The Swell in Front of You

Positive thinking tip: When resources are low, just take a step forward. your Existing resources will automatically seem to grow, which will help you feel more cheerful until they really do.

walking in water
Get moving and your pool of resources will seem to increase

Staying in forward motion toward your goals, even when it looks like you’re going to drown financially, does more for lining up your success than you realize.

(Don’t forget: If you’re afraid you’ll fall, at least fall forward.)

I like to think of what happens when you’re standing in a still pool of water.  As long as you stand still, nothing happens.  If you take one step forward, it creates a ripple all around you, but even more than that I want you to think about the swell that grows in front of you.

One simple step creates a temporary surge of water right there in front of you.

If your finances feel flat, take a step in the right direction. You can’t help but create a swell of resources right near you. The problem is, if you’re like me, quite often you’re too busy looking at the ripples spreading out in all directions (wondering if and when they’ll ever return), to even notice the swell in front of you.

Take a step in the right direction and look for evidence of some kind of swell in your immediate surroundings. Being of service to someone without expectation of repayment creates a swell right there in that relationship.

Read something empowering and it creates an immediate swell right there in your outlook on life.

Invest in yourself and you create an immediate swell in your confidence that everything is going to work out for you.

Every good choice creates a swell, and it’s your job to make sure that swell doesn’t level out again.  The only way to keep it surging is to keep on moving.  If you stop, just like when you’re in water, the swell eventually dissipates, and you’re left looking at a flat environment once again.

It’s a temptation to stand there and wait for someone else to come along and create a swell… but the power is in you.

Get moving, do something.  Even if you’re weary, just take one more step.  As long as you keep moving, your momentum will build, and the swell almost seems to lead the way.

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13 thoughts on “The Swell in Front of You

  1. Hi Leslie
    It has been quite a while since we have talked. I really enjoyed your article. The Step forward and the resources will appear is so true. When ever someone acts on faith and does something positive to enhance there lives or income there will always be an advantage to success. Have a great day…Rick

  2. How true (tip 47). I felt stuck recently, going nowhere with my goals. Took the step of getting emotionally invested in my goals, and am moving forward on several fronts. I appreciate your wisdom and encouragement.

  3. Exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve been afraid to act but finally made a phone call that should have happened months ago. Even if nothing comes of it at least I made a step forward and I did something that scared me and I feel proud of myself. Thanks!

  4. What beautiful imagery! Last night I was thinking about all the things my husband and I are working on. They are all in the infant stages, lots of work without any immediate reward. This was just what I needed to keep me in the right frame of mind, Thank You!

  5. Great piece. Love the comment about at falling forward. Sportcasters talk about that alk the time as to how much yardage a runner gains after being tackled and then falling forward as he (or she) is going to the ground. Sounds like a good book title for you, Falling Forward not to be confused with Failing Forward. Gymbeaux 🙂

  6. Fear tends to cause us to stall, because we think it is safer to do nothing. Imagine taking that approach when a lion charges… or when your child falls into the swimming pool…
    We all know that we will not be so “stupid” to do nothing in the mentioned scenarios. So why is it we act so differently when it comes to other things?

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