The Real (but overlooked) Purpose of Action

Action plays a very definite role in the process of achieving goals. However, the real purpose isn’t probably what you think.

So let’s go through the process:

1) Decide what you want
2) See it done on the screen of your mind
3) Feel the emotions you expect to feel
4) Take action according to the ideas/promptings that come to mind
5) Persist in belief and continued action – no matter what

This formula for success is dependable. Certainly there are “what if” questions regarding each and every one of those steps; for example, questions regarding God’s will, questions about how to actually “see” it on the screen of your mind, what to do if you can’t generate the emotion, etc. All of these questions are addressed in depth through the Mindset Mastery ™ Program.

However, the purpose of this post is to discuss item number 5 in particular.

Back before I understood the principles of success, and knew how to effectively apply them, I struggled because I thought I had to accomplish super-human feats to reach my toughest goals. I relied completely on my own abilities, and when I ran out of steam, I lost hope in my ability to achieve the goal. That inflow of doubt was the very thing that ultimately became the primary cause of my failure.

When I realized how much faith had a very real and direct influence on the outcome, I began to imagine that so long as I pressed forward, people and circumstances were simultaneously lining up on my behalf, so that all the necessary elements would fall into place at the right time and meet me in the middle.

Knowing what I know now about the law of attraction, it’s clear to me why things finally began to come together for me, and I was able to experience a new level of life success.

I pictured things coming together.

I began to imagine vague silhouettes of people who would come along and provide the help I needed along the way. (“Vague” because I didn’t know who the people were who would should show up to help me along; I just knew they would. For example, I trusted that someone would appear and show me the way, or teach me something I needed to know, or introduce me to someone else I needed to meet.)

Most importantly, I continued to take whatever actions I could think of to keep me going forward.

Now, while on the surface it might appear that it was the action steps that took me where I needed to be, the fact is that I was only able to maintain my belief (the real power at play) because I knew I had been working on setting up channels for the money, resources, and people to find me.

Let me put it this way:

How easy is it for you to believe that God will supply you with what you need next week if you have only ONE source of income, and you already know it won’t cut the mustard?

The truth is, God can provide, even in your fixed-income family, but only according to your living by principles of faith. You must believe. If you cannot believe, then get busy setting up additional streams of income – not so that you can just handle it yourself, but so that it can be easier for you to believe He can send you the money you need.

The multiple streams are yours to put in place so that it is easier for you to believe.

Even if you set up an income stream that only provides an additional $10 per month, you have gone from having one income stream to two. Your faith will grow.

Over time, you should work to set up multiple and ever-increasing streams of income… even more perhaps than you have time to manage. It’s at that point that as you rely on God to send you what you need, you’ll have more confidence that He can, and will.

It is your new found confidence and belief that serves as the faith required for His blessings to be released.

Do you see how you can view the role of “action” in two ways?

1) Action makes things happen. It’s what creates business transactions that create wealth.

2) Action lays a foundation for effective faith. It’s what gives you the evidence which can strengthen your faith that God will bridge the gap between what you’ve been able to do, and what needs to be done.

People who only see Action as described in the first statement above will have limited success, because they will only be able to enjoy the success for which they were personally responsible. Their success can only rise to the level of their own highest aspirations.

People who acknowledge and employ Action as having the faith-building role as described in the second statement above will be able to enjoy unlimited success. Trust me, there is no bigger dreamer than God.

So, if you feel trapped, DO SOMETHING. Move your feet. Take action – take it in any direction, and just get going!

With a clear image on the screen of your mind of what you intend to accomplish, and if you’ve taken a wrong turn, it won’t take long before you’ll realize you need a course correction. Without movement, you can’t make mistakes to learn by.

Without movement, the resources you need remain stagnantly right where they are, too.

Have courage to make a thoughtful decision and go for it. The only time I would tell people to stay put and NOT make a decision or take action, is when they cannot identify what they are intending to accomplish.

If you don’t know where you’re going then you’re at risk for making haphazard decisions. If you DO KNOW where you’re going, then put one more foot in front of the other, and your faith in being able to reach your goal will increase with every step.

And remember, that is the primary reason for taking action in my book: to build faith, because done God’s way, faith is the A-number one ingredient for success.

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One thought on “The Real (but overlooked) Purpose of Action

  1. Leslie:

    God used you to minister to me through this post today! Spirit has whispered for weeks steps to take to get my online businesses going and I have been sitting here frozen. Yes, there have been distractions (my 86-year old mother had major surgery and right after that her 60-year old house underwent a major renovation). However, mom is now doing great and is back to her normal hectic life and the house is beautiful and still I sit and fritter. Your post made me see that inaction, particularly after God has given me instructions on what action to take, is a sign of a lack of faith in God.

    Thank you for sharing – from the bottom of my heart.

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