The Swell in Front of You

Staying in forward motion, even when things look bleak, does more for lining up your success than you realize.

(Don’t forget: If you’re afraid you’ll fall, at least fall forward.)

I like to think of what happens when you’re standing in a still pool of water.  As long as you stand still, nothing happens.  If you take one step forward, it creates a ripple all around you, but even more than that I want you to think about the swell that grows in front of you.

One simple step creates a temporary surge of water right there in front of you.

If your finances feel flat, take a step in the right direction. DO something. MOVE. If the water seems low, lunge forward! Push ahead and watch the water rise. If you move, you can’t help but create a swell; after all, it’s physics! Move forward, and the resources right in front of you will surge. By law, nature responds to your action according to the law of cause and effect. Doors open, teachers appear, funds gather…

The problem is, if you’re like me, quite often you’re too busy looking at the ripples spreading out in all directions (wondering if and when they’ll ever return), to even notice the swell in front of you.

So take a step in the right direction (methinks you already know what it is) and then look for evidence of a swell in your immediate surroundings.

  • Be of service to someone without expectation of repayment, and it creates a swell in that relationship.
  • Read something empowering, and it creates a swell in your outlook on life.
  • Make that phone call, and you gather strength against your fear.
  • Write down that intention with determination, and your faith grows.
  • Invest in yourself, and you create a swell in your confidence that everything is going to work out.

And let me remind you that by the seven laws, what shows up in your life has everything to do with the way you FEEL about your challenges. Taking a step forward always helps you FEEL better, and that feeling can become a catalyst for inviting the unseen help we all depend on to conquer seemingly impossible things.

Every good choice creates a swell, and so it’s your job to just make sure that the swell doesn’t level out again.  The only way to keep it surging is to keep on moving.  If you stop, then (just like when you’re in water) the swell eventually dissipates, and you’re left looking at a flat, motionless environment once again.

It’s a temptation to stand there and wait for someone else to come along and create a swell… but the power is in YOU.

So get moving, do something!  Even if you’re weary, just take one more step.  As long as you keep moving, your momentum will build, and the swell will almost seem to lead the way. Originally published Nov 6, 2009


Carrying a Heavy Burden? You can Still Fly.

A few years ago, I stepped outside of my home and unexpectedly witnessed what you see here – and it stopped me in my tracks.  It seemed impossible, but it was real.

A huge 747 airplane flew by so low, and so slow that it hardly seemed to be moving.  It appeared to hang in mid-air, defying gravity, and on its back was a space shuttle.

Now, I wasn’t living near a space station; I was in the middle of Orem, Utah at the time and never had any reason to expect to see such a sight out my front door. It flew so low that I could see the mountains above it.

I’ve always been baffled by how a Boeing 747 can soar through the air, let alone see it fly after having a heavy space shuttle placed on its back.

There have been times in my life when we have felt heavy financial burdens.  During those times, the dismal numbers made us feel it would be impossible to reach our goal with so much weight on our backs.

My husband and I would set a goal and enthusiastically go for it, but one glance over our shoulder and we’d be instantly discouraged by the burden, lose steam and give up.

What if the 747 pilot did the same thing?  What if he was halfway to his destination, successfully employing all the natural laws to keep the craft soaring, and suddenly glance to its back and think, “Whoa!  That’s too big for me!  I’d better slow down; conserve my fuel, or I might crash!”

The truth is, once the laws of aerodynamics are employed, he needs to remain steady and continue doing all that the laws require until he reaches his destination: keep his speed, tilt the flaps to maintain lift, etc.  Any interruption in his momentum, or pointing his nose down instead of up would likely result in failure.

Once we learned the laws of success and began applying them with consistency and patience, it became a whole lot easier to keep the momentum long enough to finally get where we were trying to go – even with heavy financial burdens on our backs.  Then after we reached our destination, we were finally able to set them down.

Learn the laws, then do something each day toward achieving your goal.  The laws will support small burdens in the same way they support heavy ones.

But either way, whether you’re trying to fly a paper airplane, or a Boeing 747 with a space shuttle on its back (figuratively speaking), you’ve got to move at the speed of flight. It can’t be done without some thrust.

You also need to face the wind and let it lift you, instead of trying to duck under it.  Follow the laws with precision and consistency until you’re at your destination.  No matter how long it takes to get there, each day you will get closer, and at the right moment, you’ll arrive at where you wanted to go.

Remember, don’t focus on the burden, focus on the destination, and live in alignment with the laws!

To learn more about how to do this, Click HERE to join me in a life-changing study of THE book that inspired my award-winning bestseller, The Jackrabbit Factor. Originally published December 4, 2009


#29: Stay at Home Moms Making Money

I was invited to speak at an LDS Homeschooler’s Conference hosted by Celestia Shumway (, attended by mothers who wanted to stay at home to raise their children but who sometimes struggled to make ends meet financially.

