A Letter to my Children


Hey older kids,

I just need to get something off my chest, and I’m writing it in a letter so that you can ponder it in private. I don’t want this to become a family conversation, but I want you to be aware, think about how you feel about it, and then prayerfully decide what you can do in your own life to prepare for your future and your family’s future.

As an extended family, we adults are in the middle of a very difficult dilemma with Grandma and Grandpa. They are struggling to make ends meet, especially now that their medications have gone up in price. Ever since their business went from $3000/mo down to about $800/mo, they have needed to ask for help from Aunt T and Uncle K, somewhat regularly, which they have been receiving. They haven’t been asking Uncle S or your Dad (since our setbacks from a few years ago) because they know that it’s already tight for the both of us. However, it IS becoming a burden on the others, so that’s what the family meetings have been about – how we can all share in the burden more.

Everyone is agreeable and willing to help however they can. But there’s a bigger problem at the root, which is not going to go away, but instead get bigger and bigger in the years to come. Our recent pow-wows have been to address the immediate need, but there is no real good plan in place for their long term needs.

There is a real difficulty in the way they think about their finances, and we’re all pretty sure that they’re so set in their ways that it will never change. Emotional attachments are preventing them from seeing resources they already have as opportunities to take better care of themselves. Grandma refuses to pay for her critical diabetes medicine that just tripled in cost, but she’ll keep paying to keep their storage units. In other words, she would rather die than let go of her stuff.

My reason for telling you this is not to make you worry about them or us. We’ve recently started saving 10% every month – a new habit that we finally put in place earlier this year, and so far, so good. I agonize that this was not a habit from the beginning. We always felt two steps behind and could never seem to get in front of it enough to save anything, until the last few years. We didn’t have anyone teaching us how to prepare for the future. There was no Dave Ramsey in our life when you were babies – we’ve always just done the best we knew how, but it wasn’t how it should have been. Our hope is that we’re not too late to get it right. We’re working hard to fix our mistakes, because we don’t want to be a burden on our children. At least with setting aside 10% every month, I feel like we’re doing something right.

Here’s what I want you to know. It’s what I wished I would have known to teach you from the time you were little. You may not feel the concern for your future right now, because you’re young and have a long time before it will bear meaningful fruit, but it’s my hope and prayer that you’ll hear me now and take it to heart.

Uncle E has always been focused on earning as much money as he can – not waiting for the best opportunities, but always staying in motion, earning, saving, working hard, and living as cheaply as he could. He was blessed with a dad who provided him with a good example that way. His dad (Grandpa J) did just that – and saved and worked and focused on building a strong nest egg, so that now he has (I believe) at least a million in the bank, off of which they live only on the interest it earns. So in other words, they are now retired with a never ending flow of money that doesn’t get smaller when they spend it.

On the other hand, your dad’s parents have no savings. They still have to pay rent every month, which can go up, on a luxury apartment plus their storage units. Their cars are falling apart. They can’t afford their medications. Their social security checks are being garnished by the IRS because they went for years without filing their taxes. I think that’s about $50,000 they owe there. They made good money in their business for the last few years, but again didn’t file their taxes for the last four years or so, so the IRS is going to eventually come after them again. Plus, that was self-employment income, so no withholdings, there are going to be hefty self-employment taxes to catch up on.

This kind of thing has been a source of tremendous stress for me over the years, realizing that your Dad and I have to totally do things that we’ve never seen in action, and which he was never taught to do. My mom had the desire to live by the financial principles that Dave Ramsey teaches, but my Dad wasn’t on board and spent the money too freely. So while I got from my mom good ideas, and good self-esteem and a belief that I could accomplish anything, I didn’t get much tactical training on how to handle or manage money either.

Dad has never been inclined to work as hard and as fast as he could for the purpose of accumulating money. His sights were never set on getting ahead – because deep down I think he struggled to believe that he was even capable of doing more than just getting by. You’ll achieve what you believe. I want each of you to believe that you can DO WELL. He has gotten good at trusting God to get us through each week. It’s been a constant exercise of faith, and we have learned how to trust God – because he does come through, but I also believe that God would have us ALL learn to be better stewards, and more profitable producers. We can do better. Our relationship gets strained though, when I try to get us to aim higher. It discourages him instead of motivating him. So I’ve had to stop. I’ve had to find peace with our pace. Saving 10% is the one thing I cling to now, to keep me from getting discouraged at our pace and so instead I choose to be grateful that we’re doing better in that regard than we ever have.

