Things Undone

Positive Thinking Tip: Clear out the cobwebs of your life. it will be worth it. You’ll travel the rest of your journey much lighter, and you’ll definitely go much farther.

We feel happiest when we are on the grow, and striving for something more. Whether we are striving for better physical health, financial health, emotional health, or healthier relationships – it just feels good to improve.

And although we should certainly practice gratitude for all we already have, if we’re not also reaching for SOMEthing else, we stop growing and start decaying. There is no standing still.

But sometimes we begin our next journey with too much in our backpack.

If there’s ‘junk’ from your past that is affecting your self-confidence, it can feel like carrying a bag full of rocks, which only makes your journey more difficult.

No, I’m not going to define ‘junk’. If you have some, you probably already know what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about times when you’ve been a victim… that’s not the kind of junk I’m talking about. (Although holding grudges can count for some seriously heavy rocks, and emotional trauma can really be debilitating.)

For this post, I’m talking about the kind of junk that you are personally responsible for, and over which you have some immediate control.

If you’ve done something you regret, and have not ‘taken care of it’, then your self-confidence will be affected and your ability to have faith in reaching your goals may be adversely affected, too.

If you are a ‘perfectionist’, stop here and read this instead.

You may or may not be a religious person, but I believe it’s important to get your heart lined up with your Creator before you launch an all-out quest for the abundant life. If there are ‘things undone’ in your life that need repair, your conscience knows it, and it’s liberating to make things right to the best of your ability, first.

By doing so, you become more confident that your purpose for seeking abundance is for a good and worthy reason. As it says in Matthew 6:33: ‘But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (might I say: everything you need) shall be added unto you.’

With the self-confidence that results, your faith in yourself, and in God who helps you, will be stronger than ever.

I picked this topic today because of a great lesson I heard on Sunday. It posed the question: when we make a mistake, do we try to excuse it and cover it up? Or do we take responsibility, confess it completely where needed, and face the consequences?

To answer that, imagine this:

If you had a pile of dirt, and you wanted to hide it, would covering it up with more dirt take care of it? No. It only makes the pile bigger and more conspicuous. While it appears you’ve successfully covered it up, you’ve only turned it into a bigger pile.

A wonderful speaker by the name of Richard G. Scott said it this way: ‘Do not take comfort in the fact that your transgressions are not known by others. That is like an ostrich with his head buried in the sand. He sees only darkness and feels comfortably hidden. In reality he is ridiculously conspicuous.’

God knows, the ‘Universe’ knows, and YOU know.

A person’s self-esteem and confidence only grows when s/he seeks courage to face the music, make things right as best they can, and restore self-respect.

Life on the other side of it is full of light. It is free, it is liberating, and worth whatever price it takes to finally do the ‘things left undone’. It is even worth risking one’s relationship with another human being to make things right with one’s Creator. In fact, our relationships with those we love may actually be strengthened in the long run when we do our best to put ourselves right with God. After all, being in the right with God is the only thing that really matters anyway. If you’re not religious, you can call it being true to your conscience.

I want you to succeed. I want you to experience abundance in all areas of your life, including financially. I think many of my readers are Christian (not all, but many), so I’m also going to include another passage: ‘And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good.’ (Jacob 2:19)

Now, this is an unusual topic for my newsletter, I know. I also realize this message isn’t for everybody right now, but it may be for somebody. To embark on a quest with a backpack full of stones can be exhausting and frustrating. Let’s keep our loads as light as we can along the way by identifying each stone we carry, taking it out, putting it down, and leaving it behind.

Now, what if someone finds out you have stones in your backpack? How mortifying that could be!!!

Realize this: everyone has stones in their backpack at one time or another in their life. And in truth, there is more shame in carrying them around in secret than there is to taking them out and putting them down, even if those around you get a glimpse. In fact, doing so just might inspire someone else to have enough courage to do the same.

There are amazing, wonderful, abundant blessings awaiting you. Take care of things undone, so you can move forward and claim all there is to enjoy out of life. If there’s fear associated with considering such a step, understanding the “stickman” illustration can be VERY empowering. To understand fear and how to deal with it, learn about the stickman here.

Originally published November 8, 2002.

photo credit: hellostanley via photopin cc


Thoughts and Your Health

Thoughts Make the Person

By Dr. Stan and Cristie Gardner
Mentors in Physical Health and Personal Achievement

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Books abound that convey the power of the human mind. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen;
Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill; The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne; Wake up and Live by Dorothea Brande. It is estimated that we use less than 5% of our mind.