In this program, I share more candidly my own struggle to be a stay at home mom and to overcome my money hangups. I discuss the concern that ‘money corrupts’ and how we therefore sometimes block the ideas that can release us from financial bondage. I also describe the process for finding ways to accomplish the goal, even when it seems impossible.

The solution to every problem is only an idea away. I want to help you get the idea YOU need. Join us for our next Genius Bootcamp, a workshop based on my books Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius (both free downloads!)

(The audio system was not perfect – the auditorium was large and had an echo, but the message is still powerful.)


ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Rare Faith Podcast, where the solution to every problem is only an idea away, where the same activity with just a little more awareness always yields better results. Award-winning bestselling author Leslie Householder brings some of her best information to this inspiring series of life-changing episodes that you won’t want to miss. Show notes for this episode can be found at


LESLIE: It’s funny because she said she wanted to meet me one day. Did you forget that we knew each other before? Actually, it was in what 1992, we were both involved in a network marketing company. We saw each other at all of the events for about five or seven years, something like that and then it was after that, that I, I ended up writing the books and then she went through that and so when we met each other, it’s like “I know you!” It was really funny.

This is interesting for me because all the times I get to speak, it’s not always to a group of all LDS, or at least if you’re here and you’re not LDS, you know we are LDS and you’re going to put up with things we say and so I may forget that. I may forget that I can really be me so if I do, just forgive me, I am devout.

I think each one of you came for a specific reason. Maybe there was someone on the list that was going to speak today that you thought okay, that person has something I need to know, and I hope you came with an expectation that the questions you brought with you can be answered here.

My story is, I don’t think it’s all that uncommon. When I was little, all I wanted to be was a mom. That was my one and only dream and my mother was very adamant about finishing school and getting your degree, and all these kinds of things because she didn’t get a degree. And she felt like that held her back throughout her life all the times that maybe my dad lost his job or maybe what he was making wasn’t enough, and she always felt hindered by the fact that she didn’t get a degree and so she made sure “Leslie, you are going to get one!” I’m like “but I just want to be a mom!” You know, so I, I did end up getting one but my heart wasn’t in career. I wasn’t looking to create a big paycheck for myself.

All I knew is that I wanted to grow up, get married and have a lot of kids as a stay-at-home mom. Now, it’s one of those things where you know, a child’s dream. Children believe they can do anything, don’t they? I hope they do, anyway. I hope they are growing up in a home and in a community that encourages them and tells them that you can do anything. You have the seeds of greatness within you. You can do more than you can even imagine. You can become more than you ever thought and I hope that’s what we’re doing for our children and I had that. I had that from my mom, she was good about that but I grew up, went to college and I got married young. I was 19 when I got engaged, 20 when I married.

My husband and I, we’d talked about it before we married that yeah, when the kids come along, he agreed, I agreed. Great, staying home. We got married, we agreed on a lot of other things but when we married, my friends, our friend actually the one who introduced us, said (and she was married) she said “you know what, if you just make $1,000 a month between the two of you, you’ll be fine. You can afford to be married at $1,000 a month.” Do I look like I’m 60 years old right now? It might have worked in 1940, I don’t know. You know but in 1990, it didn’t work for just $1,000 a month and so I ended up in a mindset of how cheaply can we live.

How cheap can I find an apartment? What is the cheapest apartment in this…? I don’t care what it looks like. I’m proud to find the most inexpensive way to live and it was all with the intention of just being able to be a stay-at-home mom. Well, we were married five months and you know we’d, we’d heard that you know, you shouldn’t put off having a family until you can afford it. You shouldn’t put off having a family until you’re out of school and all these things, and we’re like well, we’re going to be, we’re going to be righteous! We’re going to be perfect, we aspired… ! Okay, I was OCD about being perfect.

Let me share an example, and I think it was because when I was about 12 years old, I had an experience that I did something wrong and when I realized how wrong it was, I felt cut off from God for the first time in my life. I felt completely disowned in a way and it, the feeling left such a hole and an agony. It was, it was, it was what I imagined how Hell will be like if we lose a connection with God for an eternity. And so I determined right then, I’m going to make it right. I’m going to fix everything that’s broken about my life and I’m going to live perfect. I’m going to make sure I just never make any other mistake ever, ever, ever again because I can’t, I can’t live with this feeling.

And so I set out knowing okay, remember I had this ambition that anything was possible. I felt like perfection was possible too, on my own and I didn’t consciously think I’m doing this on my own but really, that’s what I was doing. I was trying to “perfect” myself. So it was this constant fear of doing anything wrong and I remember babysitting once and the little boy, we were in the backyard together and he took the hose and he started spraying me with it. I picked up the hose, I kinked it so that he couldn’t spray me and a thread snapped in the hose.

