What you can Learn from a Locksmith

When results don’t come as fast as you want, trust that each epiphany along the way gets you one “tumbler” closer to your next victory.

Perhaps the reason “one book” or “one seminar” or “one program” was a MAJOR turning point for one person, but nothing more than a small stepping stone for another, is because achieving success is like opening a combination lock.

There are a finite number of discs that need to move into place before the lock will open.

Some people are raised in such a way, or have a natural-born inclination to live in harmony with the laws of success.

Sometimes those people have all but ONE of the discs already in place, so just one book or seminar or conversation with a mentor is all they needed to set them free and launch their lifestyle into the stratosphere.

Others have hundreds of discs that need to move into place. (That was my situation.)

But each time you increase your mental capital by learning more about how success really works, and by trying and failing and learning the lesson the experience contained, you allow yet another disc to rotate into place, and the good news is: that disc can stay in place for good.

One day, with just one more try, one more class, one more book, one more seminar, or one more conversation with a mentor, that FINAL disc will move into its proper position, and the lock WILL finally spring open.

You’ll probably tell everyone that that was THE BEST event or book or conversation there ever was… because it facilitated the most tangible results in your life.

The truth is, that each “aha” moment leading up to it was just as important and critical to your success as the last. If just ONE of the previous epiphanies had not happened, then that final event, book, or conversation would probably not have been the final disc.

So keep learning, keep seeking the next epiphany, because you never know… it just might be that final disc for you. If it isn’t, at LEAST there’s just one less disc to go.

Even if you’ve experienced a breakthrough before, taking it to the next level will always require the opening of another lock, sometimes just a little more complex than the one before.

But don’t worry, you’ll open them all, by just rotating one simple disc into place at a time.


Your desire is simply a “possibility” seeking expression through you… honor your dream, don’t give up on it. One step, one rotated disc at a time and you’ll surely get there.

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Hope (and gratitude) Floats the Financial Boat

positive thinking tip: Having money does not create peace of mind; it begins with peace of mind.

What is the natural reaction of non-swimmers who are thrown into deep waters?

They panic, and thrash violently. They become consumed with the fear of, “What if I go under and can’t come back up?!” Full of adrenaline and in order to avoid the worst, they claw and pound the water, in a frantic effort to stay afloat.

Eventually, if they don’t get some help, they go under out of sheer exhaustion.

If you’ve ever had to “abandon ship”, leaving your regular source of income to go out on your own in search of another boat, you may feel like the non-swimmer, fully exposed to choppy waters, surrounded by the mysterious depths, and at risk of drowning in bills and other pressures.

The natural inclination is to panic, and work too hard frantically trying to stay afloat – ultimately wearing yourself out and sinking into despair.

The truth is, that the principles which keep a new swimmer afloat in the water are the same principles that keep you afloat financially… and here they are:

1) Take a deep breath,
2) Relax, and
3) Keep your chin up

That’s how you stay afloat in the water, and that’s how you stay afloat financially, too.

Having money does not create peace of mind; it begins with peace of mind.

Only after you discover that you can float, will you be able to learn how to swim efficiently. People who enjoy financial freedom have learned to swim in choppy waters without being overcome by exhaustion.

And it only works when you stay calm. When you are calm, you float; not just in water, but with finances, too.

If you’re not actively pursuing a dream of your own, you may be a passenger in someone else’s boat, going to the destination of their choice.

Now, that can a great place to be, if you believe the captain knows what he’s doing, and if you trust that he’s taking you and the crew somewhere important and wonderful.

But you might determine that the boat you’re on isn’t taking you where you want to go financially.

You have options; there are other boats passing by headed for other destinations, but it isn’t always easy to find a vessel that has all of the benefits you’d like, and one which will welcome you aboard.

So, you might vessel-hop for a while, until you find one that seems perfect for you.