Here’s my plea:

1) Please listen regularly to Dave Ramsey’s shows / podcasts – http://www.daveramsey.com/show/home
At least once a week, if not every day. Pleeeeeeaaaaase. Give your mother some peace of mind, knowing that you’re at least getting the right education that she couldn’t give you. Don’t worry – his shows are funny, motivating, and enlightening, as some of you already know. They will help you think like Uncle E and his dad. My brother has also done well, not as a businessman but as an executive, and I can see now how he got where he is with the same mentality. I don’t know where he got it though – because it didn’t come from my parents.

2) Please save 10% of everything you get. Even if it’s just twenty cents on two dollars. Make it a habit now. When you have something like $300 saved, you can open a savings account with no monthly fees. It feels like a really hard thing, but I promise you it only gets harder the older you get, if it is not viewed as sacred and as untouchable as tithing. What to save for? That was always my question. I never could figure what it was for. Was it for a better car, but then back to zero when it’s spent? Or was it for emergencies? What constituted an emergency, running out of money before the end of the month? That’s why we never saved, because every month had an emergency. Listening to Dave would have helped me figure that piece out. Now we are saving for a very specific purpose, following his baby steps.

3) Follow Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps. Doing this will keep you focused, and remove all the confusion we’ve always lived with. Listen to his podcast to stay motivated and on track. His teachings are from a Christian perspective, and I’ve seen the good that God can do with a person who lives them.

4) Choose a spouse who is willing to live by these principles. On the first date, ask them, “Are you a Dave Ramsey fan?” No, just kidding. But don’t leave the money question to chance. More divorces happen because of money disagreements than almost any other issue. Your dad and I had zero conversations about money, except: “Let’s not go into debt,” and “Let’s have mom stay home from work.” We agree ~ yay! Success. That was the extent of our money discussion before marriage. Not good enough.

5) If you don’t have enough money to do what you need to do, go make some money. Don’t overthink it, just get busy. Believe that there is someone somewhere who will hire you, no matter what your situation is. Don’t waste time. Don’t wait until you need it before you make it. Make more than you need. Save, save, save. If you aren’t making money for a period of time, and that’s part of a master plan, then make that decision on purpose and just understand that it comes with an opportunity cost. Don’t let it just be a default. Let working hard be your default. Learn to enjoy the feeling of earning money just because you can. Do your work well, even if it’s unpleasant work. Don’t avoid unpleasant work. Enjoy being a producer. At the same time, don’t make it an obsession. Just be steady and wise. Save 10% of your money whether it is a little or a lot. If you put the habit in place and follow it religiously, then the Lord will trust you to stick to it and I believe he will open other doors to you in time.

6) Never stop learning. Read books, and learn from mentors who can help you learn how to be successful at whatever you want to be. Feed your mind. Don’t waste time. In the next twenty to thirty years, there is going to be a WIDE CHASM between your peers who did this, and those who did not. Choose now which side of the chasm you want to be on. Choose now whether you want to be in a predicament like ours or like Grandma/pa’s, or if you want to be free to serve and influence, and enjoy your senior years like Grandma/pa J. We have a whole library of books here at the house. I think I own all of Dave Ramsey’s books, and more. Most of the books on our shelves were recommended to us over the years by people who think like Grandpa J, so even though we can’t teach you by example, we’ve spent a fortune on our success library, so please use it.

To sum up, Aunt T and Uncle E have paid off their house and have no debt. He plans to be retired in the next 5 years, living off of interest from his investments. He will be 50 years old. Your dad and I no longer even own a house. We have no debt, but we have a long way to go before we will have a house paid off. In many ways, we’re totally starting over. Twenty-five years late. Aunt T and Uncle E will be more likely available to serve as mission presidents, etc. God didn’t just bless them with money, he honored their work ethic. We’ve worked crazy hard our whole marriage, but without the foundational habits in place; and without the goals and guidance that Dave Ramsey could have given us, we have hardly anything to show for it. It’s depressing. But it is what it is, and because of the atonement, I believe that as we live what we understand now, God can bless us. We are doing the best we know how. We trust him. If there are assignments that he has in mind for us in the future, I’m confident that he will provide a way for us to be prepared for them, even though we’ve been uninformed for so long. We have a good 20-30 years left to work, so it’s not too late for us (according to Dave), but it won’t be as easy as it would have been, had we started at your age.