Oh, I got that sick feeling inside that I just made a mistake and I thought, oh no, how am I going to tell the parents? I’ve got to make it right. How am I, I can’t afford another hose. You know, it didn’t create a hole in the hose. You know, those hoses that have the, the threads running through them and I was like, oh! I agonized. So the next day I called them up and I apologized for snapping a thread in their hose. And, and I, I remember going to shop for clothing and I’d put, I’d try something on and I’d get some makeup on the collar or I’d snap a thread and I’d agonize. I’m like oh man! So I’d go and apologize to the clerk and say “do I need to buy it?” hoping I didn’t have to because I didn’t like it, you know.

Anyway, this is a very debilitating way to live and I don’t know if any of you relate to it but part of, part of perfection to me was you know, once you know who you’re going to marry, who you should marry and where, the when is just rolling out, you know. And as for having children, you don’t wait for making sure you can afford and so I’m trying to live this “perfect” life and I’m one of these, I was, was one of these people who also felt like it was my responsibility to make sure everybody else around me was perfect too. Oh man, talk about making mistakes, right? I didn’t realize how much a mistake I really was making!

So we got married and first baby’s on its way. We were making $1,200 between the two of us. So we were doing better than what my friend had said what we needed to do and baby’s on the way and we’re trying to figure out, we’re looking for a way to have enough money for me to quit work when the baby comes. And that’s actually what led us to the network marketing company which led me to meet Celestia and, and that’s where that started but by the time the baby came, we couldn’t afford for me to stop but we decided I was going to stay home and live by faith.

Something is going to work out. Somehow, this’ll work because this is what I need to be doing, I need to be home. And the money didn’t come so we started getting into debt because we’re going to stay true to this principle of me being home and by the end of one year, which by the way wasn’t a happy, joyful, loving, being motherhood year, this was serious stress, OCD on perfection. I mean it was, it was not the picture of the dream I had when I was a child and I did, I started to experience depression in a similar way to what I’d seen my mother experience and I thought “oh my goodness, where am I going now?”

You know it was after one year, my husband lost his job. I’m thinking where is the reward for our faith? It’s worse now than it was before. Okay, hello? You know, I’m like what about these principles? I’m trying to live by these principles and so I was forced back to work. There was really no other choice at this point. I worked for a temp agency that put me to work over at Geneva Steel. Remember that before it was gone, and I was doing data entry, and I remember dropping my baby off at daycare in the morning when it was dark and picking him up at the end of the day when it was dark.

I still remember how much that hurt and so we, we had some friends who were doing well financially and things seemed to be going the way that we wanted things to go for us, and they were telling us “you know, you need to come with us to these seminars. You have no idea how bad you need this” and they’d invite us to come to these seminars that were teaching us about principles of prosperity. Things like “dream big, you can do it” and I’m like, “I’ve heard that all my life.” You know, things like “think positive.”

I was having a hard time doing that. Having a really hard time doing that because of what the circumstances were in my life but we started attending and actually every time I went, I came away from them feeling like “okay, yeah, there is a way, there is a way. There’s got to be a way and I know we can, we can find it. We can figure this out” and, and really every time I went to these seminars, I felt in my spirit that I was on the right track but I was really seeking answers that were slow in coming or I’d think “I get, oh I get it! I get it! Just, just think positive!”

I’d go home and that would last this long and then you know, so I’d go back to the next one just to give me another pick-me-up, and over a seven-year span, we attended more than 100 seminars. Most of our debt was travel expenses and seminar tickets and, and we were literally eating Ramen and these kinds of things, and remember how I was so proud of how cheaply I could live? Grocery bills came last and I know what it’s like to go home and have the cupboards empty except for condiments. Condiments just never go away as quickly as the rest of it. You know what I’m talking about? There’s never a shortage of mustard but you know, what are you going to do with that?

So trying to make a long story short, my depression went deep and some of you have heard this story. It got to the point where I was so on edge about money and literally started to question the existence of God for the first time in my entire life. Haven’t I done my best to be perfect? What have I done that I would be so abandoned? What have I done? If I knew what I’d done, I’d fix it, right? So along comes another seminar and I said “Trevan, this is the last one I’m going to. This is it! I can’t justify spending any more money on these things if there isn’t some kind of permanent change that’s going to happen.” So I went and and actually, I was there and the speaker was explaining. This was one of the first seminars we’d been to that wasn’t “you can do it” and all this kind of stuff. It was, you know what, this is how life works.

It was a presentation of the simple truths connected to prosperity. You know, the Doctrine and Covenants tells us that there is a law, irrevocably decreed before the foundations of the world that (and I don’t know how it goes perfectly) but if we want to obtain a certain blessing, we have to obey the law connected to that blessing. I had erroneously concluded that if I was just good, if I was just a good person that I would prosper. Yes, be good but the blessing connected to that isn’t prosperity necessarily. True?

