a person doesn’t think their eyes are closed. It will show you how to have faith when you don’t know how, or if you’ve simply forgotten.

IMHO, the information it contains is so profound and life-changing, that if you’ve read The Jackrabbit Factor, you’ll look back on it like it was kindergarten after reading Hidden Treasures.

If I may borrow a phrase from Bob Proctor: “I have license to brag because none of it is mine.”

The message I share is universal and true; I simply pass it along in the clearest, most understandable way I know how.

Unlike most books on the topic of success, Hidden Treasures doesn’t just tell you that you need to think positive, or that you just need to believe; it gives you the reason, the evidence you need, that makes believing easy.

How would it feel to know with certainty that the thing you need is on its way?

How would you like to know why you CAN be so certain?

Furthermore, the law of attraction, which many success authors write about, is only ONE of the seven laws you need to know, and Hidden Treasures covers them all, extensively.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Hidden Treasures for years but never got around to reading it. Perhaps you read it years ago, but can’t remember it much. Now’s the time to finally get answers to the questions you’ve been asking: the questions that maybe nobody else even knows you’re wondering:

  • “How can I have faith when everything is falling apart?”
  • “Where is the money I need going to come from?”
  • “How long do I have to wait before my prayers are answered?”

Find out right now by requesting the FREE download of the entire book: Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters

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PS. If you’ve already read the books and are ready to let me help you apply the principles, consider joining me in one of the following:

  1. The 8-week Mindset Fundamentals™ eCourse, which gives you a solid foundation for beginning the experimentation phase in your study,
  2. The 12-week Mindset Mastery™ program, which walks you through two very specific experiments, which will prove that these principles are true and dependable (so you can apply the same pattern of application to any future goal), and…
  3. Genius Bootcamp, my live event based on The Jackrabbit Factor sequel: Portal to Genius, which takes you through a 3-day experience where you identify, recognize, and learn to trust the inspired, genius ideas that are always available to help you solve your most pressing dilemmas.

To compare the difference between these three programs, click here. Originally published January 23, 2008



Finding Hope In Spite of Appearances


When you understand the laws of thought, it is possible to look at life’s problems and actually feel good about them. There are rewards for those who do this.

Hey there – this is going to be one of my deeper posts. I want to speak specifically to any of my readers who are dealing with something especially heavy.

Now, I’m about to throw some deep philosophical stuff at you. Heavy things merit a heavy discussion. So to begin with, read these next lines very carefully, one at a time. Consider each of them, and see if they ring true to you:

  • Courage does not eliminate fear, but knowledge does.
  • Awareness of truth is the power behind a rare kind of faith.
  • Lack of awareness is like darkness. But darkness is merely the absence of light. Since a dark room can be illuminated with just a tiny light, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.
  • The right kind of knowledge has the same effect on a doubting or fearful heart or mind. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

So, if you feel smothered in the darkness of fear and uncertainty, it only takes a little bit of knowledge, and the fear shrinks away like darkness in an illuminated room.

As fear is replaced with faith, it very naturally changes the way you feel. And when your feelings change, the nature of your surroundings begin to shift ever so slightly as well.

With the right knowledge bringing you an increase of faith, people naturally and unconsciously begin to respond to you differently. Someone who has not had two words for you before may suddenly feel compelled to talk with you, and perhaps facilitate a connection that helps you reach your goal. Or, maybe your altered mood causes you to go somewhere you didn’t feel like going before, and that thing you need to be able to reach your next goal is found there.

How it all comes together will likely be a mystery until after it’s all said and done. But for now, you have control over how you feel about what’s going on. If you don’t think so, add some knowledge. Just remember: how you feel will cause you to make choices that either take you closer to the goal, or farther away from it.

Faith is feeling “hope” and “expectation”. Both are necessary for success.

I understand it is difficult to have faith when everything around you appears to be all wrong. That’s why I invite you to read Hidden Treasures.

Hidden Treasures gives you the knowledge I’m talking about. it answers the question: “How can I have faith and genuinely feel good about all the bad stuff I have to deal with?”

Read it FREE here.

Although my story in the book is presented through the lens of my own religious/spiritual background, it speaks to people of all faiths. It’s been gratifying over the last 10 years to receive positive feedback both from members of my faith, as well as other Christian, Jewish, Buddhist readers and more. Even my non-religious (but spiritually minded) readers tell me it has made a huge difference in helping them change their lives.

We all are trying to live according to truths and principles. Happiness depends on it, and so does prosperity.

Hidden Treasures gives you 7 powerful truths that help you live by faith more effectively. It provides the knowledge that eradicates the darkness of fear and uncertainty, and it shows you exactly why you can be grateful and excited about your hardships, right now.

Skeptical? I challenge you to read it without feeling better. See if you can read it without feeling more faith. See if you can read it without experiencing real change in your life.

Read the book, and then just go about your life as normal. You’ll discover that the same activity with higher awareness always yields better results.