I just feel like I would be amiss if I didn’t try now to give you the training that you should have received before. I don’t feel like I can talk about it much in person, because it’s a touchy subject and I don’t want anyone feeling like I am disappointed in them for any reason. I just feel such an urgency to give the warning. What you do with it is up to you. I don’t plan on talking about it further. I know that each one of you is already busy trying to figure out what you should be doing. I honor that. I appreciate you! I’m so proud of each of you and what you have accomplished already – you’re so much farther along than your parents were at your age.

Please believe me, I don’t send this to be pushy. It’s only my own conscience that I’m trying to appease. If I at least say it, and send it, then I can rest. Even if you don’t change a thing about what you’re doing, I can rest having sent this. I KNOW that the Lord’s hand is in your life. I see it. I hope you feel it. You’re already on the right track. I just didn’t want to bring this up later when it could be perceived as an attempt to course-correct you. I’m not trying to do that now. This is on my mind today only because of what we’re going through with the extended family, and some conversations I had with them about it today.

I have no plans to follow up and find out if you decide to accept my advice. Whether you do or not won’t affect me, as much as it will affect you and your future family. So at the very least, just please ponder it.

With love and appreciation for who you are, and the tremendous blessing you have been (and are) in my life,


PS. A couple other points I forgot to mention:

I believe Uncle K and your other Aunt T are close to paying off their house. Uncle K took DaveRamsey’s course before he got married, and Aunt T was raised with the right mentality. She started a home based business, and he works full time for the benefits and steady income, plus he has his side business. They are focused and working hard while their kids are little, with a very specific plan in place.

Everything I’ve learned, taught, and worked into my books and business are the true principles that help with the BELIEF piece. They are all about learning how to set and achieve goals, and building your confidence if you’re not sure you can achieve your goals. This belief piece is critical, because the right mindset directly and literally opens doors. It’s having that “kind of faith, rare indeed” that CAUSES things to happen, when what you need to happen is beyond your direct control. (Boyd K. Packer) I hope that you’ll also take advantage of the materials I’ve created over the years if and when you get discouraged. I have 3 books, a 12-week ecourse, a 3-day bootcamp, and a 12-week home study course. I also have a blog with over 200 articles. If I die, hear me from the dust through these materials 🙂

Dave Ramsey’s materials help you know what goals to set, and what to DO with your money as you earn it. It’s not a contradiction to what I teach; it pairs perfectly and I wish I had had that extra guidance as we were learning and applying the principles we learned from Bob Proctor.

That is all. Love you ~ enjoy conference!



[VIDEO] The Visual Aid that Changed Everything

visual-aid-bookOne of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever encountered was a visual aid, responsible for helping us triple our income in three months.

It flipped the switch in our minds so we could say, “We finally ‘get it’!”

The following video provides a visual representation of how your mind works, and gives you something you can see… something that helps you change your life. It changed mine.

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The Plugphones Story and the Jackrabbit Factor

One of my readers recently shared a success story that I would like to share with you. She gives the background behind her husband’s experience as the founder of Plugfones (see image below). I’m impressed with how raw, real and down to earth their story is, and I believe many people will relate.

Plugfones-banner_1I’ll copy their story below:

Our story of the past several years is quite long; maybe too long for most people to want to read. So here is the short of it.

Following some nefarious advice we had borrowed huge sums of money and invested it hoping to make a nice return which was supposed to cover the debt payments and our standard of living. It all went down the drain in the market crash of ’08. We lost our home, our rental properties, our vehicles, and a couple businesses and incurred mountains of debt Just before we lost our home to foreclosure I used a bit of credit we had left on a card and I purchased Leslie Householder’s FTMF course. I figured we were going down anyway – why not get a little education out of it. Little did my husband know at the time that I was sharing with him the things I was learning from Leslie’s course. Even as we concluded that we couldn’t keep our home we were employing the Principles I was learning. Our mindset made all the difference to us having PEACE through this journey, even when losing everything we had!