Do you know any good people who struggle financially? Do you know not so good people who thrive financially? They are not connected to each other but there are laws connected to prosperity and one of my fears was that if I learn these laws connected to prosperity that somehow I would have to sacrifice the other laws I had embraced as true gospel principles, and what I found out was that no, it all fits. It all fits and by learning about them and living them, it actually helped me to live my faith and my religion better than even before.

And you know, consciously I had this concept that if I just had more money, just think of how much more good I could do. I had to wrestle with the “money is evil” issue and someone told me that “you know, money isn’t evil. You put it on the floor, it’s not going to sin.” You know, money is not evil. It just makes you more of what you already are. It extends your influence beyond your immediate person and I think it’s one of Satan’s greatest lies to keep us in a “poverty” mentality, to be good, that we have to be poor to be good because think about it.

If all of the people who live by gospel principles are broke and needy, who’s going to run the media? Who’s going to design the clothing? Who’s going to be the influence in the world? And so we need to get over the, the concept that we shouldn’t have money, that we shouldn’t have too much. Well, what’s too much? Okay, let me ask you this. Do you have a computer? Do you have a car? Do you have a roof over your head? You’re already mafia rich to most of the world. So if you’re worried about being too rich, you’re already there.

So we went to this seminar and honestly, while I was sitting there, I was stewing over how much money we had spent to get there and I missed what he said. In fact, I’d been to so many seminars, I knew the routine, you know and after this guy was done talking, everybody was in a buzz about this revelation, whatever it is he spoke. And I’d never seen that kind of reaction in a room before to what had been said and I, I leaned over to my husband and said “what did he say?” He just spent two to four hours and I was asking for a 30-second sum up, you know and I’m like “oh, oh this is my last seminar and I missed it!”

And so it had made such an impact on the organization that had brought the speaker in, that he was invited back to not just have two to four hours in a conference kind of like this but he was given three days all to himself, to expand and explain what he had kind of touched on before. And I’m like “I am going back but that’s my last one. That’s the last one.” So this time I went, pen and hand, made sure I was near the front. I’m like, I’m not missing a thing this time and so he went through the presentation, and I turned to my husband and said “that’s all it is? I can do that.” We went home and in three months, our income tripled and I okay, so I never wanted a career, right?

About six months later, the speaker sent out an invitation to people who were on his database saying “have you ever thought about teaching what you’ve learned?” Now what I didn’t tell you is that when I was about 12 years old and I went to one of the, it used to be Academy for Girls. Do any of you remember that? Yeah, it’s like EFY just for girls at the Y, they used to have it. It was two weeks instead of one week and powerful but during that experience, I used to listen to the speakers and thought I want to do that when I grow up. I want to be a speaker and I kind of forgotten about that dream. Remember, I didn’t want a career but I wanted to be a speaker. Okay, Sunday school teacher, that’s where it is.


So the invitation came out, have you ever thought about teaching what you learned? And something just went, I got to do this! I’m like, and by this time, we had for the first time in our marriage, we had a saving. Okay, we had $1,000 in savings when we first got married but how quickly that got eaten up, right?

In fact, we went down to our wedding in Arizona. We went to our wedding praying for enough money at the reception to get home. Oh my gosh! You know I mean, and we drove this beat-up old-bug, Volkswagen bug in July. No, it was June that we got married in Arizona and the bug had no air conditioner, not only that but the heater was stuck on.


But we were in love, you know! We were in love, it didn’t matter. Look how cheaply we could live and you know what, one part of me said “one day, this is going to make a great story, so here it is!”


Alright, so I went and I trained to facilitate the programs and yet but I had five kids and one on the way. No, four kids and one on the way at that time, I think and I’m like, I can’t do this. I mean, Celestia was putting this together. Where are you? Wherever she is, she’s not there. Well, okay I’ll talk to Celestia because she’ll probably watch the video.

Was this event a little bit difficult to put on? I can’t believe what she has put together here. My first seminar that I did had three people, it was a three-day seminar. I rented a hotel conference room and I had three people signed up. One was my husband and the other two were my friends’ husbands.


LESLIE: For three days. I have it on video. One day if you’re part of my community, you want to make sure you’re on my mailing list. One day we’ll release that and you’ll get to see. So I applaud Celestia for what she’s done here. It’s tremendous, I’m like jealous. So I thought I can’t keep doing these seminars. They just take the living life out of you and by the way before I forget, I do want to mention that after having three kids, it finally sunk in that it’s impossible to be perfect.

I finally got it because no matter what list I promised myself I would accomplish that day, oh forget it! You know, you’re moms, you know what I’m talking about but, but it wasn’t just oh okay, I can’t be perfect. It was a devastation like, like I had lost the hope of my best self, that it just was never going to happen and I remember going in prayer that day, and instead of saying “please forgive me for not being perfect” it was “I’m so sorry, this is awful, I’m so sorry.” and for the first time in years, I finally felt Him smiling on me again.

