Your Mission Impossible – A Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

There is nothing that this world can offer that is more gratifying and more satisfying than you finding out what your “mission impossible” is on this planet. You have a divine mission and purpose to fulfill. This guide will help you have the courage to do the things that will help you step into your life’s mission and fulfill it. Remember that you have a life’s mission – you do!

Mission Blockers

What gets in the way?

There are two things that are going to get in the way of you discovering and fulfilling your life’s mission:

  • distractions, and
  • lack of resources.

Distractions come from a variety of different sources and are sometimes very convincing in their disguise and can try to tempt you off the path. These distractions can be anything we take for granted in our culture, like the media, technology, social media, video games, friends, even a pimple!

If there is one thing worth remembering, it is that your friends are the biggest influencers in your life. So as you’re choosing friends, pick those who are also searching for and committed to fulfilling a life’s mission.

Another distraction that you’ll face are feelings of inadequacy. These can be feelings like I’m not good enough, who am I, or who am I to make a difference. The world wants you to think you’re not good enough or you’re not smart enough and that’s a lie. I found out that everybody has inferiority issues. Everybody, at some time in their life, is going to feel like I’m not good enough because I have this problem, or I’m not good enough because that happened to me and I’m so different.

You don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is what you feel like you’re inspired to do in that moment. You may not even realize your next action is inspired. Step by step, by just doing what you know is right, one day you will look back and say “Holy cow, look at what I’ve accomplished!” People will also look at you and be inspired by your example.

When I was 12, I realized that I do belong to some big divine family and I do have an important mission to fulfill. All of a sudden, all those distractions that were keeping me from being awake to it just diminished and banished.

Having a conversation with your Creator for 20 minutes is a powerful way to get rid of the distractions and to build self-worth because once you have felt God’s presence in your life, you will not feel unimportant. You will feel very important and you will know that nobody can say anything to you and have it affect or change who you really are.

So trust that there is an unseen power guiding and directing you to your life’s mission. You can get past the distractions and not worry about lack of resources. Just take a deep breath and be at peace. Remember that life always has a way of creating experiences for you that steer you in the right direction. You are already on that path to discovering and fulfilling your purpose and you don’t need to rush or panic to find it.

Make it your mission to find your “mission impossible” because at the end of your days, you’re going to remember the things that really mattered. That’s why it is so important to live and stay conscious of the things that really mean something in your life right now. When you look back on your life and what you’ve done, you’re going to want to say, “I was courageous, I did the scary thing.” It’s about having the courage to step into your life’s mission, to take that step and fulfill it.

Facing Change

You need to learn how to deal with change because that is the one constant you can depend on. Nothing in life is permanent but change. There are going to be times in your life where you’re going along and unexpected things are happening around you. Your friends are moving, leaving town, having a baby or your own family is changing in its own different way.

Maybe you’ve experienced times like this already, at home, in your workplace or relationships. Stuff changes and you’re like… well, this isn’t what I thought was supposed to happen! This isn’t what I had expected. I don’t know what to do with this, what do I do with this?

In uncertain situations, the wisest thing you can do is to stay relaxed. This will make you more inclined to know what to do. That inner voice that we all have is going to say it’s okay, this is part of the plan. There is a reason for this, and you’re going to look back on it as something that shaped you and prepared you for the leadership role you will take in life. The experiences you are given are there for a reason. They are there to shape you and to help you become all you can possibly be.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shalt not be bent out of shape.” No matter what happens or turns up in your life, learn to stay flexible and fluid and be ready to adapt to whatever comes your way. Life’s test is about becoming flexible, finding and fulfilling your mission, and being prepared to respond to whatever life throws your way.

Open Mind

In times of change, the learners will inherit the Earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. So, if you’re trying to do the impossible in your world, to complete a mission that seems “impossible”, you’ve got to disregard the things that kind of put your mind into thinking structures that limit the possibilities.

When I studied math at college, what Non-Euclidean geometry did for me was it taught me problem solving. It taught me that I needed to have an objective, a purpose and to identify what I had going for me. I also needed to have gratitude for what I had, be able to brainstorm, learn from others, make an effort and keep moving. You’ve got to look to the horizon.

In order to find your life’s mission, there may be times when you have to think outside of the box. Whatever you are called upon to conquer, whatever you are facing now or will face in the future, there is one principle that you can depend on. That is, that no matter what you are called on to face, you already have all that you need to accomplish it, to fix it, to solve it. Sometimes, it is even possible for your biggest challenges to become the seeds for the greatest inspiration.

I, myself have had to learn that things don’t always go as I planned. Sometimes things don’t always go exactly how I think they should go, but every experience it has woken up something new inside of me that I did not know existed. So, if you feel like you lack something, count your lucky stars because it’s going to wake something up inside of you when you accept the mission that seems “impossible”.