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If you’ve already read it, please consider sharing this article and invitation with someone you know who could really use a dose of hope. Originally published Jul 14, 2007


The THOUGHTS That Count


If we could conduct a scientific experiment with all the variables perfectly controlled where two people with the same upbringing, experiences, DNA, and everything else were thrown the very same challenge, their circumstances from that point on would be different from each other – depending on their thoughts.

Now, I can’t prove it. But I know it’s true. I’ve seen a very real and strong connection between the thoughts I choose and the results I get.

So knowing this, I try to choose empowering thoughts, believing in the long run that it will make a difference.

I choose to believe that the challenge (however ugly it may be) is for my good, and I choose to look for a lesson in it. I choose to believe that something phenomenal can come out of tragedy. As I do this, things always seem to work out better than when I don’t.

While my observations don’t qualify as a scientific experiment under the scientific method, after seeing it work this way for more than 20 years, what I do know is that life seems to go much better when we try to practice faith.

Science has been trying to nail down the effects of our thoughts on the world around us (Quantum Physics); but until they can really dial it in AND get it into the school textbooks on an elementary level, we’re left to experiment with the ideas in our own laboratory of life.

Am I always successful at optimizing my outcomes?

Of course not. And honestly, most of the time I don’t FEEL like choosing better thoughts. But the effects are just as connected when I VIOLATE the “laws of thought” as when I OBEY them.

Learning the laws has simply helped me remember why to choose my thoughts, with absolute certainty that the results for good or for ill will unfailingly follow.

Related: What if it’s impossible to always think right perfectly?

One thing I’ve learned is that if I can imagine it, it’s possible. By LAW. An amazing concept. Not possible because it’s one of those nice clichés that make you feel good, but because there is actually a fundamental law of the Universe that says nothing is ever done without first a thought – AND – that if it can be thought, it can be done. (Not that we always get it figured out in our lifetime.)

Here’s an example:

Two years before releasing my books I didn’t believe I could be a best-selling author. But, somewhat as (not much more than) an experiment, I decided to apply the laws of thought just to see if I COULD.

AFTER choosing my goal (and, admittedly it was TOUGH getting that one on paper, because it was the most outlandish goal I had ever set in my life), I composed my goal statement, which ended up being about eight pages long. (For guidance on composing an effective goal statement, join me in my Mindset Fundamentals™ Ecourse.)

The next thing I did was to read my statement every day before working on the book. I actually put it at the top of my manuscript document, so I read through it before picking up where I had left off each time. I find it interesting that the details of the story came to me AFTER I made the decision to write a best-seller.

(You get what you ask for out of life, so ask largely. We don’t do something remarkable because we already have all we need to do it; the things we need often only come to us AFTER we’ve decided to do something remarkable. It’s just how it works.)

Most aspiring authors write something and then hope it gets picked up by some influential publisher who will promote it and make it a best-seller. It doesn’t always work that way, I’ve learned. For one thing, whether or not you’re picked up by a publisher, it’s typically still 100% your responsibility to make it go. I recommend a person decides to be a best seller even before they begin writing. Don’t you think a person will be more in tune to receive remarkable ideas if they decidedly expect to create something remarkable?

Anyway, after about two months of reading my statement nearly every day, I BEGAN to think that maybe I could. I had no clue how I would, but I began to think it might be possible.

How many people are willing to read something absurd over and over again until it doesn’t seem absurd anymore? This goal-setting/achieving business is such an interesting process.

Then, out of the blue, certain people came into my life who helped me through each step in the process: people who knew exactly what I needed to learn or do next. They came to ME. Serendipitous encounters, as though I had broadcasted my needs with a megaphone, although I did not.

I’m convinced that it was my THOUGHTS that counted.

By my thoughts, I eventually tuned in (like a radio dial) to all the help I needed, because my mind was focused and I finally believed. Like a magnet! Do you realize that all you need will come to YOU as you get your thoughts right, and as you keep moving your feet in the right direction?

Remember, you don’t have to “go the distance”; you only have to meet success half-way. Every time you take a step, it takes a step towards you.

After I finally began to believe my goal statement might actually come true, a Jewish man from New York contacted me after reading my Hidden Treasures ebook. He said that he thought I might have a best-seller there. His contact was particularly unexpected, because my book was originally intended for people of my faith, so In my opinion, it was quite the compliment to receive praise from someone of a different faith. I thanked him, and said, “Actually, it’s the book I’m writing now that I hope to be a best seller,” (because I thought its audience may be wider than the first.)

He informed me that he was currently working with a team of people to help Jack Canfield launch his book Success Principles, and he wondered if I’d be interested in joining their team. I agreed, not having a clue what they would have me do. Through my participation as a volunteer in that campaign, I learned how to launch a best-seller. A few months later, when Jackrabbit Factor was complete, I followed the same simple steps to outrank the new Harry Potter release for about six hours, more than enough time to claim my own title and officially make Jackrabbit Factor a best-selling book.