We had no money, no job, and a hernia surgery we had no way to pay for. We had little of our food storage left. I would stay up all Friday night to bake bread and then sell it at the farmers market on Saturday using the wheat we did have in order to supplement what we ate. Shaun adopted a new diet plan: eat every other day.

Through Diving Providence Shaun was led to a job working at a glass factory. We acknowledged each and every blessing no matter how great or small and I learned through the FTMF course how to be grateful for ALL things including our struggles. We were blessed to greatly and in so many ways – a topic that could take its own volume to cover.

It was while Shaun was working at the glass factory – in fact, I think just barely a day or two into the job, that Shaun started looking for earplugs that worked as earphones and could not find any. So he devised a way to create his own. (The solution to every problem is only an idea away!)

I remember how we struggled to come up with the $300 we needed for supplies. It was all we could do to muster up the money and I”m sure we over drafted the checking account.

Within a short time Shaun had created a very basic website and had started selling his creation. www.Plugfones.com was born. We had no idea where it would go – all we knew was that within a few months we were supplementing our income from it.

Shaun would work as much over the time as he could get, often working swing or graveyard, and when he got home he would sit in the corner of the bedroom jimmy rigging these things together. The business continued to grow. Eventually we were able to move the the very cramped duplex we were renting to a home that fit our needs better and was closer to Shaun’s work.

This is where we were living when I received a scholarship to attend Mentor Training. I took all the money I had made from my blog/website (www.TracisTransformationalKitchen.com) and from selling bread on the corner and to neighbors to be able to pay for travel expenses. I took the things I learned at the training to help Shaun update his website and to help our family continue thinking properly.

Eventually Shaun was working so much he was exhausted – truly he couldn’t do any more himself… so our boys started working with him. Pretty soon he had brought his cousin on board to take over Amazon sales.

All this time I was teaching our family about the Principles. We were using them daily. When we got discouraged or overwhelmed I would rely on them to get us through. When I went through 2 difficult miscarriages back to back I was using these truths to get me through. These experiences were tough – and they made us stronger, bound us together, helped us to be more grateful, brought us closer to God.

The business started to pay more than the glass factory and soon Shaun had to quit in order to keep up. Then, when Shaun needed the full time help, we were able to rent a REALLY nice home closer to Shaun’s cousin.

After a year and the birth of our 7th child we moved again; this time renting an even NICER home. Shaun brought on even more help.

We are still working to pay back all of our debts a piece at a time. But ever since we lost our home we have been living on a cash basis – no more debt incurred since then. No house payment, no car payment. We rent our home and pay cash for everything. Shaun’s business brings in more money in one month than we used to make in a year, working several jobs, by at least double! Of course, there are expenses and only a portion of that is ours but just the idea of it is totally wild! SERIOUSLY – this has been one very fun and very amazing journey.

So yes, it took me over 4 years to finish my FTMF course. Because of the things I’ve learned and the person I am becoming because of the principles Leslie teaches I wouldn’t trade my knowledge and experience for anything! The knowledge is like night and day to us! I can testify that ignorance is not bliss!

I know that there were and are great sacrifices made on the part of Leslie and her family to create these materials to help others. It brings me to tears to think about what they have been through in order for me to have received the blessing that made this crazy journey possible.

The mindset tools Leslie teaches are the key to our success. What is success? Learning to be happy today, whether we are brown bagging it or catching rabbits. That means that we could lose it all and still be happy. Knowing HOW to think means we could start over. We don’t have to cower in fear of something “bad” happening. We know that even though we might have gone hungry sometimes it didn’t kill us. We learned that there is always a way and the joy is in the journey. Thank you Leslie and Family!!! God bless you!!! – Linda Knudsen

A note from her husband Shaun:

My business is flourishing and I don’t know how big we will get but I do know this, I have proven myself and the principles I learned from the Jack Rabbit Factor. I have what it takes to succeed and even if things go south someday, I know I can build it again. This knowledge gives me a confidence and freedom unexplainable to anyone who hasn’t felt it. Thank you, Leslie!

To learn about the principles Linda and Shaun talked about, begin with the FREE Jackrabbit Factor ebook, or take your understanding to the next level through the FTMF homestudy program.

