A marriage in trouble

This is a sensitive topic, one that I don’t enjoy talking about. Mostly because I never want to say anything that gives anyone reason or license to do something they will regret later.

But I know marriages are suffering, so if the following post can help even ONE marriage, maybe it will be worth it. My hope is that the things I write and the answers I give will be solid, gospel-based, and founded on true principles. From there, each person must discern for themselves how to apply the principles in his or her own life.

Note: I’m not a relationship expert, but in 26 years of marriage, my husband and I have had to work through some pretty awful problems (not just financial). So I have some really strong opinions about how to solve relationship issues, but usually keep them to myself because they aren’t always politically correct.


Here’s a question I received from a Mindset Mastery program participant about living the principles when a marriage is in trouble. (Details have been changed for anonymity.)

Leslie, I need some advice. I’m trying to write and imagine my ideal life, but I’m struggling with one part:

My husband has been texting/sexting other women. Looking back it’s been going on for years. We’ve been married for nearly 20 years and there’s been fishy things going on since the beginning. I finally realized he has an addiction. He also has chronic pain so he takes prescription painkillers daily – sometimes going through 90 pills in two weeks. He works as a fitness trainer doing group personal training, which (initially) I thought would be perfect for him, because he wouldn’t be working one on one.

However, many of the women in his class are more than happy to give and receive attention, and he’s a prime candidate. There is a woman going now who sent him a picture of herself in lingerie. I politely emailed and asked her to respectfully stop attending his classes and she agreed. But then she started going to his classes again. It makes me sick. I try to control my emotions but it is a struggle.

My question is, as I create my goal statement, how do I work around this? Here are some examples of what I’ve been praying/writing:

~ I am so thankful now that my marriage is honest and faithful. It feels safe and joyful. Together, we are better.
~ I am so thankful for my honest and faithful husband. It feels so good to know that my husband is fiercely loyal to me and that he respects our marriage.
My marriage is honor and faithfulness. Since we honor our marriage, we attract people into our lives who also honor our marriage.
I am so thankful that the people who attend my husbands classes honor and respect our marriage.

[Leslie here inserting a note for my readers – lest you don’t read the whole post, I don’t recommend using these examples as they are. I’ll explain why below.]

She continues:

I know that I can’t control other people, so I’m trying to be creative with how I word these things. I guess I’m not sure if I’m doing it right since she’s coming back to his classes. Or maybe there is something else coming – like a new job. He works several nights a week and it makes it hard for us to spend time together, so really, a different job would be ideal.

I have a lot of feelings towards my husband that I am trying to sort through. I just started Wife For Life, which I think will be very helpful in me owning my part of our marriage. What I’m finding is that it’s hard to reach my financial goals when I’m in turmoil with myself over my marriage. Sometimes I’m not even sure that I want to be married to him anymore.

Hopefully this makes sense, I just wanted to run it by you before I write everything out for the midterm assignment. And I just needed your input. I highly value your advice.

I replied:

Before I answer, what does your husband think about all of this? What does he want?

She replied:

Well, that’s a great question. He’s admitted, in his humble moments, that he as a problem and needs help. He says that he hates this girl coming to his class. And he also says that he wants what I want – an eternal marriage, peace, happiness, freedom. However, he is often dishonest. I provide a comfortable living for him and he knows if we were to divorce he wouldn’t have that. 

He is a great husband. He leaves love notes for me almost every morning, sends me sweet texts,  wants to snuggle every night and spend time together. So I think he really does want what I want, but I don’t know if he’s ready to make those changes right now. When he’s humble he says he’s ready but as soon as the spirit leaves he gets very defensive.

I asked:

Do you have children? What do they know about the situation? Has divorce ever been a spoken topic between you and him? Or is your comment about the comfortable living just because you know how he thinks?

She replied:

We have two children, one in middle school, one in high school. We’ve talked about divorce for years. He’s explosive, so any time I tell him that I know he’s been texting another woman he blows up and says he’s done and wants a divorce. Then after a few days he acts like everything is normal again. The kids see his explosive behavior all the time. He yells for anything and is very demeaning. Then a few seconds later he fine again. His expectations for the kids are crazy – totally unrealistic for their ages. Then I feel like I have to compensate and be extra nice because he yells so often. 

He’s never said that I provide a comfortable life for him, but he for years refused to work. Also, once we saw a counselor, and his opinion was that my husband was using me. Of course that was the counselors opinion, but it’s always stuck with me.

I wrote:

I’ve had similar questions from others before. When you envision the way you want your life to go, think of it from the perspective of how you want to think and feel as you look BACK on your life, as though it’s already over. Past tense becomes even more powerful than present tense in that context.

Describe your relationship in terms of how you feel about how it went. What you accomplished together, how you felt about your husband (how you want to be able to feel about him, as though you do), how grateful you are that you were inspired in ways that created the right conditions that inspired him and your children to become all they can be.

(Focus on what YOU did – you were inspired in ways that created the right conditions for the best possible outcomes. It’s not about what he or anyone else did, it’s about you doing your part, so that you were not the limiting factor in what was possible.)

As you describe it, talk about your husband without using his name. If you picture it, you may or may not want to picture a blank face, because he may or may not choose to step into that possibility. But it does not prevent you from visualizing and moving toward the ideal that God has for all of us. Doing this can prepare you for the inspired guidance, which may lead you to speak your mind in an uncomfortable situation, or it may lead you to hold your tongue in a pivotal moment. It might inspire you to nurture and forgive, or it might inspire you unleash righteous indignation, or some of both, at different times. But the one constant you hold to, will be your vision for your future, and the vision for your family whether it’s is a vision for the here and now, or whether it’s a vision of it for the eternities. Regardless of when it happens, you choose now where YOU will end up and don’t settle for anything less.

Sometimes we make mistakes in how we handle situations in the heat of the moment because we are too focused on the short term. Like, we don’t want contention, so we overcompensate with niceness. If our eternal perspective and vision is clear, we might be more naturally inclined to do or say something uncomfortable in the heat of the moment because we’re more focused on the longer term results. Don’t be afraid to zoom out and think long term. Does this help?

Her response:

Oh my gosh, so helpful! Thank you so much, this has been something I’ve been struggling with for several months. I super appreciate you taking time to help me!!


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No motivation?