Maybe your “perfect” ship travels quickly, provides abundantly for all your wants and needs, and is so big that you can’t even feel the waves beating against it.

But there’s no guarantee that it won’t spring a leak, and that the captain won’t send you away in a little dinghy without long-term supplies. It’s even possible that you’ll just have to abandon ship altogether with not so much as a life vest. Maybe you end up just treading water, hoping for another ship to come along before you go under for good.

For the entrepreneur at heart, it doesn’t matter how big, fast, and beautiful the boat is; traveling in someone else’s vessel will never completely fulfill his/her needs. There’s something inside that says, “I may be headed in the right direction on this vessel, but I won’t rest until I’m steering my own ship. I need the freedom to change course directions at will.”

Whether you leave the ship by choice or not, finding yourself in the water can be terrifying, especially if you never learned how to swim. But hope and optimism literally and financially make you more buoyant.

Discover the truth of this and you may also discover that swimming peacefully allows you to get where you want to go without a boat at all.

(The unseen current can take you farther than you ever thought possible, if you let it… if you don’t fight it.)

So, breathe… relax… keep your chin up… and trust the current to take you to the next boat or port on your journey to financial freedom.


How to Prosper with a Disbelieving Partner

One of the most common questions I get is on how to achieve goals when your partner in business or your spouse does not think the same way as you about these principles. I’ll continue to address this issue occasionally, because there are so many angles to consider, and maybe this is the one that will make a difference for you.

I’ll be quick to get to the point.

In order for you and your spouse to have the synergy you’d like to have on your way to achieving your prosperity goals, you need to have a COMMON GOAL.

I don’t mean to sound too simplistic here, but that’s what it boils down to. If you can’t understand why you aren’t getting the support you’d like to have, then ask yourself, when was the last time you sat down together and talked about what you’d like your future together to look like? Where do you see the two of you in ten years?

Maybe your spouse has lost his/her dream, and is too discouraged to think beyond the here and now. If your dreams are too grandiose for him/her to believe, then take some time to dream with him/her about the things that you can both be excited about, even if they aren’t much of a stretch. For example, daydream together about being grandparents or great grandparents. Talk about a movie you both enjoyed. Talk about the beliefs you share in common.

The more you share with each other, the more you will be “on the same page” in general. If you dream of traveling the world, and your spouse only gets more depressed when s/he hears you talk about it, because it feels impossible to him/her, then keep those dreams to yourself while they take root. Discuss them if you’re encouraged and supported when you do, but if that isn’t what happens, then talk about the common goals to strengthen your relationship and wait for a better season to talk about the bigger things.

Getting it together – in essence, if you are arguing about stuff, it means you’re simply on different frequencies. You need to build a dream together if you want to have harmonic thoughts.

If you spend time with the same mental images, you’ll end up with the same kinds of emotions. That’s “getting it together” and it can begin with taking in images of a more ideal life, together.

Together, watch movies of people who have exemplary lives and enjoy prosperity. Read books about remarkable people, together, so you can talk about them with each other. Get the images in sync that you both are putting into your minds, and eventually your frequencies will more closely match. A small step in this direction makes a big difference. It doesn’t even have to be self-help material… it just needs to be representations of lives that are on a higher plane than where you may be now. Sometimes it’s easier to find this sort of thing in old movies, like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

One final point: A journal is a wonderful place to express and put detail to your dreams when you don’t have someone to talk about them with. It’s more than that, though. It’s the first step to effectively preparing yourself for inspiration on how to achieve it. To understand why, watch the 4-minute movie.


The Unexpected Cure for Doubt

positive thinking tip: When you feel worried or doubtful, dig a trench.

Shovel and trench.I remember the days when my husband and I were trying to live on about $1200/month.  We were both working full time and fighting a losing battle to stay afloat.

We listened to motivational audios that urged us to believe in our dreams, and we knew that we could have any kind of life we really wanted, but when it came right down to it, it was always impossible to see where any extra money would ever come from.