Receiving Answers

The best way to get answers when you’re looking for direction, advice or counsel from within that will steer you in the right direction is to ask a question. For example, if your question is: what am I supposed to do today? Or it could be, should I call George today? There is a difference between the kind of answer you will get: one is specific, while the second one gives you agency.

So, if God is going to answer you with the first one, He would have to give you many, many words or impressions, maybe even a picture in your mind, to get the message across. Yet, with the second question, all you would need to get is a yes or no, and you have a very clear answer.

The way to finding and fulfilling your mission is easy, and it will take you the best places you could possibly go in life. When you let go of your fears and the need to fit in, you can let go and trust in the journey. When something in your heart says it’s time to take that leap, take that leap and trust that God will carry you.

You are a leader and a dreamer, and you don’t need to live on the bottom any longer. Of course, there will be times when you might be dashed against the rocks to test you, to see if you’ll cling to what is comfortable or to see if you will give up clinging altogether. Trust the flow of life to carry you and one day, people will look at you and say “Wow, a person like ourselves, look how they fly!

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Creative Ways for Teens to Pay for their Phones

The following idea comes from Livia Pewtress (, shared with permission.

(Read the FULL story here).

She writes:

[There] are a few … things we do to help keep the light and connection in our home, and not have our family time hijacked by technology:

  • Devices charge in the kitchen and in the loft, not in bedrooms.
  • All devices are plugged in and off by 9 pm (we are not perfect, but trying)
  • Mom/Dad have the passwords and can look at them at any time.
  • They do not use apps that have not been approved
  • We limit the games available to educational ones
  • No technology until we have had breakfast/devotional (not perfect here either)
  • Priority on family meal times – tech-free
  • Engage in uplifting tech with them (we snuggle and read together. Between books/chapters, we watch Random Acts, How things work, and other inspirational content… then discuss what it takes to get things done, celebrate the genius of others and find ways we can serve!)

But then she had a BRILLIANT idea that would help her daughter pay for her own phone bill, too!

As she implemented her plan, not ONLY did her daughter get the money she needed to pay the phone bill, she ALSO came away from the experience with insight and inspiration to meet ALL of her future goals.

Too often, we underestimate what our kids can do!

Check out her teenage daughter’s notes (below) from reading The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius, and then be sure to CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story, so you can find out exactly WHAT Livia did to help make all this happen.

Click below to read the FULL story at Livia’s blog!

Way to go, Livia!


Hope Floats the Financial Boat

Think for a minute about the natural reaction of non-swimmers who are thrown into deep waters.

Can you picture it?

They panic, and thrash violently. They become consumed with the fear of, “What if I go under and can’t come back up?!” Full of adrenaline and to avoid the worst, they claw and pound the water, in a frantic effort to stay afloat.

Eventually, if they don’t get some help, they go under out of sheer exhaustion.

This is also a vivid metaphor for people who feel like they’ve been thrown overboard without a life jacket financially.

Maybe they intentionally “abandoned ship”, leaving a regular source of income to go out on their own in search of another boat, or maybe it happened in a storm. However they got there, they may feel like a non-swimmer, fully exposed to choppy waters, surrounded by mysterious depths, and at risk of drowning in bills and other pressures.

In a situation like that, the natural inclination is to panic, and work too hard frantically trying to stay afloat – ultimately wearing themselves out and sinking into despair.

The truth is, that the principles which keep a new swimmer afloat in the water are the same principles that keep you afloat financially:

1) Take a deep breath,
2) Relax, and
3) Keep your chin up

That’s how you stay afloat in the water, and that’s how you stay afloat financially, too.

Stop for a moment and let the following statement sink in (no pun intended):

Having money does not create peace of mind; it begins with peace of mind.

Before you can learn to swim efficiently, you’ve got to learn how to FLOAT. Not just in swimming, but in your finances, too. I’m convinced that people who enjoy true abundance live abundantly, not because everything always goes their way, but because they have learned how to float and swim in choppy waters without being overcome by exhaustion.

And floating only works when you stay calm. When you are calm and keep you chin up, you float; not just in water, but with finances, too. Staying calm allows your mind to be relaxed enough to notice the inspiration that helps you solve the problem. Don’t cut off the Source of your answers by freaking out!

The cure for fear is not courage, the real cure for fear is knowledge. When you know WHY you can be at peace, it’s easier to feel peace. Choosing peace of mind also keeps you in the path of all the opportunities and resources you’ll need. (Read Hidden Treasures FREE – to find out why this works.) Freak out, and you jump off the path.

Whether you leave a ship by choice or not, finding yourself in the water can be terrifying, especially if you never learned how to swim. But hope and optimism literally and financially make you more buoyant.

Discover the truth of this and you may also discover that swimming peacefully allows you to get where you want to go without a boat at all. (A shout-out to all you entrepreneurs out there!)

So, breathe… relax… keep your chin up… and trust the current to take you to the next boat or port on your journey to financial freedom.

For more on this topic, join me in the life-changing Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse – ($37)