When you’re in pain and someone asks how you’re doing

So you want to live by the Rare Faith principles, but doggone it, you’re having a bad day. How can you be real, and get the help you need, without ruining the process with negativity?

Actually, this is something we cover extensively in the Mindset Mastery program, but I’ll give you enough of a tip that you can use it right away. The following comes from a message I received from one of our program participants.

Kathryn writes:

I know the importance of positive thoughts in achieving my goals. I try to be positive, reading my affirmations and singing and doing many other things to keep my vibrations high. I’m wondering if you can give me some pointers on how to stay positive with health challenges. I don’t complain much except to my family (especially my husband) and myself. I frequently find myself saying (even in my head or to myself) things like, “I don’t feel good. I’m really off today. I’m in so much pain. I just can’t move. I’m so tired.” And so on.

I know this isn’t helping me, but I feel like I’m lying if I say otherwise when my husband asks how I am. How can I reframe these things to be positive? How can I answer him in a way that he knows he might need to cook dinner tonight (or help in other ways) without being negative or complaining?

My response:

Hi Kathryn, I’m sorry you’re going through this  that’s such a hard one. I watched my mother struggle with that for the last 30 years. Here’s an idea… Respond in the context of the law of relativity (with a worried smile, perhaps):

“It’s a down day, but I know it could always be worse, so I’m grateful this is only as bad as it is.”

Or in the context of the law of polarity, “It’s a bad day today, so I’m looking for the promised equal or greater benefit.”

Or in the context of the law if rhythm, “it’s a bad day, so I know a better one is coming.” And talk with him ahead of time to let him know that these responses are code for “I need your help today.”

For more on this topic, get started now in the Mindset Mastery program – I’d love to see you in there!

If that’s too big of a commitment for you at this time, start easy in the Fundamentals Ecourse. It’s powerful!

When you feel numb or emotionally depleted

This was an important question about how to live the principles of Rare Faith when you’re absolutely depleted, emotionally or physically. This came in from one of our Mindset Mastery program participants, and I want to share my answer with you.

JB writes:

I got half way through the program then my daughter had a breakdown. She is physically and mentally ill and had to go into a treatment center for 9 months last July. Life kind of stopped. I cried for an entire year. She is home now and doing better mentally but physically she is not doing well. I am her full-time caregiver and I’m just tired.

I got a free coaching session with a well known network marketing training company and during the consultation the coach asked how I was “feeling physically” and I was literally numb physically. After some talking we discovered that I am totally numb emotionally due to years of living in a traumatic situation several years ago. The situation with my daughter also causes me to be emotionally numb because I have to get through the day. I cried most of the time for a year but I was still numb. I was in a fog, just going through the motions.

He explained that if my emotional vibrations are numb and I’m not feeling then I’m not attracting anything good. Something like that. So how do I fix that? He’s right. I’m emotionally locked up tight like a vault.

I did [some] emotional healing … and it helped a little. I’m starting over on week 1 but I think if I don’t get this emotional blockage fixed it’s not going to do me any good since I have been studying the principles for quite some time?

I apparently also have an expectation of failure and fear of success. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂 – JB, MM participant

This was my response:

JB, There were a lot of years when I was trying to apply the principles, while also recovering from some trauma that I have not written about. I know what it’s like to be in survival mode – what it’s like to live numb, because the pain is too great to let yourself feel it. Or sometimes you’re just numb because you’ve already felt it all too intensely, and the numbness is all that’s left from burning your emotional senses clean out. Hard to find the right words to describe it.

But here’s one thing I learned… there is MERCY.

What your other coach said is only true if you believe it is true. Sometimes, all you can give is a feeble attempt at seeing it done, and a conscious choice (even if it’s without emotion) to believe it is all going to work out, and if that’s truly all you can give it, it IS ENOUGH.

Sometimes it’s not feeling it, but speaking it: “I choose to believe!”

It’s not about how intense your “vibrations” are on the objective, it’s only a matter of how careful you are in giving no place for the doubt. To me, this is the difference between “The Law of Attraction” and what I now call “Rare Faith”.

God knows what you’re capable of. And when your capacity is low for all the good feelings the “law” requires, you can still experience success with just a little bit of faith (like a mustard seed), as long as you make a choice to kick doubt to the curb whenever it tries to creep in.