I can see now that at the time, having faith in the face of scarcity was an impossible expectation.  Here’s why:

The thing that made it so difficult is that we knew exactly how much money we were getting, and we also knew just how much our expenses exceeded that income.

If true financial success cannot be achieved without at least some degree of FAITH (believing in something without tangible evidence), how in the world is a person supposed to have that kind of faith when all evidence proves that it’s utterly impossible?

I learned that there are three things that, over the years, helped me build that necessary faith.

  1. Continuing Education – learning new marketable skills and studying the laws of success
  2. Work – investing time, money, and energy in other income streams outside of our regular jobs.  (Even when they didn’t produce a profit – and they didn’t – for nearly 10 years!)
  3. Choosing to Believe in God, and believing that He was interested in our success – and trusting that it was being orchestrated, if we’d just kept moving our feet.

For nearly a decade, we worked and studied and worked some more.  We believed the abundance would have to find us sometime, if we just kept trying.

It makes me think about the early settlers of my desert region:

There were a lot of ditches to dig and canals to build before they were prepared to utilize a flow of water.  I’m sure it took many, many years to put those systems in place.

As you explore your talents and look for new ways to monetize them, just picture yourself digging ditches and building canals.  It’s so easy to think that a massive, sudden flow of money would solve all of your problems, but in reality, that gush could be just as devastating as a flash flood in a valley where the settlers are trying to create a system for a steady, constant supply of water instead.

You don’t want the gush until your systems are in place!

It dawned on me that after my husband took the leap toward full-time self-employment (when we really couldn’t predict exactly where the money would come from like we could when we had a regular paycheck), the more trenches we dug, the easier it was to have faith in God.

Isn’t that interesting?

Having put forth so much unrewarded effort for so long, in the face of scarcity, instead of saying, “I can’t think of a single place the money could come from,”  we could more easily say, “The water could come from any one of the hundreds of trenches we dug all those years!”

Compared to our first few years together, how much easier it now was to finally believe!  How much easier it was to have faith!  And faith is the critical element.  All the work in the world without faith can be just as useless as all the faith you can muster without work.

As they say, “Faith without works is dead.”  Truly without some personal effort, faith is meaningless.  Why? Because you demonstrate your faith BY working! You’re proving your belief in the abundant life by putting forth the effort to get those money-making systems in place.

And, when faith is low, work can help it grow, too.  This is why the unexpected cure for doubt in my opinion is: Education, and WORK.

If you can’t think of where to get the money you need, shift your focus to increasing your knowledge, and get to work finding some kind of meaningful services you can perform for others.

God did not bring you this far to fail now… stay in forward motion.  Your reward is waiting for you!

For a first-class education in the principles of prosperity, join me in the FTMF Program!


Never say "Whoa!" in a mudhole

Positive Thinking Tip: never say “whoa!” in a mud hole

I’ve had a few challenges this week… character building experiences… and there is one phrase that, for a couple days, kept coming to mind at least once an hour. A good friend and mentor of mine named Ken Pierce gave me this advice many years ago. At times when I have been in a slump, discouraged by a perceived lack of progress, or when my objectives keep meeting with obstacles, the words “never say whoa in a mud hole” continue to return to my mind.

What does it mean? Well, if I am in a horse-drawn wagon and have to go through a mud hole, I’d be a fool to stop and wallow in it. The longer I stop, the deeper I could sink, and the harder it would be to get out of it.

Ken taught me that when you’re in a mud hole, you’ve got to accelerate instead! Get through it! Remember why you set out on the journey in the first place, and drive on, with more energy than ever!

Sometimes the mud hole is in reality a terror barrier. If you’ve got a dream for prosperity that you’ve been running toward, and suddenly everything appears to be falling apart, that’s when you have to spend more time picturing the results you want and less time emotionalizing over appearances.

Maybe you’ve heard it this way:

“Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered… and no one was there.”