I want to hear YOUR story, too! If you have an inspirational story that illustrates how you have used the principles from my books or programs, let me know. I’d love to consider sharing your story in a future blog post!


When Your Purpose is Clear

It’s been on the to-do list for half a decade and I’m finally getting some of it knocked out… making shorter clips of some of my events so that they can be used as quick reminders of the principles.

Here’s one I recently posted on YouTube and Facebook, and I thought it would be good to include it here, so that I can also add some clarification afterward:

The event was more than 2 hours long, so a 2-minute snippet will understandably miss some clarifications. Here are a few that I want to make sure are noted, in case you don’t get a chance to see the whole thing:

  1. Just because you’re on the right track, and just because you have unseen help, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be difficult.
  2. The fact is, living your purpose will stretch you and test your faith. But knowing that you have unseen help can help you hold on and keep moving forward until you ultimately meet with success.
  3. ‘Soul purpose’ means whatever it is that you are focused on right now, specifically something meaningful to your soul. At times it may also be your ‘sole’ purpose.
  4. It will likely evolve throughout your life. Today’s objective may give way to something that is more meaningful to you tomorrow, because as you learn and grow, you become more fully prepared to accomplish the next thing you were put here to do.

(For example, 20 years ago my ‘soul purpose’ was to help struggling math students. It was my passion, my purpose, my love. It taught me to love teaching. 10 years ago it was to help struggling families with their income by teaching them success principles. Today, it is a combination of both, raising my kids and preparing them for college and life. )

Learn more about the books mentioned in the clip:


If you want to learn the formula for making money with something you’re passionate about, watch the full-length video here:


Marketing Strategies that Work (and save you time!)

Internet Marketing Strategies That Work

For those of you who have wondered how I built a business that runs itself and keeps paying me every month even when I’m not working, I’ve rounded up two excellent (and free) ebooks that will help you apply two of the most important pieces to your own business.

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1) 7 Steps to a Complete Small Business Sales and Marketing Plan

For many small business owners, the day-to-day demands of their business distract from bigger picture growth goals. Tasks like “call this customer” and “email that estimate” take attention away from the strategies that can help your business thrive.

This guide, created with the input of thousands of successful entrepreneurs, will help small businesses just like yours discover how to build a complete sales and marketing plan that will help you attract new leads, convert more of them into customers, build a booming referral business and save you massive amounts of time.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn seven successful strategies for:

  • Capturing, nurturing and converting leads
  • Increasing conversions with highly targeted communications
  • Saving time and money with marketing automation
  • Creating lifelong fans that advocate for your brand

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2) The Anatomy of an Email

What makes an email successful? Much like the human body, it’s the sum of many parts working together seamlessly. And to get the best results from your emails, you first have to understand the how to make each part strong.

Email marketing consultant DJ Waldow will break down each part of an email from head to toe – or rather, from header to footer – and show you how to craft emails that get results.

DJ has spent years immersed in the world of emails and wants to share it with you in this free e-book download. You’ll learn:

  • Nine key components of every email
  • Pros and cons of different types of subject lines
  • How to create strong calls to action, including secondary and tertiary
  • How to grow your social network through email

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Getting Personal Here…

Looking for Part 2? Click HERE

It’s after 2 in the morning and I’m still wide awake – just read my sister’s blog Og Invents Wheel and Other Wonders, and I’m re-inspired to try harder to share more of my real and raw experiences, too.  Here comes a real and raw one now:

If you’ve known me very long, you may have noticed how I’ve sort of fallen off the map since May. (Thankfully, today’s technology allows me to automate much of my business and take a sabbatical when I need one without it being too obvious. One way I did this was by pulling out some of my favorite, archived articles/blog posts and recycling them, or talking about other interesting people and the messages they had to share instead of my own.)

As I’ve said before (like I did in my class, “Lessons Learned Since Writing Jackrabbit Factor,”) our world turned upside down about 5 years ago. Everything that had been going so well (you know, all those reasons I wrote Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures in the first place) suddenly imploded. Well, not suddenly – it actually all seemed to happen in slow motion – so slow that we hardly noticed what was happening.