Last week I posted the following in the Mindset Mastery program participants private Facebook group:

Just so y’all know… I had a goal recently that did not appear to be going well, right up until the deadline (and yes, in this case, there was a real deadline). It gave me yet another opportunity to test the principles. To choose calmness and assurance. To answer the question without fear, “What will I do if it doesn’t happen?” so that my subconscious mind would stop harassing me about it. To then get back to seeing it done, and feeling the emotions I expected to feel when it was achieved.

There was really no reason that it couldn’t (and shouldn’t) have happened two weeks earlier, except for the subtle impression that it was, indeed, just a test, to see if I would choose belief right up until the end.

It’s a scary thing sometimes to choose belief. We don’t want to be disappointed. We don’t want to put all that effort forth and find out it went unanswered.

But, the mental and spiritual muscles it exercises! The strength and confidence it builds!

The deadline was midnight. At 10pm there was nothing more for me to physically do, so I turned it over to God and went to bed, peacefully and expectantly leaving it in His hands. There was nothing more for me to physically do, but I could fall asleep imagining it done, and feeling gratitude for His help, and fading away in sheer amazement at how it came about.

In the morning, there it was, the email confirming the goal had been achieved, at 12:05 am. Five minutes late, but good enough, because *somewhere* in the world it wasn’t quite midnight 

I count it a win.

Just wanted you to know that no matter how many times you experience this, it stretches you. And that’s a good thing.

Shortly after, I received the following message from one of our Mindset Mastery program participants:

Hi Leslie! Thank you for your post in the Mindset Mastery Facebook group today. It was what I need to keep being reminded of, so I keep going when things get tough or don’t seem like they will produce the desired outcome.

I have a question that I’ve been struggling with:

What do you do when you have zero motivation to do something you know you should?

I recently had a baby and with each of my children I have gained around 10 lbs. With this baby I have gained almost 20. So, needless to say, 4 children later, I am almost 60lbs overweight! Yikes!! I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes with this last one, and so now I am at risk for type 2 diabetes. Yikes!!

All of this should be enough to do what I know I should – eat healthy and exercise! But do I want to?? Heck no! Why? I don’t know!

Maybe it’s because I am in such a great place emotionally! I am happier than I have been in YEARS! I laugh more than I have in a very long time. Life is great for me! I also love being lazy and eating whatever I want! My logical self checks in and says, “Ya, you may be having fun now, but in a few years from now, your not going to be having very much fun when you’re a diabetic and 200 lbs.” I keep trying to eat healthy and exercise, but I seriously don’t care!! I’m so happy with my life right now, I just don’t care to change my diet and exercise!

Have you ever experienced something like this before? It is a weird feeling to know you need to change something, but yet be so happy and content with where you are in life. Can you help me know how to dissect this thing in my head, or know how to flip this, or think about it differently so that I can have my “From Now On” moment like The Greatest Showman and eat better and be active from now on? Because what I want in the long run is to be super fit and healthy, even into my senior years. But I have no motivation to change my actions. I want to humble myself before I am compelled to be humble. Have you ever experienced something like this?

The short answer is YES, I have felt that way…

In fact, I’d be surprised if there was someone out there who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another, not necessarily about health and fitness, but about whatever it is they should be doing that they’re not doing.

Here’s where I’ve landed with it, and what I told her:

I don’t try to force myself to be motivated anymore. If I want to WANT to be motivated though (yes, I said “want” twice on purpose), then I’ll start by praying, “Please help me want to want to.” Then I just don’t stress it. I’ll keep praying it, and once the desire starts to bubble up a little (because it will, even if only subtly), I’ll let myself imagine how it will feel when I’ve accomplished that thing. Not to motivate myself per se, but just to try it on and see if I really want it.

As long as you don’t outright reject the idea, it will begin to move you, probably imperceptibly at first.

So if and when you’re ready to try it on, maybe just imagine yourself the way you want to be at the next big family vacation. See yourself feeling energetic and keeping up with the kids, feeling free and great and strong.

One thing I’d suggest is feeding your mind with interesting input that can gently move you in that direction. For example, going to the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page and following it. (Be sure to click the “Following” drop-down button and select the option to “see first” so that it shows up in your news feed every day.)

Their page is super uplifting and motivating, and IF you decide someday to release the extra weight, I recommend doing it their way. You can have treats all the time and you don’t really feel deprived. I dropped 15 pounds in about a month just by making sure I ate something every 2 hours, and by being careful about what foods I combined at the same meal. I think I started by following their page, then maybe a year later I bought their book, which explains their approach and why it works. Sometime after that is when I was finally motivated enough to go for it. Just starting with their posts in your feed can be a gentle beginning.

Hope this helps! Warmly, Leslie

She responded:

Thank you Leslie! That is very helpful! And thank you for that resource I will check it out for sure!


Carrie’s Story

I was going through some files and came upon a message from one of our Mindset Mastery program participants, Carrie Newman, who shared this with our private program participant’s group EIGHT years ago:

“I just wanted to …update you all on what has been happening in my life! Two weeks ago, I was reading in my [Mindset Mastery] program and it talks about how we approach God with our requests. What I learned from the lesson is to expect it [and why/how I can], and to also clearly let Him know what you want.

“So… I knelt in prayer, and gratefully (and somewhat bluntly) told Heavenly Father exactly what I wanted. I expressed my desire for my husband to make a great income so that I would not have to work. I told Him that I did not want my family to rely on any income that I bring in, and I wanted my husband to be really happy. I also expressed how I want to run my business and change lives. Then I decided to expect it to happen.

“What I did not expect, was for it to happen so quickly!

“…Cory (my hubby) was informed at his work that the company was probably be going to shut down. They had no idea what was going to happen to Cory and they would keep him posted over the next week. In the past, Cory would have freaked out and jumped into MAJOR scarcity mode. But both of us felt calm and peaceful.

“Anyway, to make a long story short, Cory applied for many positions and called a gun company that he wanted to work for. The company immediately wanted to interview him and they basically hired him on the spot. This company is located in central Utah and he was hesitant about taking it, because it would require him to commute back and forth. However, they would not take NO for an answer, and now my hubby is as happy as a kid in a candy store! It is not everyday that you get to do what you love, and get paid well for it! For him, that meant designing guns, shooting a lot, not having a budget to do it in, and eventually getting paid a six figure income! The funny thing is, the company asked him how he heard about the job and he told them that he just felt like he should call them.

