Does your CPA understand the principles?

When your CPA speaks the Rare Faith language, you’ve found a rare treasure.

Can you imagine what it could be like to have a CPA who doesn’t just count “what is,” but who also inspires, and shows you how to create a better picture for next year? That’s the kind of CPA we’ve enjoyed for the last ten years. And…

That’s what our newest MINDSET MASTERY Honors Graduate does for his clients, too.

We’d like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Wayne Hafner, Certified Public Accountant, who is our newest MINDSET MASTERY™ Honors Graduate! (Way to go, Wayne – that was no small task and you did awesome!!)

But I’m sure Wayne will be the first to tell you that completing the course wasn’t easy. While others may wait until they feel “ready”, he took it on while still grieving the loss of his dear wife.

I remember, when it was time for him to turn in his midterm goal statement, I could tell something was off. I wrote, “…It’s a beautiful vision ~ although…  I’m not convinced that you’re “feeling” it yet…”

He said, “I will take your suggestions to heart and resubmit. Your observation that I may not be ‘feeling’ it yet is probably correct. I must admit I have been struggling.”

After submitting them again, this time, my response was, “WOW… This nails it. I feel it. I can tell you feel it. Keep the feelings with you, and alive. Let yourself feel. It’s in the ‘feeling’ that our world shifts. As you keep renewing the feelings as you think about what you are trying to accomplish, you’ll be led to make adjustments to what you’re doing, or to what your goal statements say, if needed. But I’m confident you’re on the right track.”

And he most definitely was!

His Phase 2 goal was to make $10,000. And after accomplishing it, his vision shifted:

“My focus is now on helping others achieve this same freedom.”

It’s all about learning and then sharing the principles, but it’s important also to continue living them. He adds:

“When things get rough and I know expenses are upcoming, I read [my goal statement]. I was able to obtain additional projects from some new clients… doors have been opening and new clients have been entering.  Sometimes there are new tax projects. Sometimes bookkeeping.  I have taken the time to share what I have learned with many of my current clients.  When I am able to focus and visualize happy thoughts it seems like new clients and projects or past due payments from current clients arrive just when needed. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for these gifts and opportunities. With tax season I am completely overwhelmed but so very grateful for the blessings.”

The good news is, if you’re looking for a CPA, you don’t have to live nearby—Wayne can help you out of the comfort of your home from his office in Missouri.

His invitation:

“I firmly believe that I have been led to [this information] and wish to … teach others these principles.  I believe with my background in tax, accounting, and financial coaching, I can help others utilize these principles to find abundance.”

To get in touch with Wayne for bookkeeping or accounting services, click here.

To learn more about the MINDSET MASTERY™ Program, click here.

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