Let me back up. After our first big financial breakthrough in 2000, and after having enjoyed our new success for several years, we made some careless investment decisions. When we finally became completely conscious of the problem, we believed that we could “make” those bad decisions into good ones somehow just by “thinking right”.

A hard lesson I learned was that, sure, while it may be true that in every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit, that doesn’t mean the adversity will go away with right thinking. It only promises that something good can be born from it.

It seemed that no matter how much positive thinking I mustered, our situation refused to improve. It felt as though the principles were suspended on my behalf and it didn’t matter how well I lived what I had been teaching, none of it seemed to be working as it had in the past.

So as you can imagine, one of my biggest stresses was figuring out what to do with the business. My husband had long since left his job to help me with it. But now, what about my books? What about our websites and programs? If the principles really didn’t work any more, how could I possibly continue teaching them?

I wondered if it was time to just pull all the books from the bookstores and issue a public apology.  But, even as I fought my own demons, I continued to receive mail from readers all over the world who shared their success stories and profound gratitude for my work.  Ben Southall attained the World’s Best Job out of 34,000 applicants and credited my book for his success on a national news program. Publishers from other countries were asking for the rights to my book. Business owners were talking about how my programs had helped them multiply their revenues. Mothers shared stories of how they got the money they needed even after all appearances indicated it should have been impossible.

I read their expressions of gratitude and began to feel jealous of my readers’ successes. I began to feel like a pawn – an instrument in God’s hand, helping thousands of people achieve their dreams, but not being allowed to achieve MY dream, which was to just live a simple life enjoying my children and focusing 100% on my own little family.

Each time I seriously thought about quitting, I remembered those people and their stories. Simultaneously, I felt God telling me, “Keep teaching – you don’t make the principles true or false by how well you live them.”

Actually, we had quite a few arguments about that, God and I. But He always won. I’d throw my Felicity tantrum, and get bitter, rebellious and cynical. I’d try to ignore the needs of the business and just DECIDE to live the life I wanted. But then life always had a way of throwing me back into the work.

In my rebellious moments, I derived tremendous pleasure out of cleaning a toilet, or reorganizing a cupboard.  After all, that’s what normal people do, right? I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to let go of the pressure I felt to be a shining example of right thinking.

I can’t tell you how many times I logged into Facebook, sorely tempted to update my status with what I was really feeling.  I can be really good at sarcasm, but I also know how damaging it can be, so I resisted.

Over time, I began to learn new lessons. Deep, profound, clarifying insight into the same principles I had thought I understood before. My mind opened up and all the pain began to have purpose again. I began to write the Jackrabbit Factor sequel, Portal to Genius, to document what I was learning. We had new breakthroughs, and began to see our finances turning around. We had some of our best months we’d ever had, but still had a pretty deep hole to climb out of.

The final verdict was this: I knew the principles were true. I knew that things around me changed according to my thoughts and emotions. I knew that things went better when I lived with childlike faith, and took the time to “see” the outcome I really desired and answered the question: How would it really feel if…?

It’s just that sometimes I didn’t feel like doing it. I was tired. I was discouraged. I was impatient. I was embarrassed. Thinking right takes effort and intention, and frankly, sometimes it’s just plain easier NOT to do it.

Anyway, I really do need to get some sleep, but all this is leading up to why I had to drop off the map in May, and what’s happened since.  It’s actually very exciting. 🙂

So stay tuned… and g’nite!     Read the follow-up post here


Turning Your Ideas into Cash

tyh-lesliehouseholderA Book Worth Reading: Trust Your Heart: Transform Your ideas into income

Do you have an idea spinning inside your brain, but wonder if it could ever really make any money?

You’re not alone.  Thousands of folks have done it – really turned their ideas into cash.  But it’s kind of a miracle, right?  I mean, these folks just got lucky breaks.  Surely.

Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, the new book from IdeaMarketers.com showcases 19 very different individuals who once sat in the same spot you are.  Wanting to develop an idea and market it, but just wondering how.

The publisher, Marnie Pehrson, called to ask if I would write a chapter for her book some time ago.  My chapter is called “Confessions of a Best-Selling Author” and tells a little of how I took an outrageous dream, turned it into reality, and then had to adjust to some unexpected “side effects”.

This hot-off-the-press book reveals the stories behind real internet successes and shares how these individuals made their dreams come true.