“What we did not know at the time, is that they had decided only one hour before he called, that they needed a new engineer.

“I am filled with gratitude and humility. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and I am amazed at how he ‘prepared’ a way for my family. (Sounds like Ether doesn’t it!) He was even preparing my family before I asked. We know that Cory’s old job was just a resting spot for our family until this one opened up. Also, his old job is paying him severance and since Cory will be back and forth a lot, I am quitting Olive Garden. (hooray!) He has no set work schedule and he will work form home as much as possible, or go down for three to four days at a time. I will focus on getting my blog and my life coaching launched. More importantly, I can be with my kids.

“I just wanted to share this amazing story with you. I think it is incredible how much Heavenly Father truly delights in answering our prayers – often far more than we can comprehend. I love each of you and hope you are all doing great!”

Well, even though the message was from eight long years ago, I still reached out to see if she would mind if I shared her experience with my readers. I said:

“Hi Carrie – I’m not sure what you’ve been up to since [all that happened eight years ago], but it was such a great story, and I think it would inspire others! It sounded almost identical to what happened to my husband just last February – he was out of work for about 30 minutes, when he got a phone call that led to his new and better job, choosing his own hours, working from home several days a week, etc. I would like to create a blog post from your experience, but wanted to find out if you want me to change your names, or if you would like to keep your names and I can hyperlink it to a website or something, if you have one you would like included. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll make it anonymous (and I can always update it later if you want your names added back). I hope this message finds you doing well!”

What I DIDN’T expect was to receive THIS reply:

“Hey stranger! Well, I am still a huge fan and love listening to your podcasts. I love what you are doing right now. Our lives have changed a lot since that experience. It was his first job in the firearms industry, and since then he has:

* Worked for some of the top firearm companies in the world
* His designs were on the cover of 7 industry leading gun magazines.
* He is an award winning designer
* He has designed guns for militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the world.
* And right now, we are in the process of launching our own business in the industry. Not designing guns, but creating great products for those who love shooting and want to have a great experience.


I would love it if you wrote a blog post – ideally it would be better for me if it was along the same time as our launch, so we could put a link to our new site at the bottom. I would do it now but it is still under construction. We will be ready by November 20th. Is that too late for you?

Shocked but hardly surprised, (after all, they’ve been applying the principles for at least 8 years), I responded:

“Oh man, this is even better than I expected! What a fantastic, amazing, incredible update, and the timing is perfect!! I’ll keep it in draft mode until I hear back from you! Not a coincidence that we connect again right now, eight years later, eh?”

Well, their November 20th launch was held up because of a shipping issue, but things have since been resolved and so I’m excited to finally show you what they’ve created since taking the Mindset Mastery program so many years ago.

I asked for an update in her own words.

It hasn’t ALL been smooth-sailing, but they’ve learned how to respond to setbacks for some great outcomes. She explains it this way:

“Cory and I have had many experiences since that first letter. As mentioned before, Cory has since worked for some of the top firearm manufactures in the world. We have loved our many adventures, but we still had one goal which seemed unattainable: owning our own business. It was the ultimate dream for us, and three years ago we finally left the corporate world to do just that.

“It didn’t come easy, it didn’t come fast. There were many paths we started on that didn’t work out. Until finally, we found our little niche. But even then, we had many hiccups along the way. We had major issues getting raw materials through customs, pallets of goods were lost, production issues, investor problems, etc. It felt like with every step forward, we would take five steps back.

“During this time, it was so hard not to be discouraged. I had to consistently remind myself, my children and my husband of the Law of Polarity. That the pain and trials we were going through would have an equal or better benefit on the other side. I even put Napoleon Hill’s famous quote, ‘Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit‘ as my lock screen so I could remind myself every time I picked up my phone. I needed to see it that often.

“It has been hard, but we are faithfully working through it. I wish I could say my sky is filled with riches and rainbows, but it isn’t. Each day takes a lot of exercise in faith, patience and trust in the process. But I know the seed has been planted. I know I will get there – I know the laws, and I am learning how to use them.

“Two months behind schedule, we finally launched Cerus Gear on January 1st of this year (2018). Our business was created to help spread the love of the sport, and to encourage the proper maintenance of firearms.

“Using Cory’s skills as a designer and my love of marketing, we created the ProMat, a gun cleaning mat for various firearms. We have standard schematic mats, themed lifestyle mats (Police Support, Iwo Jima, Reaper, etc.), and our signature Instructional mats, which have images and instructions that teach you how to field strip your firearm:

“We love what we do. We love that our ultimate dream is finally taking root, and we are so grateful for Leslie’s teachings of the laws. She is truly amazing, and I feel like the best people in the world are drawn to her. That’s why we’d like to offer Leslie’s readers a limited time discount of 15% off any ProMat order.

“If you love to shoot, let’s be honest. It has probably been a while since you cleaned your firearm. Cleaning your gun is messy, time consuming, and residue gets all over everything. That’s why we at Cerus Gear are here to help. With 40 years combined industry experience, we will provide you the tools and education to quickly and easily clean your firearms, allowing you to get back to what you love: Shooting.”

Impressive, Carrie and Cory! Congratulations on your tenacity and determination to make your dreams come true.

And for my readers, click here to take a look at ALL of their different designs and options. Truly a class act! Plus, when you click on the link, Carrie’s special 15% discount for my readers will automatically be applied to your cart: https://cerusgear.com/discount/LESLIE15

(I am not paid for promoting her company or products, I’m just really proud of them for continuing to demonstrate, test, and prove the Mindset Mastery principles!)

Do YOU have a story to share? Let me know!!


My position on gun control: IF guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns. In gun-free zones, only criminals will have them. I take the position that all people should have the right to carry and legally defend themselves.

Watch this:


These laws affect EVERYTHING!

I broke my tailbone about 6 years ago. Suddenly I couldn’t be physically active, I was unable to do my regular duties, and quickly lost confidence in myself. In a short time, my house spiraled out of control. Add to that my family’s unconcern about its condition

Occasionally, I like to spotlight different students in our Mindset Mastery program and share their experiences with learning to apply the principles. In this case, I want you to pay attention to how a vivid dream can literally FUEL you.