It happened. On August 30, 2005 “The Jackrabbit Factor” became a best seller. From there it went on to be recognized in multiple literary contests, continues to rank on other best seller lists, and has since been picked up by international publishers and translated into multiple languages.


But was that first little victory exhilarating? Was it a rush?

(Laughter) Actually, NO.

Was I disappointed?

Of course not.

Can you guess why?

I’ll tell you. It’s because I had already lived the thrill repeatedly in my head for more than a year.

It was more like, “Okay, now I can finally check that one off the list – another crazy idea which finally became real, just as predicted.” And then it was time to set another goal.

It was just proof again that the goal setting process, properly followed, works.

Ironically, the process described in the story itself is the same mental process I went through to achieve best-seller status. If you’ll just decide what you want, I can tell you exactly how to get it. Simply read “The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can”.

Read (or re-read) The Jackrabbit Factor FREE here Originally published September 5, 2005


Roles – The Secret to Family, Business, & Social Success

ROLES_Cover4Nicholeen Peck helped my family many years ago, before we ever met. She was on a reality show on the BBC called “World’s Strictest Parents”, and I learned some important things from her unusual approach to parenting. “Strict” is a misleading word. Watch her fascinating episode here:

But now she has a new book on Roles. They define our rights, obligations, responsibilities, beliefs, and even who we are.

And if you purchase her book on SATURDAY for only $.99 (ninety-nine cents!), you can be part of the cause of helping it achieve best-seller status. You could say, “I was there, and helped with that! And I got some great information out of the deal, too.”

Here is an excerpt from her book:

How well do we each understand our respective roles? How do we teach our children about proper roles? How would the problems children and parents face change if they better understood roles? Aren’t parents — whether aggressive, passive or assertive — always defining roles anyway? Why do we see the roles in today’s world wrapped around so much confusion and debate when it’s impossible to escape roles?

When I sat down to write this book, those questions were my key source of inspiration. I know that God is a God of order, not confusion. Beliefs have crept into our culture about the so-called proper roles of mothers, fathers, children and individuals; and these misguided beliefs have slowly distorted the way God intends roles to be. In fact, these incorrect, false beliefs and intentions are now wreaking havoc upon society’s roles — and it’s tearing apart families, workplace corporate cultures, and communities.

The purpose of this book is to show how the roles in families set the stage for all of the roles in society. The current and ongoing debate about gender roles in society wouldn’t even be an issue if the roles within families were working properly. When roles are working properly within families, families have a vision for where they’re going, an understanding of who they’re supposed to be, and a passion for their divine purpose.

Ultimately, all those points are what you’re about to see acted out and explained in this book. I felt the best way for me to teach you about proper roles was to do it via story.

Jerry and Janet, the parents in this story, as well as their four children and the co-workers in Jerry’s office, were all suffering from an identity crisis. They didn’t know who they were supposed to be and how they were supposed to act in their given roles. Why? Because there were too many confusing messages in their lives. What’s more, the adults in this story were never taught proper roles in their homes growing up. How could they perform their roles, let alone teach the next generation their roles?

Confusion regarding roles disappears when family members live their respective roles correctly. When roles are lived as they are meant to be, families and work environments will not only be happier and more united, but also more productive and efficient.

When most people hear the word “roles,” they immediately start to feel uncomfortable. Society has groomed us to think that roles are somehow narrow and box-like. Many people think of roles as stereotypical lists they must somehow conform to. In an effort to break out of perceived roles boxes, many family members have simply exchanged one role for another, and entered a new, much more unfamiliar box.

Adopting a new role is not the same thing as “roles freedom” (i.e., freedom within roles).

If you lay all roles biases aside and genuinely observe the roles discovery in this book through realistic relationships and life problems, new insight will be gained. This new insight will enable you to find more success and happiness in your life. It will also help your relationships.

When I was a young mother, my husband told me that he would not stop me from doing everything. He said that he had observed that women nowadays want to have children, raise them, run the home, and be breadwinners. He said he would allow me to do that if that was what I wanted. He kindly said he wouldn’t stand in my way. I could do whatever I wanted.

As I analyzed what I really wanted and what would make me feel the most fulfilled, I realized it was to live my roles as mother, wife and woman. I didn’t want to do it all, even though I could and had been doing it all. I wanted to do what was most important. I wanted to do what I felt I was placed on the earth to do. My life has been one continual blessing since I made that decision. I am more fulfilled now than I ever was when I was trying to do it all. No one is meant to do it all.

For years my spirit has been kicked and poked and prodded to write and release this book. When I first started teaching people about self-government — and how to teach themselves and their children how to create happier families — I took for granted that people knew and understood the power of roles.

Roles are a power. They prepare us to live securely and happily. They also help us to spread happiness and to support and love each other — as well as promote relationship freedom. Too many people today are in emotional and relationship bondage. Understanding roles is a vital secret to breaking away from that bondage and finding the relationship freedom and personal power that awaits us all.

Click to get the book for just $.99!