After reading, I guarantee you’ll be inspired to get moving forward on your idea.  The truth is, anyone with the right formula can make their dreams reality.  Take a look at the blueprints these folks used to do just that.

Here’s where you can get a copy of Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, along with audio interviews from the contributors and your own web publicity package!

Get “Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income” HERE


The Unexpected Cure for Doubt

positive thinking tip: When you feel worried or doubtful, dig a trench.

Shovel and trench.I remember the days when my husband and I were trying to live on about $1200/month.  We were both working full time and fighting a losing battle to stay afloat.

We listened to motivational audios that urged us to believe in our dreams, and we knew that we could have any kind of life we really wanted, but when it came right down to it, it was always impossible to see where any extra money would ever come from.

I can see now that at the time, having faith in the face of scarcity was an impossible expectation.  Here’s why:

The thing that made it so difficult is that we knew exactly how much money we were getting, and we also knew just how much our expenses exceeded that income.

If true financial success cannot be achieved without at least some degree of FAITH (believing in something without tangible evidence), how in the world is a person supposed to have that kind of faith when all evidence proves that it’s utterly impossible?

I learned that there are three things that, over the years, helped me build that necessary faith.

  1. Continuing Education – learning new marketable skills and studying the laws of success
  2. Work – investing time, money, and energy in other income streams outside of our regular jobs.  (Even when they didn’t produce a profit – and they didn’t – for nearly 10 years!)
  3. Choosing to Believe in God, and believing that He was interested in our success – and trusting that it was being orchestrated, if we’d just kept moving our feet.

For nearly a decade, we worked and studied and worked some more.  We believed the abundance would have to find us sometime, if we just kept trying.

It makes me think about the early settlers of my desert region:

There were a lot of ditches to dig and canals to build before they were prepared to utilize a flow of water.  I’m sure it took many, many years to put those systems in place.

As you explore your talents and look for new ways to monetize them, just picture yourself digging ditches and building canals.  It’s so easy to think that a massive, sudden flow of money would solve all of your problems, but in reality, that gush could be just as devastating as a flash flood in a valley where the settlers are trying to create a system for a steady, constant supply of water instead.

You don’t want the gush until your systems are in place!

It dawned on me that after my husband took the leap toward full-time self-employment (when we really couldn’t predict exactly where the money would come from like we could when we had a regular paycheck), the more trenches we dug, the easier it was to have faith in God.

Isn’t that interesting?

Having put forth so much unrewarded effort for so long, in the face of scarcity, instead of saying, “I can’t think of a single place the money could come from,”  we could more easily say, “The water could come from any one of the hundreds of trenches we dug all those years!”

Compared to our first few years together, how much easier it now was to finally believe!  How much easier it was to have faith!  And faith is the critical element.  All the work in the world without faith can be just as useless as all the faith you can muster without work.

As they say, “Faith without works is dead.”  Truly without some personal effort, faith is meaningless.  Why? Because you demonstrate your faith BY working! You’re proving your belief in the abundant life by putting forth the effort to get those money-making systems in place.

And, when faith is low, work can help it grow, too.  This is why the unexpected cure for doubt in my opinion is: Education, and WORK.

If you can’t think of where to get the money you need, shift your focus to increasing your knowledge, and get to work finding some kind of meaningful services you can perform for others.

God did not bring you this far to fail now… stay in forward motion.  Your reward is waiting for you!

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Where Will the Money Come From?

positive thinking tip: finding the money you need begins with believing that it does in fact exist for you.

So the Universe is abundant, huh?

Full of opportunities for prosperity, is it?

Well, if that’s true, have you ever wondered where all the money is hiding?

The only thing keeping us from a bucket load of money is our own resistance to creativity, a God-given attribute that often gets squelched in our childhood by well-meaning adults who needed us to conform for one reason or another. Conformity is absolutely imperative, IF what we conform to is Universal Law. The problem is, most adults aren’t aware of these Universal Laws, otherwise known as Principles of Prosperity, so there may be some unlearning we have to do.

Truly, creativity IS still a part of us, and just needs to be revived.

When faced with the question: ‘Where will the money come from?’

Your new answer must always be: ‘Wherever it is now.’

It exists, and it’s coming your way when you live by the 7 laws.