Today’s spotlight is on Mindset Mastery student Stephanie Francom, who writes:

When I started Mindset Mastery I had NO idea the powerful reach of these principles! I mistakenly thought it was only about financial gain and business goals. But no, these laws affect EVERYTHING:

I broke my tailbone about 6 years ago. Suddenly I couldn’t be physically active, I was unable to do my regular duties, and quickly lost confidence in myself. In a short time, my house spiraled out of control. Add to that my family’s unconcern about its condition, and our state of disarray (and my frustration with it) cemented into my mindset a habit of negativity for years.

But in the last 2 months, as I’ve been going through the Mindset Mastery lessons, instead of ruminating over everything that is going wrong, I began visualizing things the way I wanted them to be. Now we’re knocking out one project at a time… and sometimes the things I visualized even began happening completely without me!!

True order has begun to manifest itself in my entire physical world. My basement, which has been my biggest mess and dread for years, was cleaned up in just 5 1/2 days when my daughter and son-in-law needed to move in for a few months. Then – get this – my 14 year old came to me and asked if she could clean out my pantry and paint it!

We’ve taken 4 loads to the dump (with another load ready to go) and 4-5 loads to donate to the local thrift store. We’ve painted a room, finished our kitchen cabinets, cleaned out a bedroom being used for storage, gotten rid of enough books to get rid of some bookshelves, cleaned out an office, made a huge dent in the worst storage room we have, and today my son-in-law is putting up shelves in the laundry room to organize it!

All of this started at the very end of November – and the majority of it has taken place in the last 3 weeks! Not to mention all the other big dreams and goals that are in process.

I am so grateful to have learned these principles, they are completely transforming our world inside and out!!

Way to go, Stephanie! As they say, “When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.” In other words, when you’re fueled by a dream, you can’t help but get moving, and there isn’t any time to think about what’s wrong! In my life at least, I’ve noticed that when I am hot on a rabbit trail, I have more energy, I feel better about myself, and I get more done.

What Stephanie didn’t say (but which she’s given me permission to add), is that she and her seven children have all come face to face with one or more of the following disorders:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • bi-polar
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Postpartum depression
  • self-harm
  • autism
  • addictions

…but 19 months ago she found a vitamin supplement that gave them their lives back. Honestly, I don’t know if she would have been open to, or capable of believing in the Mindset Mastery program enough to give it a try, if she hadn’t first found a solution to their debilitating conditions.

Now, as you probably know, the FDA has some pretty strict rules about making miraculous claims in connection with supplements, so I can’t outright say what they found, and neither can she. But she’s also given me permission to give you her contact info if you or someone you love is struggling with any of the above conditions, and are interested in knowing more about her family’s experience.

First I’ll share her quick 3.5 minute story below, and then I’ll tell you how you can get in touch with her.


Scariest thing ever. But I’m ready to share my story.

Posted by Stephanie Lyon Francom on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Additionally, if it will help, she’ll give you (or the first 10 people who contact her today), $25 towards their first order. (She’s eating that, by the way. And I don’t get a penny for telling you about this, either.) This has become her passion, and a new income stream.

You should know that I can’t officially endorse it because I haven’t tried it myself, but I believe there’s someone out there who could really use this hope right now.

So if you want more information, text her at 208-244-0432, or you can message her on Facebook: Stephanie Lyon Francom.

And if you’d like to know more about how you can become a Mindset Mastery program participant, click here.


How to Survive the Downs

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Life is like a roller coaster. When things go downhill, throw your hands in the air and smile!

Have you ever met someone whose life seems to be falling apart and they’re happy anyway? Have you ever thought, “Wait a minute, you’re supposed to be miserable and depressed!”

It’s true. There are some who are simply in denial, and who hope that the problems will go away if they just ignore them. However, there are others who feel happy even when things are going down because they know a secret.

These people can feel happy during a downturn because they know the ride never goes downhill forever. By law, it always turns upward again at the bottom – just like a roller coaster. They smile now because they’re focused on the longer term; and they’re already thinking about the joy and heights that life will take them to next.

Now, while we’re on this “roller coaster theme,” imagine you’ve saved for years to take your family to an exciting theme park on the other side of the country. You’ve pictured the laughter, the fun, the memories you plan to create: the joy of being together, the food, the free time; it’s all so very wonderful!

Now it’s finally time to take that trip. You enjoy a relaxing plane ride, settle in at the hotel, spend the night, and in the morning you have a full day to take in all of the theme park attractions. After entering the gate, you notice that just inside the entrance there are two roller coaster rides to choose from. The first one is called “Straight-Shot to Success” and goes like this:

“Straight Shot to Success”

You get on, and it pulls the line of cars all the way to the top of a twenty-story tower where ….

… it lets you off so you can climb down the stairs to do it again.

Look at the enthusiasm in this picture, just before unloading to climb down and repeat the experience all over again! (Wouldn’t it make for a pretty boring roller coaster ride? Yes. But isn’t that what we think we want out of life? A steady, predictable, safe and easy climb to success?) The thing is, if that’s what we got out of life, I think we’d feel pretty dissatisfied with the whole experience. Without the lows, the highs mean nothing.

So, let’s take a look at the second roller coaster ride called “Joy in the Journey,” which instead goes something like this:

“Joy in the Journey”

You get on, and it pulls you to the top of a big hill and then turns you loose into a series of ups and downs, loops and turns. Everyone is terrified and laughing, all at the same time.

Even when the people plummet at break-neck speeds straight toward the ground, they have a smile on their face.

Now, is that twisted, or what? Are they in denial?

No. They are genuinely enjoying themselves, because they know that the terror is temporary, that the danger is an illusion, and that it will come to an end. They know that they are in a controlled, safe environment that is simply giving them the appearance of danger. Deep down, they know everything is going to be okay in the long run.

Which rollercoaster ride do you think would have the longest waiting line? “Straight-Shot to Success,” or “Joy in the Journey?”

I choose the latter. Here’s what helps me endure the scary parts:

Believe it or not, like a roller coaster ride, Life itself is a safe environment, even with all its dangers.

Contrary to appearances, it truly is a safe place to be. From God’s vantage point, the things we fear are nothing to Him, including death itself.

Do you realize that the life you live is precisely the life you would have chosen all along? THIS is the life that brings you the greatest joy: the life with all the ups and aggravating downs. So be grateful for your downs, and as you allow your heart to swell with gratitude, you’re putting yourself into the right mindset to receive next the best “ups” that God has to offer.