With God ALL things are possible. He understands your pain. He asks so little. Bring whatever hope you can muster to Him, and ask for his help, believing he is merciful. Lean in to his strength. Whatever you lack, He fills in. You don’t have to be superhuman.

Here’s a podcast where I kind of talk about this principle: https://ararekindoffaith.com/16-how-to-surrender/

Laura’s Graduation Spotlight

I’m pleased to present Laura da Silva as our newest Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

It’s been fun watching her go through the Mindset Mastery process, and to see how quickly she recognized the little clues that helped her fine tune her goal achievement skills.

Some background, and a glimpse inside her journey, in her own words:

(Comments below come from the Forum)

“I went to a workshop that Leslie was speaking at, and that is where I started learning about life outside the box. I went home and read the Jackrabbit Factor and it was life changing! … 4 years [later]… we [felt we were] in a rut and need[ed] this program to help us get back on track.”

The search is over – moving on to bigger and better things!

“Prior to [a certain week’s] assignment, I had practiced visualizing, and receiving, for quite some time (I even used it to get rid of hiccups 😉 ). For this assignment I chose to visualize the office manager I need for my business. I had an idea of what I wanted and I received several resumes, but nothing that ‘wow’d’ me. So I really focused on it at this time. That morning (approx. 4 hours after doing so), I received an amazing resume. In her resume was listed word for word what I had stated I wanted/needed! Super excited!”

Upwards and onwards:

“When I started this program I had in mind the end results that I wanted to see (to be a lot more financially stable). However, God had another plan for me :). Through this program I learned, and continue to learn, so much about myself and my mindset and how it hinders me from receiving the blessings that are waiting for me. They are at the half way mark and it turns out I have had to do some ‘house cleaning’ in my mind in order to get to the half way mark. It wasn’t an easy road, but a road I would take again! This program provided me with the tools to clean out my life and put my mind on a different track than it was on. Along the way I have learned to manifest blessings I was ready for. If I had received all I set out for immediately, I would not have learned what I have needed to learn nor would I have grown. Thank you Leslie for this program as it has helped me so much, I am definitely a different person that I was when I started this program! It’s incredible how many ‘aha’ moments I had along the way, and continue to have! My life will continue to flourish as I continue to use these skills!”

Phase 2 Goal – $10,000 in a month – Achieved.

“It took me a long time to realize that I did accomplish the goal, because I had expected it to be generated monthly. …It was later that I realized I had not stated ‘monthly’ but rather ‘in A month.'” (Lesson learned!)

Program feedback:

“I really enjoyed this course as I was able to learn so much about my subconscious and that there are terror barriers to break through to get to our goals instead of retreating. Learning about the laws was also very helpful in understanding obstacles Thank you!!!!”


Congratulations, Laura!

Laura da Silva owns a mental health clinic in Riverton, Utah called Lighthouse Counseling Services. She is the author of 3 articles: “Parenting – A Sacrifice Well-worth It,” “Battling on the Frontlines of Life”, and “Keeping the Flame of Motivation Alive”. She is also the author of 3 children’s self-help books: “When I feel Sad,” “When I Feel Mad,” and “When I Feel Scared.” In her practice, the laws of the Universe are practiced and taught. She also runs a family therapy retreat, twice a year, in Heber, Utah for families who are struggling with communication and unity. You can learn more about her services at: www.LighthouseMHCounseling.com

#48: Success Through Failing

In this episode, Wendy Bunnell, best selling author of “Success Through Failing” interviews me about the principles that helped her change her life.

She writes:

“I had a toxic relationship with money for over three decades… Every time I even thought about money, it would bring extreme anxiety… Even as I started my entrepreneurial journey, I kept plateauing in my business. But then….. Leslie Householder came into my life. Through her books, online program, and 3 day [Genius Bootcamp], I reshaped my mindset around money and learned the Laws of Prosperity. And you know what? I have doubled my income every year since.

“Money is a blessing now. It is a form of energy that can do much good in this world. Money flows to me and for me. Want to know how to do this in your own life? Don’t miss this episode!!”

More about Wendy:

Success Through Failing blossomed out of  inspiration she felt to bring 25 unique and beautiful women together to share their stories in a book that we published in 2017. After the success of the book, reaching Amazon’s International Bestseller List, she knew how powerful the stories and support can be. Shortly afterwards, the Success Through Failing Podcast was born, sharing even more stories, and helping listeners take the next steps towards success by learning the tools that will help get them there.