According to Wallace Wattles, we should aspire to make a living doing something we love. Part of the psychology behind that comes from the fact that if we feel good, then we will attract more of the prosperity we want. How difficult it can be to feel good doing something you hate… and how hard it is to expect abundance when you’re swimming in misery.  But it’s not impossible – it’s the first step.

This shift in consciousness comes through gaining a higher awareness.

You can get inspired by stories of others who have managed to make money doing something unusual. Honestly, there is no limit to the ways you can make money! Uncommon Business Blog will show you a few. Remember, a person does not lack because there is lack… the Universe is absolutely abundant.

Lots of people call it the law of attraction, but in reality, the law of attraction is actually a broad term for the 7 sub-laws. If you don’t know anything about the law of attraction, or if you’ve had a hard time understanding how and why it works, I explain it thoroughly in the Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse.

Lack of money can result when a person violates even just one of the 7 laws of prosperity. Once you understand them, and strive to live in harmony with them, the heavens more readily open up and the blessings can more freely flow.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy – it just means that the more you learn, the less worried about money you can become.


Bootstrapping your Business

Positive Thinking Tip: it doesn’t take money to make money; you can bootstrap your way to success!

My husband Trevan and I have been learning a LOT from a couple of guys named Rich and Ron and I know you’re going to love them. They’re teaching us specific principles applicable to what they call “bootstrapping” a business, and it’s made a huge impact on our success already.

I’m telling you, mindset is everything! And these guys know “mindset” for successful business. They’ve built nearly 30 businesses from next to nothing… and have had some failures and some amazing successes – and we get to learn from their experiences in the trenches!

(The are also the authors of Bootstrap Business – a book worth reading.)

What is Bootstrapping? One way to describe it might be: building a really profitable business, starting with very little money.

(This teleseminar event already took place, but I have the recording available below for less than the cost of a fast-food meal!)

You’ll learn:

1) WHAT is the bootstrap mindset?

2) HOW does an entrepreneurial candidate discover if he/she has what it takes to bootstrap?

3) WHY is embracing failure so important to the “bootstrap” mindset of entrepreneurship?

4) WHY is idea creation so important to “bootstrapping” and HOW can it be accelerated?

5) There are certain tools you use to filter or prove your business ideas. What are the tools? How do they work? Why do you use these particular tools?

6) WHY is the Zig Zag principle so important to boostrapping success and HOW does it work?

7) WHAT does “climb high, sleep low” mean and WHY is it critically important to living in balance?

8 ) What does “crossing the line of balance” mean?

Bootstrapping is for:

  • Those working in the corporate world who want a venture on the side
  • Those who want an exit from the corporate world by growing a business
  • Those in a position to bring a few thousand dollars to their dreams
  • Those who already run their own business, who need help achieving their potential
  • The working class who desire to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Those who have the entrepreneurial bug and need structure and direction

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More about “Bootstrapping”:

The Principles Taught Are Applicable to All

Any determined individual can employ the principles presented in “Bootstrap Business” and find success. The concepts are not specific to any one type of business and can be applied to small, private businesses or to technology-driven startups. The information is full of solid principles to help you create honest, long-lasting value, whatever your field may be.

Novice Bootstrappers Will Save Millions of Dollars

The wisdom and practicality of this information will help beginning business owners navigate the big issues: taxes, partnership agreements, scaling, and hiring, to name a few. There is no simple checklist to follow for making money or how to avoid losing money. Instead, a certain mindset and philosophy are required in order to make informed decisions. “Bootstrap Business” provides insight into that mindset as well as actionable guidance one needs to follow to avoid the big mistakes while developing a winning posture.

Business Owners Will Learn Principles and Practices They May Be Missing

There are huge numbers of existing small business owners who will greatly benefit from “Bootstrap Business”. This information was initially developed for startup entrepreneurs but have found that small business owners are the most vocal audience requesting this information. Many of the potholes small business owners must navigate on a daily basis are addressed. Issues such as how to scale a business, how to compete with larger companies, and how to manage cash flow are at the heart of their message.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs Will Nod in Agreement

Experienced entrepreneurs will embrace this information because it helps them better communicate the fundamental concepts they have experienced. It will provide them a structure and framework with which to build their future endeavors.

See you inside!