The ups and downs we experience help us feel.

The change from up to down (or down to up) is precisely what makes it possible for us to recognize the difference from one emotion to the other. Like I said before, without the downs, the ups would be meaningless. The lows help us feel and appreciate the highs.

Bob Proctor says, “Most people tiptoe through life, trying to make it safely to death.” Do you see the irony in that? Instead, we should have courage and press on toward our dreams with full, fearless intention.

Fear not!

As Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

You have a choice of what to think about. So think on the expected highs that put a smile on your face, instead of worrying about the imagined train wreck at the bottom of the hill that hasn’t even happened yet.

It is only when your heart is at peace that it is truly prepared to receive inspired solutions to your problems.

So, if you’re headed in a downward direction, be at peace. The tracks are bent and will surely guide your roller coaster car up to the top again in time. It’s going to be thrilling! And in fact, according to the Law of Rhythm, you’re already on your way. Originally published Mar 12, 2008

Join me in the life-changing Mindset Mastery Program and I’ll help you find joy and success even in the downs.


Laying it all down

I got a super fun video message from Jon and Trina Gunzel last night that I just had to share with you (video below). These folks have been students of The Jackrabbit Factor for some time now. They went through the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse in 2015 (previously known as the Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse), and have taken what they’ve learned to launch themselves into a crazy new life.

Before I share the video, let me give you a little back story.

Meet Jon and Trina Gunzel:

Back in April of this year, they explained the following on their blog:

We had the most wonderful neighbors, our dream home and property!  We had the best friends, church family, and community!  Yet, we couldn’t ignore a prompting to lay it all down and go help a lot more people.  

After a lot of praying, some major ARE YOU SERIOUS??? moments, and designing an 8 week plan to make it happen, we decided to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and go on the road full time.  We’ll be touring all 50 states with our two children,  Wyatt and Abbie, over the next three years.  

Our goals are to grow closer as a family, continue to learn and develop individually, and to help a lot of people in the process.  Since our work goes with us anywhere, we’ll be hosting seminars, having book signing events, and coaching individuals and groups.  Of course we’ll share our exciting adventures and learning, homeschooling our kiddos, in a variety of locations.

Since beginning their new adventure, they created an ebook called, The Roadmap to More Time, Money, Love & Freedom, which reveals 3 destructive habits that prevent you from achieving more, and living MORE of your potential and purpose in life.

They had JUST launched the webpage that delivers their new ebook, when this happened…

I’ll let them tell you what happened in their own words:

We had the most awesome Jackrabbit Factor moment tonight! We just launched our online funnel for our flagship product and when we walked outside less than a minute later there were rabbits everywhere! It was so cool and we instantly thought of you.

Thank you for all that you do!

Thank YOU, Jon and Trina for thinking of me!! I can’t tell you how many people over the years have had similar experiences about seeing rabbits – real ones – that encouraged them along in their journey at just the right moment. I think I may need to start an official collection of all those rabbit-sighting stories.

To learn more about Jon and Trina Gunzel, click here. You can also download their free ebook: “The Roadmap To MORE Time, Money, Love and Freedom” at rmtm.IamMadeForMore.com

Way to go, Jon and Trina, and thanks again!!!

Now, I want to spotlight YOU!

If you want YOUR story featured in an upcoming newsletter, describe your experience and provide any related pictures or videos that will help me inspire someone else. I want to know any of the following: what you’ve done with the principles, lessons you’ve learned, obstacles you’ve overcome, or just what was going on in your life when a rabbit sighting meant something special to YOU.

The principles DO work, and your story might be just the thing that someone else needs to read in order to brave a try. Just shoot me an email! Send it to leslie [at] thoughtsalive dot com.

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Prosper By Degrees

Originally published Jun 8, 2012

When my husband and I learned about the principles of prosperity and began to consciously live by them, we experienced dramatic results, tripling our income in just 3 months. But the ‘good fortune’ wasn’t going to last forever.

Trying to be super-smart with our new-found wealth, we anxiously invested it in a number of wrong places. A combination of inexperience and haste led us to invest poorly, and get in over our heads to a dangerous level.

Add to that the fact that we had involved ourselves with business people who eventually slipped into hiding or went to jail, and perhaps you can get a glimpse of how quickly a fortune can be lost, even with the best of intentions.

In the wake of our poor decisions, needless to say, we were left with a big mess to clean up. But no worries – we understood the principles that had brought us the wealth to begin with, so we would just practice them again, and turn things around in short order.

Or so we hoped.

But we discovered that sometimes the consequences of our decisions have a more far reaching effect that can’t be turned around with just a snap of the fingers, so to speak. Turning a corner like that is something like turning a massive cruise ship around. You might get the rudder turned in the right direction, but it can take some time before the effects are noticed.

We had erroneously believed that we could “make” those bad decisions into good ones somehow just by “thinking right.” While it may be true that in every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit, that doesn’t mean the adversity will go away with right thinking. It only promises that something good can be born from it.

In a determined push to create another massive financial breakthrough like the first, I locked on to the vision of a quick rescue, another big windfall. I’d seen them before, experienced them more than once. Many, many times we had used the principles to produce tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period of time, so that’s what we were running for.

But something was different this time. For some reason, the mental discipline and goal setting strategies weren’t paying off like they had in the past. It seemed that something was preventing the blessing. The formula wasn’t panning out.

In time, I stopped trying so hard, out of sheer exhaustion. I started to accept whatever was, just as it was. I decided to find peace and happiness even in our mess, and begin focusing again more completely on my family relationships.  It seemed I no longer had real influence or control over our finances (since I kept failing to meet my goals), so I directed my attention to the little things in my world over which I could make a difference.

It was during a Sunday School lesson at church that I had my next great epiphany. The class discussed a story about two groups of people who lived more than 2000 years ago, comparing and contrasting their experiences:

The first group was led by a man named Alma. Alma and his people were devout believers who worshiped God and were diligent in keeping the commandments.

The second group was led by a man named Limhi. Limhi and his people relied just a little too much on their own strength and wisdom. Both groups were in subjection to the same oppressive government.

When the government sent an army to destroy Alma and his people, they were warned by God ahead of time and were able to escape.

When the army came to attack Limhi’s people, they were given no warning.