Do you want to be healthy, without having to go to the doctor? Start with what you are thinking! Our thoughts are extremely powerful, as Leslie Householder
so beautifully demonstrates in The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius.

The Power of Our Thoughts and Health

In 1988, Randolph Byrd studied the effect of ‘prayer’ on patients in the coronary care unit of a local hospital. Four hundred patients were divided into two groups. One group was prayed over by a Christian group, and the other was not. No diagnoses were given for the 200 being prayed over; and they were only given first names. This study took place over a 10 month period of time. At the conclusion of the study, the prayed-over group had:

  • decreased overall complications,
  • less pneumonia
  • less ventilator assistance and
  • less antibiotic use

Proof was provided that thoughts and prayers can powerfully influence our health.

Other studies have used healers rather than religious groups and found severely ill patients had fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations and overall improved moods. Thoughts are able to influence the rate of bacteria growth, both positively and negatively. Positive thoughts can heal!

What we choose to think about and act upon will come to pass. This is not only due to the effort we put forth. The messages and desires of our hearts link with forces around us to attract to us what we sincerely desire, if it is in harmony with our life purposes.

However, we can’t send out messages to the contrary and still expect our desire to manifest. For example, some people will look in the mirror in the morning, smile a big smile, and say, “This is going to be my best day ever!” Then they go out into the world and someone asks, “How are you doing?” If the response is: “My back aches, I didn’t sleep well last night, but it’s better than the ‘alternative’,” those mixed messages will result in a mixed day.

Create a Positive Vision

Many people have found that if they put their desires on a board and look at it often, they can focus more effectively on those items. They will give those things their energy and thought and time. Take an 11” by 17” card stock board (or bigger or smaller) and place upon it representations of the things you want to attract into your life. These can be expressed in pictures, words, feelings, smells, people, places—in whatever medium gets you most excited about the items on the board. The clearer the image is to you, the better. Some items you choose to place on your board may include health, travel, relationships, mobility, wisdom or understanding. Display the board prominently and look at it regularly.

My wife and I did a vision board about 20 years ago. It was packed up in one of our moves and not seen for years. Upon opening up the storage box, we saw a picture of the car we then had, down to the exact outside color. So many other items on the board had occurred, it was astonishing!

An overlooked point that I feel is so important in this whole field of the power of thought is gratitude. Give gratitude for what you have, for what you are, and for what you are becoming. “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” Thornton Wilder

Prepare your place, your mind and your environment for the things you are attracting. If you are not prepared, opportunities may pass you by and you won’t even recognize them.

And lastly, remember, laughter is still the best medicine. Marvin J. Ashton said, “Greatness is best measured by how well an individual responds to the happenings in life that appear to be totally unfair, unreasonable, and undeserved.” We are not always in a position to see the greater picture. Learn to recognize, trust, pray, and have faith that all things are eventually helping you to learn the lessons that are designed to help you become the best you can be. Learn to laugh at the incongruities you see around you, and to relish the present moment.

From Sick and Discouraged to Strong and Triumphant

As you gaze around you, what do your eyes see? Piles of papers to file, dishes to do, an enormous “to do” list, Christmas presents with no place to put them? IF you have the energy, you box them and haul them to the basement or attic. Everywhere you look, you see what you haven’t done. Overwhelm washes over you in waves. You meant to tackle that project LAST year…and now it’s 2013. The world did NOT end in 2012. In fact, nothing changed…You still have the goals to get fit, to get energetic, to lose those extra pounds.

You can scan last year’s New Year’s Resolution list, cross out the last 2 in “2012” and scratch in a “3” to make it good for this year.

If you are one of the select few who can gleefully say that you crossed off every “to do” on your New Year’s list last year, move along. This is not for you.

But IF you still hold out some hope to make changes this year that will start you on a pathway to dynamic health, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and a host of other great feelings, join us for this ride. We’ll show you—and PROVE to you—that small, simple changes will totally transform you.

You’ll get SPECIFIC things you can do within a few minutes to begin the transformation. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, social, or financial, the pathway to your goal is only a few simple steps away.

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it to you!

Would you like to stay in touch with Dr. Stan and Cristie?

Just do the following:

Email: ctrcristie @ (no spaces; make sure you spell it correctly)

Put the word ‘Changes’ in subject box

Put your 1. Name, 2. email address, and if you’d like a personal contact from us, 3. your phone number in the message. We also would love to know your areas of greatest concern, health wise or otherwise. Our mission is to help!