Like ah, finally now I can walk with you. Now we can get something done. Now you know how much you need me to get yourself even just out of bed, and I have been so grateful for that lesson because everything I do is I just do my best, and I know that you do not need to run faster than you have strength and that’s true. That’s true because just as a quick example. I was pregnant, I was in a depression, I was mad at the world. I hated life and this was even after I’d learned the principles because I suffered with depression during pregnancies with hormonal things whatever, and it took me five kids to find out that it wasn’t just my circumstances that the world didn’t really stink. It was me. Oh okay, it was me! Great!

Anyway, I had this distinct impression that I needed to put on another event. I’m like “are you kidding me?? I’m going to teach people how to think positive, like this? Are you kidding me?” and I couldn’t put it aside. I had to do it and so “okay, I will go through the motions. I will even do it grumpy and I know probably, nobody will come but I will go through the motions and if you can make something out of it, do what you want with it. I’m willing, I will do my best. I’ll do my best and you know, I don’t care if nobody shows up. That’d be kind of nice.” That was my biggest event I’d ever had to that point.

So do you have to do it all on your own? Do you have to know if you want to create an income as a stay-at-home mom, do you have to know how it’s going to work? Do you even have to know how, where it’s going to come from? Someone said once “I can’t do that. I don’t have the money.” Well, you can get the money. “Well, where’s the money going to come from?” Here’s the answer, write this down. Where’s the money going to come from? Wherever it is now.


Now let me just throw out some ideas for you and by the way, time is short. I don’t have, I would love to spend three days with you and explain the laws that I learned. There is so much on my website that’s free. will get you there. You can read the whole story that I wrote around these principles there. It’s a download free, and and that’s where you’ll find most of everything else.

Let me just give you one example of how the principles of prosperity can work.
1) The money that you think you need isn’t necessarily the money you need.

And what I mean by that is, for example, I had been taught to picture what I wanted and let me explain kind of what happened how I, how I know this works. At one point, I was in such a depression. We lived in a little, itty bitty apartment and I came outside, and found that the neighbor kid had broken my broom in half and it was the last straw. I was like, you mean, I can’t even clean my kitchen now and I snapped and I called the police on him. This is how I was solving my problems, alright and people wondered why nobody wanted to join my business, right?


Well I, I decided you know what, I’m going to go to bed. If I can’t have life the way I want it and if all of my efforts thus far haven’t worked, I’m just going to go to bed. I’m going close my eyes and I’m going to pretend like I have the life I want, I’m just checking out. The kids can find their own food; they were two and four and by the way, all my kids are really good at finding their own food even now. Um, they’re going to live, they’re going to be fine. They even eat condiments!


Those little pack, packets of ketchup are so exciting to them. They’re like “please can I have one?” Anyway so I, I went there and I closed my eyes and you know what I was thinking? I remembered all the speakers that had said “picture what you want, dream big” and I thought “fine, I will!” You know, I’ll show them. They got all my money, I went to their seminar and so I laid there, closed my eyes and I imagined myself in a home of my own.

I imagined the place where the kids could run around inside the house, they’d go this way and come out that way. Our apartment didn’t have that, it was all dead ends, you know and my mom had taught me that that’s very important when you’re raising kids to have a runaround. How many of you know that? Yeah, that was the one thing we always looked for whenever we were shopping for houses and stuff.

So I pictured this runaround and not, I wasn’t just picturing a floor plan. I pictured myself coming home to it, opening the door, kids running ahead of me and just how I tried to wonder what would that feel like? Write that down. Answer the question: what would it feel like if things were the way you really wanted them to be? If you can answer that question, you’ve got the key here because a year later, we were living that experience and I didn’t even know what I had done.

What I found out two years later when I went to that seminar was that what I had done that day, I pictured what I wanted and I’m talking about literally putting it on the screen of your mind consciously and letting it sit there longer than a half a second. How many of you know, maybe it’s a car that starts. Can you picture a car that starts with paint, new paint? Picture one. Alright, how long did that stay on the screen of your mind? It’s there, it’s gone, we’re onto other things. We’re busy, life is fast but it’s stopping long enough to put an image on the screen of your mind and let it sit there long enough to help you answer the question. What would it feel like if I came home and had that car, right?

Just whatever the experience is and I’m, believe me, I am not preaching now let’s go get the Ferrari or whatever. I am a natural living homeschooler mom. Okay I’m not so good at the natural living part, I’m still learning what that is. I was supposed, I was going to bring something for the speaker’s luncheon today and Celestia said “remember we’re natural living.” I’m like is yogurt, is Yoplait natural living? I’m not sure, I’m still learning um but the second thing was to feel the emotion that you expect to feel.

Now if that’s the only thing that you get from this, know this: that when you do that things in your world around you make a shift. Circumstances begin to line up for you and when you start thinking “oh, that will never happen” it will start to dissipate. And the thing is, is there’s always that, that trial of your faith to see how long can you believe that this is going to work out for you because as long as you’re believing, it’s starting to fall into place. The minute you begin to doubt, it starts to go away and yet, you don’t see evidence that it’s coming together and so it’s so easy to doubt.