Limhi’s people tried three times to deliver themselves from the oppression, and each time, they failed. Eventually, they began to reevaluate their approach, and decided that they needed to pay more attention to the commandments, and rely on God for their success with patience.

The record then states:

“…the Lord was slow to hear their cry because of their iniquities; nevertheless the Lord did hear their cries, and began to soften the hearts of [their oppressors] that they began to ease their burdens; …The Lord did not see fit to deliver them out of bondage [yet]… they began to prosper by degrees in the land, and began to raise grain more abundantly, and flocks, and herds, that they did not suffer with hunger.”

That description – that the Lord did not see fit to deliver them, but allowed them to begin prospering by degrees – was my answer.

I had been expecting a big miraculous rescue, and was dissatisfied with anything less. I had thought I was being obedient to the commandments of God all along, but recognized I could do better.

What I feel that God wanted me to learn was simple: to not run faster than I had strength as I had been, but to take it at a pace that I could maintain throughout my life, so that I don’t burn myself out and become completely useless to Him.

So I slowed down and began to envision Him opening doors and preparing the way for long-term success. I lost interest in anything that promised big, quick bucks, because we had already experienced that kind of success. Instead, I became increasingly interested in principles that would allow us to rebuild on a more solid, long-lasting foundation.

It’s just a matter of getting back to the basics. It’s making smart choices, and sacrifices. It’s being smart with what we have, and anticipating gradual improvement. It’s watching more closely how we spend our money, and watching for evidence that we are being prospered by degrees.

We started noticing and celebrating each little bit of evidence, and realized that were were being prospered by degrees. I stopped lamenting the lack of a massive windfall, and started being grateful again for every simple blessing. The growth has been gradual but consistent. Our good fortune has been added upon every day.

When the needed rescue doesn’t come by one miraculous windfall,  look for evidence that you’re prospering by degrees.

It’s been a humbling process, but one that I am grateful for. I know we’re wiser for the experience, and that it will make a big difference for our future. Our family is already much happier, too, because I’m finally living at a pace that I can maintain.

Read The Unexpected Cure for Doubt

There’s time to build your life right. There’s time to build your business right. There’s time to build relationships right. Looking for shortcuts can become an addiction. As you slow down and prayerfully live receptive to God’s guidance, you’ll find that there is no greater shortcut than that.

And when that guidance says, RUN!” then by golly, you’d better run!

But sometimes we run when we’re really supposed to stop and take the time to sharpen the saw, and reconnect with God.

Originally posted June 8, 2012

Read more details about our experience here. And as always, I appreciate your comments!


Decision, 8 Days before Eviction

Today’s Mindset Mastery Program participant spotlight is on Sherri C. She writes:

I don’t even know where to start. The Jackrabbit Factor came into my life at just the very right moment to “jackrabbit” my way through extreme hardship — the condo we had been leasing was foreclosed and sold (without anybody telling us, the tenants!) and we had to find a place to live, with three kids and a dog, during the school year, THAT quick — and it all worked out, beautifully, perfectly, magically — a wonderful home, with a swimming pool, even!! — without drugs, alcohol, breakdown or collapse, or even recurrent Shingles (stress brings it back). This was HUGE.

At one point during the whole thing, I wrote in my journal: “The first thing I will do when this all works out and we move into our beautiful new home [which we hadn’t found yet], I am going to order the entire Mindset Mastery program from Leslie Householder — first thing shipped to our new address!” (I wrote that March 22nd — 8 days before EVICTION, one day before we stumbled onto The Perfect House on an Internet listing, two days before we toured the house, negotiated and signed a lease, 8 days before we moved!)

I had to delay a bit, because of money issues — I had no idea how I would find the money to pay for this program, with the expenses of the move and not getting our lease deposits back (still working on this one, three months later). But not for long — on April 14th, when our accountant finished our tax returns, we discovered we had a $1500 REFUND coming back, when the year before we had to pay — that was the money!!

I am a chronic, obsessive worrier, especially about finances and money. The Mindset Mastery Program has been a God-send. It has taken me two months to get through Phase 1, and there have certainly been times when I have been discouraged or doubtful, but overall, the abundance in my life, the love, peace and harmony from the hope and confidence in these principles and Universal Laws is life-changing.

I have so many goals and dreams, and sometimes I get impatient, but, as I have learned in this course: When I have a choice, I choose to believe. And all those goals and dreams, the abundance in my life, is already happening.

I am very excited to start Phase 2!

Live, Love & Laugh,

Sherri C.

Learn more about the Mindset Mastery program here.

The 12-week Mindset Mastery Program is not to be confused with the 8-week Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse. The Fundamentals Ecourse is a powerful exploration of the principles that govern success, and takes an introductory approach for effective goal setting. By contrast, the Mastery Program is more focused on the *implementation* of the principles and the *achievement* of your goals. It is full of interesting assignments that take you step-by-step through two experimental goals, challenging your thought processes, helping you experience success, and setting up a pattern in your thinking that you will be able to utilize over and over for effectiveness with all of your future goals. I hope you’ll join me in one of these programs, to help you take your understanding and success to the next level in ALL the different areas of your life.


A message from Viviana

How many times have I said that there is so much going on behind the scenes that we can’t see, to help us accomplish the things we were put here to do, and to become the people we were meant to become?

I love when people write me letters. I read every one of them. They keep me going sometimes, when I might be having a rough day. I also know that when I share them with others, it can help other people around the world have a better day, too.

I’m sure this letter will be no different. Pay particular attention to the date stamps of each of the following incidents.

Viviana writes:

Hello Leslie,

I absolutely love your amazing contribution.  I felt strongly that I needed to write to you after reading the Jackrabbit Factor 2 years ago.  Last year I read Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures and on Oct.15th, 2016 I ended my journal entry with: “Bottom line: WRITE TO LESLIE”

Exactly a year to the date, Oct 15th 2017, you made it easier when you offered access to your ecourse [to a small focus group] in exchange for feedback… [Well,] I got A LOT of feedback for you.  So much in fact, that I don’t know where to begin.  Just for today, while I try to gather my thoughts and put them into words, I’d like to share with you my journal entry about last Sunday night.  In the meantime, know that I am literally THRILLED with your books, your articles, your podcast, your insights, etc.  I feel extreme resonance with all of it. I just wanted to send this quick note before the day was over.  When you read my journal entry below you’ll understand why.