We’ll sign you up for Dr. Gardner’s incredible Health Secrets (no cost to you!), and send you a special report on The Greatest Breakthroughs in Health to get you started. More to come!

To your dynamic health and energy!

Stan and Cristie Gardner

Stan Gardner, M.D., CNS, is a medical doctor who specializes in providing his patients and readers with healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery. He consults with corporations to provide them with Health Transformation Training. He is passionate about helping people achieve their greatest health potential.

Cristie Gardner is a graduate of Leslie’s ThoughtsAlive Mentor Training Program and the Family Time and Money Freedom Course. She’s a certified Genius Bootcamp facilitator. She’s also a Law of Attraction coach and is passionate about teaching.

Together, this Dynamic Duo has raised their eight fantastic children and they combine their talents to help the world get healthier from the inside.


Releasing Bitterness

I received a letter that I don’t want to lose, and it has some valuable insights in it, so I’ll just post it here. My friend began her letter with a quote:

“It is my opinion that many really good teachers do not come from joyful households where all was easy. They come from a place of much pain and suffering, and they’ve worked through the layers to reach the place where they can now help others to become free. Most good teachers are continually working to release even more, to remove ever-deeper layers of limitation. This becomes a lifetime occupation.” Hay, Louise L. (2011-11-07). 21 Days to Master Affirmations (Kindle Locations 240-243). Hay House. Kindle Edition.


While I was reading this, I thought of you and all the times in the past year that you have mentioned in my hearing of your struggles to keep going despite the personal struggles you have had with the program and principles you teach.  Louise is the first “self-help” writer I ever read who actually HELPED me, when I read You Can Heal Your Life.  It was nearly twenty-five years ago, and I was becoming very ill.  I did not heal my body, but many things in my LIFE healed through what she taught me in that book.

I felt similar changes within myself when I began studying with you.  That is why I continued, why I pursued my Mentor Certification, why I continue to study, search, practice, and what Louise calls “release”, to move forward in my own life so I can learn enough to teach others with my own voice and not just parrot what I have learned.  Not that what I have learned is not good 🙂 you know that.  But you didn’t want “clones” to come out of your class, you wanted individual teachers who can help others.  Which is why I am still studying, expanding, searching.

I recently crossed paths with a young man in a parking lot.  We hit upon the topic of “bitterness” in our lives.  It made me realize that I still have a LOT of forgiving to do (my “hit list” of people I must forgive in order to free myself from the pain that holds me back in my own progression), and at age 60, now, I’d better get on with it! 🙂

Following the example of Goal Statements, I wrote it down.  I felt my pain pour out onto the page as I thanked God, in advance, for freeing me from the pain and bitterness of the memories I hold like a viper to my breast about these people.  It reminded me of the saying “Resentment is like taking poison and hoping the other person will die.”

I know I’m not totally free, yet.  It’s a list of four people, and two of them are still involved in my life as they are closely related family members.  But it was a start, and it felt SO GOOD!

Thank you for teaching me a way to start this!  If you ever need encouragement to keep going, please, please, PLEASE keep teaching, Leslie.  Our world needs what you so very capably teach.  I can’t imagine us without you.  I can’t imagine me being able to teach without you.  I can’t imagine how I would ever have healed as much as I have in the past two years without you and all I have learned FROM YOU.

If ever I can guide one other person onto this path of healing and peace for themselves, I will feel as if I have done you justice.  I do my best to give a “Jackrabbit” lesson to everyone who gives me the opportunity to work it into the conversation.

My usual signature to people I care about is “Love and Hugs,” but I want you to know that with this letter, it is so much more than that.  I just don’t know how to say it.

Love and Hugs,
Jan 🙂


Is Absent-Mindedness Affecting Your Success?

Positive Thinking Tip: De-clutter your life and you’ll more easily recognize the subtle, inspired indicators that will lead you to success

A couple years ago, my husband and I took our seven children to a neighboring state for a read-a-thon. On the way home, we stopped half-way and stayed with my sister for a night to break up the trip. The next morning, in our rush to be on the road again, we gathered our blankets and pillows, said our goodbyes, and loaded the van. My husband was at the wheel and I glanced back to ask the kids, “We got everybody?”

Nobody indicated otherwise, so I said, “Great!”

We had just begun to roll down the road when I looked back again and noticed my 15-year old missing.