Are there ways to make money from home as a stay-at-home mom to help the family finances? Um okay, here’s one. There’s a family that lived in the Midwest and they kept having tumbleweeds running through their property. I think it started as a joke, I’m not sure. From what I heard, the mom decided she wanted to learn how to create a website and so for fun, she decided to do tumbleweeds for sale. They make a lot of money. They sell tumbleweeds to movies, to decorators. Look it up You’ll find it, it’s hysterical.

So the point I want to make is that whatever you think you need to do to make money, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. There are ways to capitalize on the resources you already have. I know one guy who created a document that described how to salsa dance. I think he makes about $300,000 a year on the Internet. Okay, so I just want you to open your mind. I just want you to know that opportunities and ideas are available for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish as a family, in such a way that it does not have to violate any of your values, and I tell you when your kids start seeing you become a producer, look at it, okay.

Here’s another conflict I had is that well, I’m not supposed to work. I’m just supposed to raise my kids and then I read the Scripture and I don’t have it memorized so look this one up. The one that says about a virtuous woman, her price is above rubies. Read all the things that that woman does. A virtuous woman, she’s considering real estate, she’s buying and selling things in the market. She’s doing all these things and when I read that, I’m like okay, I’m not going to go to Hell if I make a little money for the family. Alright, I was so worried about that.

So here’s how to tune into those new ideas. If you imagine a radio in this room and I turn it on and I hear music. If it’s tuned into a certain station, I hear music. Did the radio create the music? No. Okay, did it suck the music into the room? No. Did it attract the music? Where was the music? Is there music in this room right now that we can’t hear? Through the radio waves? Absolutely. The radio just makes it audible, true? And depending on what station it’s on, you’re going to get certain music or certain information.

Well, I think of myself like a radio and where I’m solving my problems on a certain level of thinking. I didn’t tell you this but about a year later, I came home and found that someone had broken into my house. Okay, it wasn’t broken into, it wasn’t locked but they’d been in my house and my cookie dough had been stolen. It was crumbled out the front door. I called the police on the five-year-old who stole my cookie dough. Alright, so I’m still solving my problems at the same level of thinking. This was after we moved to the home.

You know why I was still thinking at that level? Because I had done some things in the way I was thinking to change our circumstances. We ended up in the home that I had imagined but I didn’t know what I had done so I became broke at a higher level. Anybody know how that goes? When things improve in your life and you find yourself just as stuck, feeling as you did when you were here, it’s because you tapped into the right principles of prosperity and didn’t even know it. So the cool thing is, is that now we can know what they are and do it on purpose.

It’s, it’s amazing to me, it’s amazing to me what, what I believe is a part of our God-given abilities to become co-creator with God, in creating the life that is possible for us. Aren’t we here to become all that we can be? It’s learning how to create. Think about this and the other Scripture that says whatever principles and intelligence we attain in this life will be so much to our advantage in the life to come. If we can learn how to be co-creators with God that through our faith can manifest whatever we want here in this life, using our thoughts and our faith, and learning to instead pray for what we want, all the while picturing the disaster that will happen if we don’t get what we’re praying for? Okay, that doesn’t work.

Pray for what you want and picture it. He’s not asking much. Picture it, feel grateful for it now. Gratitude is one of the most powerful, powerful ways to be connected with this, with this power of creation that God has given us. Try that, try picturing what you want and feeling the gratitude for it as if you already have it because you know in the eternal scheme of things, there is no time and space. All things are before God at the same time. It’s just linear to us here on Earth but you can be grateful for something before it’s yours, as if it’s yours. That’s true faith, that’s the true faith.

So I know it works, it works. It’s not in conflict to anything that I’ve ever been taught in the church and with the radio, if you want, if the broadcast you’re getting, the ideas that your mind kind of stays on is that when things go wrong, call the cops. You know, that’s my broadcast at the time. In order for me to tap into the thought that would solve the problems in our family, in order to tap into that inspiration, I had to tune my dial to a better frequency.

The solutions to every one of our problems exist – they’re just an idea away. Whatever challenge you’re facing, do you believe that the solution to that problem could literally be just one idea away? Where do you get that idea? You pray for the idea all the while picturing the disaster that you’re trying to overcome? You’re wondering why you’re not getting answers to the prayers. Well, try it this way. You tune yourself into a higher frequency of thought. We’re approaching God’s thoughts is what we’re trying to do. Einstein, he says “I want to know God’s thoughts – the rests are details.”

So we tune ourselves to a higher frequency by picturing the way we want things to look about our life, and allowing ourselves to feel it as though we already have. Because on a subconscious level, our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an experience that is real or imagined, and it’s our subconscious mind that’s causing the results in our life to be the way they are. You might consciously decide “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” and subconsciously, it’s saying “but I’m safe here.”