Journal entry

Sunday night while my son read Narnia to me, I had my computer without volume so I could listen to him. As he read I looked at my email see if I had any new mail from Leslie Householder.  I love her inspiring messages and reading them is a treat I give to myself.  I didn’t think she would have any new posts since she had just posted the day before. But for some reason as I went to her website, the words: “Follow me on Facebook” stood out to me.  I am pretty sure she has that on every single article.  Have I not gone to her Facebook before?  I know I hardly ever even open my own Facebook. But I thought, since there is no new article on her website, maybe I’ll find something I missed in her Facebook.  I logged in, went to her page, and as I glanced at the images while still nodding as my son read out loud his book, I saw that the Facebook posts were the same as the podcasts, which I have already listened to.  I am scrolling rather fast sort of thinking “I’ve read all this already”.  My attention was mostly focused on listening to the story my boy was reading to me, when I noticed my name being displayed on the screen. “Vivian, come on” “You can do this” “Come on honey…”

I got startled! What on earth??!! Is Leslie Chatting with me? Does Facebook show you when someone is on your page? Does Facebook work like those dating sites that when you view someones profile a chat box appears and they are communicating with you?  I don’t like those, since for some reason it takes me a while to put thoughts into words. The chat feels like too much pressure. I did get an email a few days ago from Leslie asking “Did you receive my gift?” But I figured it was one of those automated template responses. Was I supposed to give feedback now instead of at the end of the 8 weeks? All these thoughts just flashed through my head in a fraction of a second. Then I realized the words appearing on my screen were the caption to the video that was playing (since I had the volume off). So I clicked on it, and it was a man talking about God always leaving a gap for us to jump to him (leap of faith) So the speaker compared it to his daughter “Vivian” standing at the edge of the pool as he encourages her to take the jump, close the gap. Then it asked: Is God asking you to jump?

I loved the concept. And then I thought, “Who names their daughter Vivian now days???” I have felt I needed to write to Leslie, specially after reading her “Genius” book.  I even remember writing in my journal: “Bottom line, WRITE TO LESLIE.” That was a year ago…and now…I see my name…on HER Facebook, saying “Viviana, come on.”

I thought that was more than a coincidence. I’ve always FELT I should write to her, but now I even feel as if I am supposed to.  It’s as if God is reassuring me to follow through with it.  I mean, I was definitely going to write at the end of the 8 weeks to give feedback about her program. As I was thinking about this I glanced at the Facebook page again and noticed the video was released on April 13th. WHAT????!!!!!!! I don’t know what opened wider, if my eyes or my jaw, which dropped in astonishment.  This video, saying “Viviana, come on” on Leslie’s Facebook, was released on April 13th, which is…my birthday! WOW…this is soooo weird….

So I thought, “Ok, OK, Lord,  I’ll write, I would LOVE to write, but it is practically midnight now, and whenever I even think about communicating with Leslie I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that tidal waves come out of my eyes, and Heavenly Father, you know when I cry my eyes get puffy, and I have to go to school tomorrow…I can’t show up puffy to school and scare the kids…BUT…this Thursday… I start the Thanksgiving brake, so on Thursday I can write her  (and cry) to my hearts content 🙂

I was sooo excited about the “synchronicity”. I explained to my boy what happened. Just a few hours prior, we had family Home Evening and he had given the lesson about the Holy Ghost. So I was very grateful that he was there with me to witness as this guidance happened so he could experience it with his own eyes. We turned the lights off and I said the night time prayer: “Thank Thee Heavenly Father for the guidance of the Holy Ghost and for the little secret messages to point us in the direction we should go. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”  And my boy says:

“Little? Secret? They aren’t secret and they are definitely not little.”

Wow, I was sooo touched that my 11 year old boy could actually perceive it that way.

Before I started writing all this, my anti-virus program popped this message on my screen: “Don’t let your support expire.”

Then I switch to the internet and I had many tabs open.  The one displayed was one of Leslie’s articles which I had been reading a couple of days before.  It said in huge bold letters: What would happen if you don’t respond today?”

And I thought:  “I am responding today.  I AM responding today. I got the message.  Point taken already!”  🙂


Shortly after she reached out to me and we connected, she realized that the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse (she was already in) and the Mindset Mastery Program were two DIFFERENT courses. She wrote:

Because I had already read all your books, articles, and listened to the podcasts… I thought: ‘I know my thoughts affect my reality, but I need a system to keep my thoughts on track…’ It wasn’t until 2 weeks into the [Fundamentals Ecourse] that I noticed an email from you which showed the Mindset Fundamentals and the Mindset Mastery SIDE BY SIDE! It was only THEN that I finally noticed they are TWO different programs. Immediately I purchased the Mindset MASTERY and I was delighted to see a workbook, questions, accountability check, journal, etc. YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Viviana

And then a few weeks later she shared part of her experience (to that point) in the Mastery Program, which reveals a very important and powerful principle that I want to share with the world! She wrote:



I watch the stickman video. My first thought was: I’ve already seen this. Then it got to the number patterns game. Again, I already know the pattern, but I did it anyway. I got up to 21. Then Leslie reveals that there are 4 quadrants, which I already knew. The lines defining the quadrants remained on the screen and I did it again. I did exactly… DOUBLE. Got up to 42, and it would have been more if I had not gotten stuck on 15 for a while. LOL

But what I LOVED about this little experiment is that even though I ALREADY knew about the pattern, having the lines on the screen STILL gave me DOUBLE the results. One of the issues I keep facing since the first time I came across “Thoughts Alive” is that I already know the information. It started when I was a kid when I read “the Silva Method.” Since then, several books, “long plays”, videos, tapes, movies, etc. have in mysterious ways found their way to me throughout the years. So what I am thinking now is: even though I already knew the pattern, I got DOUBLE the results when the grids were on the screen. So what if…even though I already know the laws of thought, about visualization, gratitude, act as if, etc…

…what if just having “the lines” (the program from Leslie) I simply get DOUBLE the results I am currently getting?

Hmmm… And the most amazing thing is that the improvement was INSTANT. I didn’t have to practice for a week. I am very visual. Those two lines across the screen gave me DOUBLE the results IMMEDIATELY! Wow.

As I continued watching the video, I loved the analogy of the math sum: Hard to do in your head, but super simple when writing the symbols down. I remember seeing the stickman figure on the video a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t see what was so great about it. Yes there is the conscious and the subconscious and the body. But were the rest of the stickman figures not on the video I saw 2 years ago?

