The Kickboxing Bag

The following share comes from Mindset Mastery Program Honors Graduate Laura Da Silva, who writes:

“At the end of 2017 I became interested in learning kickboxing (it was like my body was “craving” it). So for Christmas my husband, Laerte Da Silva, got me 10 classes at a local kickboxing gym. I loved it! I loved the results!

“But I wasn’t impressed with the monthly price, so I decided I wanted to get a kickboxing bag so I could do it at home! In the meantime I continued to kickbox with just my gloves as I kept thinking how great it would be to have a bag.

“A few months later I wrote the following statement:

“‘I am so happy and grateful now that I have a kickboxing bag that is 69 inches tall (the one in the picture has 4 height levels to choose from!) and 18 inches in diameter. It cost $50. It is a free standing bag that is easy to fill with either sand or water. it has a vinyl cover and is made of high density foam, making it strong and durable. It is black and goes from the base up. I enjoy using it to strengthen my body. It is also a great way to release any negative emotions. I love using it, as I continue to love kickboxing.’

[An bag like this generally sells for $140-$300]

“Within a week my husband found one as described, and brought it home to me! So excited!”

Congratulations, Laura!

Laura da Silva owns a mental health clinic in Riverton, Utah called Lighthouse Counseling Services. She is the author of 3 articles: “Parenting – A Sacrifice Well-worth It,” “Battling on the Frontlines of Life”, and “Keeping the Flame of Motivation Alive”. She is also the author of 3 children’s self-help books: “When I feel Sad,” “When I Feel Mad,” and “When I Feel Scared.” In her practice, the laws of the Universe are practiced and taught. She also runs a family therapy retreat, twice a year, in Heber, Utah for families who are struggling with communication and unity. You can learn more about her services at:

Keep Calm and Watch What Happens

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 I will be teaching a class called “Keep Calm and Watch What Happens” at the Energy Healing Conference in St. George, UT.

I did a preview video of this class with the conference coordinator, Tammy Ward, who said this:

You know when you meet someone you REALLY look up to and have so much gratitude for them, their sacrifices, dedication and efforts because of how MASSIVELY it has changed your life?

Ya. This.

Meet Leslie.

Her story in inspiring.

It gave me hope when I was totally hopeless.


Before I started producing conferences, we were dead broke. I was depressed, desperate and hopeless.

Ahem. Totally supported me.

Her books helped me upgrade my thinking.

Her perseverance has made a massive difference to so many people, especially me.

I cannot recommend this class enough. Get there!

Do you want a free ticket for you and a friend? Watch the video to find out more details on how I want that to happen for you.

Thank you again Leslie for who you are, how you have shown up and your vulnerability. You’ve blessed my life and allowed me to show up and be me. (PLUS do more than just eat. Abundance is possible!)

If you think you know the law of attraction, think again.

Come to this class!

So watch the video above, and then…

Click here to learn more and get registered!

Pass it on!

Our thoughts do things

If I could sum up in just four words the life-changing concept that I’ve spent the last eighteen years trying to understand, practice, and share, it would be this:

Our Thoughts Do Things

And they do.

What I love about my work is that every day, I get to hear about other people’s experiences, as they begin to recognize the connection for themselves. And the more they look for evidence of it, the more they see it all around them.

And then, they can begin choosing their thoughts to be more in harmony with the Laws, and take some intentional control over the kinds of “uncanny” experiences they have.

The following share comes from Mindset Mastery Program participant Denise W., who writes:

“I have 2 stories I need to share. #1 – Today as I was studying, my doorbell rang, and as I answered it, it was my neighbor’s husband. He was frantic and asked me if I would like their fridge/freezer, which was only 6 months old. WHAT!!!! They are moving, and all of their household goods were already packed and shipped out. Our housing development told them they had to pay for a new refrigerator because their kids had dropped something and it put a very small ding in the bottom of the fridge. So, rather than leave it for housing to reuse after they where forced to pay for it, they gave it to us.

“…the crazy part is literally a couple days ago, I had a thought that it would be really nice to have an extra fridge so I could have space to make meals and store for the week, and here I am now with an extra fridge. I am still in shock over it.

“#2 – After learning about the laws, my husband and I have been changing our thinking about money and debt. Well, as my husband and I were reviewing our budget, he made a comment about raising his expectation to always having $4000 in savings, and if we can maintain that he would feel like we were doing ok.

“Well, I had higher amounts in my head, and we had been able to save and exceed the $4000… [but] within the month we had a car break down, had to help a family member financially, …and we had to pay for and arrange our flights to get [to some classes we wanted to take]. Well, when all was said and done, we had enough to pay for everything without going into debt.

“But guess how much we had left in savings? Yup $4000…

“The more I study, [the more] I have been becoming more and more aware of my thoughts, and I can see very quickly how things start to take shape after having the thought.” – Denise, Mindset Mastery Program participant

Yes! This is what I’m talking about. Thank you for sharing, Denise, and keep up the great work!

And that’s what it is: work. It’s not easy to choose thoughts that are contrary to appearances, but doing so really does make a difference.

As Bertrand Russell put it,

“Most people would rather die than think, and many of them do!”

I look forward to helping you experience the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

Kids can learn this, too!

You’ve probably heard the story in my free ebook Hidden Treasures about my eight-year-old who used the Rare Faith principles to realize his dream to own some special LEGO sets, at a time when we couldn’t afford to buy them. But miracles like that don’t just happen for him. They happen for any adult OR child who learns and actively applies the principles.

Here’s a share from one of our Mindset Mastery Program Participants, who taught the principles to her son. This awesome kid used them to achieve his dream of solving a Rubik’s Cube.

This kid is going to be unstoppable!

“My son used the ‘Jackrabbit’ methods I’ve been teaching him to solve a Rubik’s cube. There were a lot of tears and frustration. Then he started holding the cube, praying and visualising the completed cube. Proud Momma Moment!!!” – Jimi T., Mindset Mastery Program participant

Way to go, Momma! Keep up the great work!

To learn how he did it, and to learn how to achieve your “impossible” goal, download The Jackrabbit Factor (free) right now, and then share the principles with YOUR kids!