So you might manipulate things to be a certain way for a time but your subconscious mind is saying “it’s my job to keep your heart beating, to keep you breathing through the night and to keep you safe, and you’re safer here.” So this is kind of the general idea that I’ll end with. The emotion that I’m talking about that, that starts the creative process. The emotion is, is the key piece of it and it doesn’t matter if it’s good emotion or negative emotion. It’s whatever is strongest so watch what you’re emotional about. Thank you.

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How to Rely on God for a Paycheck

This is nuts. It’s 1:00 am and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I know that if I just go to bed, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anyway. I have to get this out of my head. Having a message to convey is my curse and my blessing all wrapped up together.

Anyway, if I wait until the morning, there will be too many distractions.

So here’s my question to you:

How much money do you need to feel financially free and secure?

Is it a monthly cashflow? Is it a pile of “X” amount of dollars in the bank? What’s your number?

For years I operated from a standpoint of, “I will feel secure when we have $_______ coming in every month, residually.” Or, sometimes it was, “I know the work is done when we have $________ saved or invested.”

What I’ve noticed is that no matter what benchmark was set, once we achieved that number, I still didn’t feel financially safe and secure. I could see how quickly it could evaporate, or how easily we had grown into that income, and once again, felt a driving need to earn more.

Suppose One Million Dollars is your benchmark for success. Suppose you think that having $1M in the bank would allow you to do everything on your list that has been waiting for the day you could afford it. What if I could send you a check today for $1M. What would you do with it, right now?

I know you’re just reading along, but I really want you to stop and ponder that question:

What would you do TODAY with $1M?

If you don’t have a solid answer, then you are not prepared to receive $1M. If you feel like just putting it in the bank would solve everything, then you’re not prepared to receive it. If it’s so big that you can’t even wrap your brain around the concept of having $1M, then what difference would it make if it were $2M, or $400M? If you cannot conceptualize the difference between those figures and what that kind of money could do for you, then it’s time to start doing your research on the elements of your lifestyle that you’d like to enjoy one day.

Find out how much that cabin really costs, and whether that price includes granite or Formica, indoor or outdoor toilets, log or sheet rock. Get a feel for what the money can buy.

Suppose you were to leave your occupation to serve a humanitarian aid mission somewhere. How much money would you need each month, and how much does the plane ticket cost? Have you done enough research to know what’s a good deal and what isn’t?

If you have something in mind you’d like to do, have, or become, pretend like you already have the money and start shopping seriously for the things you’d need to purchase in order to have those dream experiences.

THEN (and here’s the cool part), release your concerns about the money, and focus on enjoying the experience as though it is happening now.

Picture it.

You don’t have to worry about the money part, because when you apply the principles of visualization to your dream-goals, things begin to line up for you to deliver the experience, sometimes without even requiring you to pay the regular price. Either opportunities line up that will provide you with the money you need, or circumstances will evolve in such a way that you will get to enjoy the benefit of your dream-goal through a barter, or a gift, or some other unexpected way.

It’s not your job to manage the creative process.

This is why I’ve always hesitated to encourage money goals, because honestly, for me, that’s not what pushes my buttons. Every time I set a money goal, it seems to put me into a state of being that repels the money. It must be some kind of subconscious program I have, I don’t know.

However, some people are really motivated and driven by money goals, but for me, they always seem to backfire. Well, I’ve decided that’s okay. I would rather that my driving force be the ultimate reason for wanting the money. I don’t want to have the money at the expense of all the other things that are more important to me than money, and that’s the risk we take when our goals are centered on a dollar figure.

So this begs the question: “What if I really do want a pile of money in the bank?”

Let me put it to you this way:

What is financial freedom, really?

What is financial security?

Isn’t it knowing that no matter what happens in the economy, or with your job, or whatever, your family’s needs will be met?

When our income tripled and we experienced what it was like to pay off credit cards, and buy the groceries we really wanted, and sign the kids up for all kinds of lessons, and fix all the broken things around the house… and ultimately move to the home that would really meet all of our wants and needs as a growing family, I thought I was experiencing financial freedom. I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted to.

No question, it was an experience I hope everyone will enjoy.

However, we could not be content with life as it was, because Trevan was gone too much, and we always had to ask permission from his employer if we wanted to take some time off with the family. We would be concerned about the consequences he’d face at work if he had to stay home sick.

We were doing pretty well, but had so many opportunities come across our table for which he (we) simply did not have time to do our due diligence, and we could see it was potentially costing us as much as his annual salary to let the opportunities go. These were opportunities that could have replaced his annual income in just one or two transactions… and how much time would that have afforded him?

So it became clear a few years ago that he had to take the leap of faith. We believed that by letting go of his regular and dependable source of income, we’d begin to really soar financially. He’d have time to do due diligence on the amazing opportunities to invest in businesses, or real estate, or helping businesses find capital, etc.