Oh, no, I thought, not Nathan! He’s the one we forgot last time!

So I exclaimed, “Hurry! Back up and I’ll run in before he realizes we almost forgot him again!”

Within a minute I was back inside the house.  Hearing Nathan upstairs, I exhaled a sigh of relief. Whew! He didn’t notice.

My sister’s husband had a questioning look on his face, so I just said quietly, “We forgot Nathan… don’t say anything.”

Soon after, Nathan opened the door so I hollered nonchalantly, “Nathan… time to go!”

He ran downstairs, said his goodbyes and we climbed in the van. Just as we were getting ready to pull away, someone in the back said, “Where’s Nicholas?”

We gasped.  How did we miss Nicholas?

So I asked, “Nathan, will you go find Nicholas?”

“Sure.” Nathan said, and then ran to the house.

Pretty soon, out came – not Nathan – but my brother-in-law. Standing there in his robe with his hands out and eyes wide, he gestured, “What the –?”

Chuckling, we watched him disappear back into the home. Then suddenly, he stepped into the doorway again with a look of utter disbelief, and three fingers held high.

What’s that supposed to mean? We wondered.

Just then, Nathan emerged from the house with Nicholas…

…AND Bethany.

Okay, in my defense, I will say that we were driving a 15 passenger van full of blankets, pillows, and backpacks. Most of the time, you can’t see everyone in their seats even when they ARE there. When you rely on one child to let you know that their buddy is missing, but that child is missing, too… well, you see what can happen.

Did you know you can leave three children behind and not even realize it?

I do now.

It reminded me of the family who stopped at a gas station during a long road trip, and then hours later realized that the mother had left her prescription glasses there. Regretfully, they had to turn around and go back for them, costing them in a lot of extra time and gas.  When they arrived, they discovered their son waiting, too.

This kind of absent mindedness can get really expensive in terms of time, resources, and most importantly, damaged relationships.

I my case, I thought we were ready to go, but I was wrong. The added clutter in the van, and my hastiness, distracted me from the indicators (empty seats) that would have told us exactly what we needed to do next (find our children), before driving away. Had we proceeded anyway, without fixing the immediate problem, it could have cost us in extra time, gas, and again, most importantly, potentially damaged relationships.

So how can we avoid absent-mindedness?  Maybe it’s just a matter of addressing the clutter. Too much clutter in life can distract us from subtle indicators that would clearly tell us exactly what we really need to do next on our journey to the desired goal.

What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Financial freedom?
  • Stronger family relationships?
  • Better health?
  • Peace of mind?
  • A sense of fulfillment?

It could be that there’s something critical you aren’t even thinking about… something urgent and important that you must do first.

If life’s clutter is keeping you from recognizing it, then there may come a day when you have to turn around and go all the way back to this place to fix what was neglected right now. There are subtle indicators ready to get your attention, but you may need to slow down and clear up some clutter before you’ll notice them.

So… what kind of “clutter” can become a distraction from the subtle indicators?

“Clutter” might include:

  • Too many unnecessary activities filling your day (life is short – be selective about how you spend your time!)
  • Too many unnecessary things laying around your home or office (things were created to be utilized, to benefit people – if you no longer benefit from possessing an object, transfer it to someone who will put it to use.)
  • Too many meaningless conversations (do your discussions center on the topic of things, other people, or uplifting ideas?)
  • Too many meaningless non-family relationships (is there a positive exchange of service, knowledge, or value taking place… or not?)

If you get caught up in the clutter and miss the subtle (but otherwise oh-so-obvious) indicators that something else is an urgent priority (like a child left behind), at some point you may have to go back and make things right before you can arrive at your desired destination with all the right parts and pieces in tact.

So this is my invitation to you: take inventory of your life. Where are you trying to go?

Do your activities, conversations, things, and non-family relationships, truly make the necessary contribution to your journey? Clear what you can, and then take a look around. You might find a gaping hole right under your nose that requires your immediate attention now. Address it now, and you’ll get to your destination successfully a whole lot faster.

(And, if you’ve ever lost track of a child as we have, don’t feel too bad… it even happened to some of the most famous and well-respected parents in history: Joseph and Mary, when Jesus was 12, two thousand years ago.)

To your success!


PS. Be sure to check out the FTMF course. It will help you more than you realize.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I took your FTMF course and it changed my LIFE! I would not be where I am today without the guidance of someone helping me to learn how THINK correctly.  I feel like my world completely changed after I took your course.” – unsolicited email