Most of the time, the thing you fear is nothing more than an illusion in your own mind… it is imagining worst case scenarios that haven’t even happened yet, nor may they ever. It’s using the law of attraction against yourself.

Difficult things will happen to us on our life’s journey, that’s part of the experience. But we can choose to deal with them if and when they happen, rather than expending energy worrying about things that may never manifest. Why would we want to suffer through it more than once? Besides, as a wise teacher once said:

“You can’t worry enough about a problem to fix it.”

By the Law of Polarity you can be sure that when things look their worst, there is, in reality, the potential for an equal and opposite “good” to come out of it. For help with this principle, and to also discover what’s really going on around you when you switch your mindset, visit ProspertheFamily.com


The Young and the Thoughtless – Episode 3 – It Wasn’t the Dream

“The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it falls to the level of its unchastened desires; and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.” ~James Allen, As A Man Thinketh.

Thoughts create feelings, and your feelings shape your circumstances.

Fear is natural, but conquerable. The feeling of fear can be dismissed. Do you fear bills? If you put too much emotional energy into that fear, you will attract more bills. They might come in the form of car repairs, medical bills, or increased debt… but no matter what the form, they will be drawn to you.

Do you love peaceful family time? Do you love that more than you fear stress? Which of the two circumstances do you experience more?

As we learn the laws and live by them, we come to realize how much God’s hand is in everything around us. He is a God of order; this is an orderly universe. All that seems so random is not random at all. Learn the laws, live by them, and watch your life take dramatic turns towards greater prosperity.

“The Young and the Thoughtless!” …It Wasn’t the Dream

If you missed the first two parts to this new series, start here.

So now, I present you with Part 3 of the ongoing series, “The Young and the Thoughtless.”

(From our last segment you read: “…We came home with a lighter attitude toward our struggles, and a firm resolve to never miss another opportunity like that for personal growth. The facts had not changed, and our income didn’t change either, but our outlook definitely did. And that was only the beginning. Be sure to read [on]… to see how quickly we could regress.”)

Brief disclaimer: I should explain something here… we had joined a network marketing program because we saw that if we could do what the leaders had done, we could enjoy the lifestyle they lived. We looked forward to enjoying a passive income. We looked forward to early retirement and lots of family time.

Please understand as I share our story that we are not discouraging NOR promoting any particular network marketing program.

We gained so much through the training we received, learning some life principles and people skills, and we count it as a positive experience. We are no longer actively involved in that program… but it indirectly led us to the information I share through my website.

We came home from that seminar weekend all charged up to build our business fast. We were working days at a home for the mentally handicapped and going to school part time, and each night we were out talking with people, promoting our business. Right up until the day I went into labor; in fact my first contractions were during a presentation with a new prospect.

Each month we attended a seminar for more tips and motivation. Each month we came away re-committed to succeeding.

After my first son was born I quit work. After all, we had long before decided I would stay home with the children once they were born. Never mind that we were strapped even before I quit… it just felt like the right thing to do. After a year of that, and going deeper and deeper into debt but hanging on tight to our business leaders and monthly seminars, my husband was laid off. All at once I had to put my son into day care and go to work through a temp agency. I remember dropping him off while it was dark in the morning and picking him up in the evening, again in the dark. It was a natural symbolic representation of how I felt inside. Trevan found work at a garage and then was finally re-hired at the gun-safe company. I found permanent part-time work at a junior high school, teaching math.

Through all of this we continued to work our business in the little spare time we had. We had been told that we should be able to create an income of $2000/month if we would give 15 presentations a month consistently. We felt awfully busy, but our productivity was very low. For some reason we just didn’t maintain that kind of pace. We were giving 4 or 5 presentations each month and blamed our lack of success on our inability to show enough presentations.