We were convinced that by letting him finally be his own boss, and as we continued to live the principles of prosperity we had been studying, we’d finally get to start putting BIG piles of money in the bank. This is how we pictured creating peace of mind. In a small temporary way, we planned to make a ton of money and then simply take a little break. We had worked so hard for so long, we were liking the idea of taking it easy. Not retirement, of course, but easing up on our crazy life-pace that we had subjected ourselves to for as long as we could remember.

Well, just as in the story of the acorn, letting go of the tree was terrifying, although we knew in our hearts it was time. (In the case of the story, the tree represented his job). We wondered how long we could survive without the sustenance that the tree had always provided.

We envisioned the grandeur and prestige of being independent, full-time entrepreneurs. It sounded so glamorous, and we were proud of ourselves for taking the step in spite of our fears, especially in light of the Stickman Concept.

With a bit of cockiness, we approached our investments with confidence, knowing that everything works out for us, because we had enjoyed a superb track record since discovering the principles in 2000.

Well, God has a way with people like us.

Like the acorn, we took a hard fall, and had never before experienced such fear and confusion. We wondered how long we’d have to flounder before God would see fit to rescue us and send us the financial windfall we continued to chase through our various ventures.

We literally lived on the end of our resources, eking by, one day at a time. I couldn’t let myself wonder, “What happens when the money runs out next week, and there is no paycheck coming in?” I didn’t let myself even think about it. There were times where I had to consciously choose to relax and subject myself to peaceful music in order to combat the storm raging inside my mind.

Somehow, God continued to sustain us in various ways, week by week, against all odds. This lasted a few months and then turned into more than a year… and I finally began to think, “If He has kept us going this far, and we’re still alive, we have food to eat and a place to live, and our family is in tact, then why wouldn’t I believe He would continue to support us?”

So during the second year, we pressed forward full throttle toward our goals, allowing the little money we had to flow through us freely, trusting that nature would fill the vacuum we continued to create. Unlike year #1, during year #2 we operated with very little (if any) anxiety, and gained confidence that everything was going to continue to work out. By this time, we were at peace with whatever was going to happen, good or bad. We’d move our feet in the direction of our goals a little further each day, and until there was absolutely nothing left we could do, we’d keep on keeping on.

I settled in to that strange new way of life. Like the acorn, we realized that we could survive, even disconnected from the tree, and I began to release my fears of, “What if we have to move?” Or, “What if you have to go back to a job?”

Suddenly, I found myself relying on God the same way we had relied on the paycheck. I knew God was there, and was aware of us and our needs, and I also knew that He could only bless us according to our faithfulness, so we practiced being at peace in the storm. Can’t really practice without a storm, so here was our opportunity to practice.

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So now, how much money do I need?

Honestly, it flows through us faster than you’d believe because of how much we continue to pump back into our business so that we can extend our reach to more families and bring more mothers home from work.

I’m like that acorn, and as much as we all think we want a pile of money, I have learned that financial freedom is not having ten years of money in my hands today.

The seed does not benefit from having ten years worth of nutrients and water dumped on it all at once.

Neither I nor the seed would be able to absorb it, and it would likely wash us both away into oblivion. No, in the bigger picture, the seed is better off receiving only as much as it needs, as it needs it.

Financial freedom is the financial peace of mind that comes from recognizing that your job does not pay you… it is God that pays you through your job. It is not your business that pays you, it is God that pays you through your business. Remove the delivery vehicle, and He can still deliver the resources you need to become all you have chosen to become. It will find you, so relax as you keep taking just one more step!

As you allow yourself to find peace in darkness and uncertainty, you discover that miracles here on earth have not ceased. You become the newest recipient.

The acorn only becomes a mighty oak after it lets go of the parent tree, and finds all the sustenance it needs from God through the elements within its immediate surroundings. It grows independent and becomes shelter and sustenance for other tiny seeds only just getting started.

You don’t need a bazillion dollars in the bank. The person who learns to rely on God for daily support is the person who is truly financially free… because no market crash, no bank failure, no thief nor law suit, can ever overshadow the peace of mind that comes from having discovered God’s willingness and power to give you just what you need when you need it.

I will point out, also, that only people who experience great financial hardships will likely ever discover this miracle I’m talking about. If you’ve got it rough, count yourself highly fortunate. The sooner you let go of your fears, the sooner you’ll experience true financial freedom.

Realize now that even if all of your fears came true, you could still bounce back bigger than ever.

And then once you finally feel, and daily live, with that freedom in your heart, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to manifest in your physical reality, too.

But by then, you’ll have a wise and proper perspective on money, and will put it to work, blessing the lives of others.

I look forward to hearing your story. Originally published September 3, 2008

To learn how to enjoy peace of mind in any economy, join me now in the Mindset Mastery Program.