I believe just the rest of the stick figures ALONE, will be the grid on the screen that will instantly DOUBLE my results. What would it be like to instantly have Double the time, double the ideas, double the faith, double the wisdom, double the health habits? hmmm…things can add up exponentially pretty rapidly. Of course there is a gestation period for certain things to blossom physically, but the exhilaration is instant.

The thrill is in the journey.

Well, that is my observation of my first week doing the Mindset Mastery program. That is what my BRAIN has observed.

However, my greatest excitement in doing this program is the witness I experience from the SPIRIT. I find great resonance. I have never been as excited about buying something as I was when purchasing the program. Why? I don’t know. I had just bought another program from someone else the week before and I didn’t get that excited about it. Neither did I get tsunamis building up in my eyes as I read. Why? I don’t know. But I know that my spirit is connected to the infinite. I know that my spirit knows things my mind doesn’t understand. Add to that the synchronicity I experience guiding me in this direction (Heavenly assistance), and its a triple combo 🙂

For instance, last week, as I was thinking about the power of thoughts, belief etc…I noticed the sun coming through my window, bouncing off the corner of my glass table and lighting up ONLY the picture that says “Faith, Hope & Joy.” My living room walls had no sunlight except for that little spot right then and there when I had that thought on my mind. I showed it to my son who was sitting next to me and then took a picture. I love being guided.

Whether I go to bed at 10, 10:30 or 11, I keep waking up at around 3. I get up, drink a glass of water, and then do the program…for about 3 hours. Then I go to sleep for a couple of hours. I am also paying attention to what I dream about. This is sooo fun! I am really looking forward to the time off from school to dive in and totally immerse myself in it 🙂

Thank you Leslie! It’s like Christmas morning every day!

With great gratitude,


Thank you Vivana – I love this. I hope this whole experience – captured so beautifully because you were willing to WRITE about it as it happened – helps other readers pay attention to, and act, on the promptings they feel as well. The promptings are there to nudge us in the right direction, to bring us to all of the help and resources we will need to grow into our greatest potential. Well done!!

Kick off the New Year with the guidance, training, and help you need. To learn more about the Mindset Mastery Program and get started now, click here. Now there are multiple ways to afford it!


When Have I Done Enough?

Years ago, my friend Natalie taught a lesson during our women’s meeting at church about “Having Temperance in All Things”, which had a profound effect on me. I’d like to share my epiphany.

First, let’s establish a definition:

Temperance = moderation and self-restraint

Before her lesson, I’d say I easily understood the concept of “moderation” in terms of harmful substances (like sweets), or addictive behaviors (like binge-watching your favorite shows). But when I thought about what temperance in ALL things means, I had some trouble.

For example, I was never very good at knowing how to be temperate in goal achievement. I’d aim high, and then I’d overbook myself and get overwhelmed by all that needed to be accomplished.

I didn’t know at what point I could take a break and say, “I’ve done enough.”

Part of the problem was that I truly had the mindset that I could do anything – and that there was no such thing as doing “too much”.  I didn’t always know how to temper my ambitions, because frankly, they helped me achieve some things that I was pretty happy about.

However, sometimes my mortal body couldn’t keep up with the pace of my thoughts and expectations, and so predictably, I went through periods of unbridled ambition, followed by periods of crashing and burning, until I regained my strength to start it all over again.

I’m telling you, that kind of pattern can eventually break a person, like bending a metal rod back and forth until it finally snaps.

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, I knew that each time I took a step toward my goal, it took a step toward me. So I wondered, “How could it ever be okay to stop stepping?” Well, that morning before church it felt like I was on the verge of another crash-and-burn, so I prayed for insight. I wanted to know how I could keep making progress without burning myself out or incinerating my relationships.

We got to church and during the third hour, I joined the ladies meeting.

That’s when Natalie, at the front of the room, began. She said:

I like to make cookies.  In fact, I have a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies that just works. Over the years I’ve used it, as long as I follow the right steps, we predictably end up with perfectly delicious cookies.

If I set the timer for 13 minutes and take them out when it dings, they’re perfect.  But if I get busy and ignore the timer, pretty soon I’ll start to smell them, and by then it’s too late. Even if I get a whiff and then run to take them out, it’s too late. They’ll be hard, dark, and good for nothing, except to be thrown away.

So, after mixing all the ingredients together, letting them bake is one of the most important parts – otherwise, you just don’t have a cookie. But baking them for the right amount of time determines whether or not they will turn out good. That’s why the timer is so important: to help you make sure the cookies don’t burn.

Life is the same way.

When you’re trying to accomplish something good, your energy and attention on the goal is one of the most important parts, like heat in the oven baking a batch of cookies.  However, you’ve got to turn off the energy and attention when the “timer” dings, or you just might ruin it all. So listen for (and heed) that inner voice that says, “Ding! That’s enough…”

Wow. I got it. I finally understood how too much of a good thing can be bad.

That lesson had a profound and lasting effect on me. I was amazed and grateful that the Lord answered my question so directly, so clearly, and so quickly! For the first time in my life I could finally understand that yes, there IS such thing as too much, and if you push the limits, you run the risk of ruining everything.

Too much of even the most wonderful things can turn into something bad. So remember:

When the “dinger” rings, it’s not just okay to stop, it’s critical!

Finding that middle place, finding your “13 minutes”, is so important. We have to trust that it is by “small and simple things” (instead of longer-than necessary intensity on things) that “great things are brought to pass”. Choosing this belief and abiding by it is an act of faith of the highest order.

After my epiphany that day, I tried to listen more carefully to the Spirit of God that serves as my “timer”. It quietly alerts me when I’m pushing things too long or too far. And instead of rationalizing that “I can still do MORE!”, I try to remember burnt cookies, so that 1) my goal can get just the right amount of energy, and 2) so that I can also avoid burning myself out as well.

As for the Law of Cause and Effect? Well, sometimes the right action is to take no action at all.

Natalie concluded her lesson that day by giving us each a perfectly formed cookie and saying:

“Careful baking is what determines the quality of my cookie, and temperance in my actions determines the quality of my life.”

Thank you, Natalie, for being an instrument in God’s hands that day. My prayer was answered (and my family thanks you for it, too!)  🙂 Originally published Mar 27, 2010