We determined that if we were just excited enough, we’d be out doing presentations all the time! We remembered other things we had been excited about and accomplished in the past, and remembered that we hadn’t needed to psyche ourselves out to get the job done. We didn’t have to force ourselves to do anything, when we were in love with a dream we naturally did everything it took to make it happen!

Take courting your spouse for example… if you were like me, you didn’t have to attend a monthly seminar on how to keep him (or her, if you are male) in your thoughts, and how to make time for him. You thought about him constantly, you slept less if it meant you could spend time with him, you were constantly thinking of things you could do to grow your relationship with him. You were happy and excited about being with him and the prospect that it might become permanent!

Well, how on earth do you develop that kind of passion for a business idea or lifestyle if you don’t already have it? That was our dilemma. After three years of business (busy-ness, more accurately), I wrote in my journal the following:

June 14, 1995 I know that all it would take is for us both to get excited -naturally- the way we have been about other things. That’s why we’ve been told to get a dream -a vivid one- else all the work is in vain. But it’s been 3 years and we still haven’t found whatever it would be to affect us the way our dreams of the past have. I’m sick and tired of trying to force a dream! Can we please be given a dream strong enough to make us effective? Something that will make us excited anytime we think about it. Something we can believe in consistently. Something right for us. Something that inspires us to go with little sleep and motivates us to become better people. We’ve tried to fake it and force it for so long.

I prayed for a dream, and by the end of another weekend seminar I had a vivid dream to make a bunch of money and contribute it to the Primary Children’s Medical Center where my second son had recently undergone heart surgery at 4 days old. The thought burned within me and I knew that here was a dream with some power. One month later I wrote:

July 23, 1995 Why am I so weak. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to stay committed to a principle. I still believe in that goal but I’ve lost some belief in my ability to change my habits permanently. I’m happy in my soul when I set goals and accomplish them but I’m so fallible. I do good for a short time and then fall deeper and harder. I’m discouraged – I don’t let myself think about my job in the fall, it’s too easy to get depressed when I do. I want to excel…

As for the basic schedule I outlined a few pages ago? Well that lasted a week. Near the end of the week I had already forgotten why I thought it would be such a good idea. As for my dream to give the hospital a bunch of money, where is that dream’s power now? Why don’t I feel as strong about it now? The motivation has to be bigger than the obstacle, why do my puny obstacles seem so big? I used to take challenges and stay so focused on them until they were conquered. What drove me? Why do I feel so average now?

If only I knew then what I know now about the seven laws. I had an idea of what I needed but didn’t know how to get it… the vision, the dream, the motivation. All I lacked was knowledge, but it took another five years before I gained that knowledge. I learned that for me, at least, I needed to know better how the universe operates. So that when I lost faith in myself, I could depend on universal laws. I am not constant, but the laws are. I needed something outside of myself to rely on. Yes I relied on God, but what does that mean if I don’t understand the laws by which He operates? If I don’t understand all of His laws, then I might find myself saying, “oh well, I guess God didn’t want me to prosper anyway.”

Once I decided that I was at the bottom with discouragement and had nowhere else to go but up, things began to change to lead us toward eventual relief. But the changes were in disguise. They seemed to get worse, but were actually the beginning of our deliverance. Stay tuned for our next segment of “The Young and The Thoughtless” to find out how something worse could actually be the best thing that could have happened to us.

The lessons minus the story, which took us 8 years to learn, is available in the book Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters. I hope you can appreciate how inexpensive this information is. It cost us 8 years and somewhere around $40,000 in debt, not to mention income lost during that time that we might have enjoyed, had we learned it sooner. Save yourself some time and money by learning it now!

“THERE IS A SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty.” ~Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich.

If you are ready for a landmark, life-changing program… if you are empowered by all that you have read so far and are ready for your own pivotal experience… if you have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on education and are willing to spend just a little more for some real applicable wisdom, then I highly recommend that you check out the Family Time & Money Freedom program that I put together. For more information, visit ProsperTheFamily.com.

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