The Tide Always Comes Back

No matter how bad things appear to be now, nature guarantees a turn for the better. Look forward to it.

The Law of Vibration (you may have heard people call it the Law of Attraction) is a natural law of the Universe. In other words, so long as you live in harmony with the law, all you need in order to accomplish your goals can become available to you in a natural way.

But one less-discussed aspect of the law is how you need to maintain peace of mind during the process. You need to calm down and allow nature to run its course. Let me cite three examples in nature:

  1. You don’t rush a baby; whenever possible, you let it have 9 months to develop.
  2. You can’t rush a seedling; pulling on it to make it grow faster will cause it to die.
  3. You can’t rush the tide; it must go all the way out before it will begin to come all the way back in.

Life has its ups and downs… it is the natural rhythm of life. In order to succeed, we must learn to ride the tide instead of fighting it. How do we do that? How do we continue to hope for prosperity in the middle of a setback?

When you are on a “down,” know that the up is on its way, just as the tide comes in and goes out, predictably. When you worry that things are going badly and you can’t see the end of your misfortune, just remember nature simply doesn’t operate that way.

Don’t get trapped in a downward emotional spiral by thinking that things are bad and only going to get worse! That is just as absurd as watching the tide go out and thinking:

“Oh dear… there goes our shoreline forever! I suppose the whole ocean is going to disappear!”

Be patient. Look for evidence that the tide is returning. Look for evidence that things are turning around for YOU. Look for evidence of prosperity on your horizon. If you look hard enough, you’ll find it… and as you focus on an upturn of events, you will be preparing yourself to receive some great rewards; one being that you will figure out better, more efficient, more desirable ways to earn a living.

If the tide doesn’t seem to turn around as quickly as you hoped, think on this: you must plant your dream seeds properly (as outlined in The Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse), and then relax. You’ve got to simply go about your activities in a peaceful way, knowing that because you planted the seed, nature needs time to do her part, too.

(You need to be willing to let the tide retract completely before expecting it to return again.)

How can you apply these ideas?

Let’s switch back to the seed analogy. The minute you start to feel anxiety about your goal is the same minute you must remember the seedling. Just because you don’t see the fruit yet, know that it is coming. You might not even see the sprout, but you trust that something is happening beneath the soil.

That’s how I try to approach my goals. I plant them by doing what Richard did in The Jackrabbit Factor, and then I take the actions that come to mind in a calm, deliberate way. I might go a long time before I see any evidence that my efforts have made a difference. But I know they have, so I keep on keeping on, expecting that in time, I’ll see a sprout. Besides knowing this, I know that there is also some critical personal development going on at the same time.

Furthermore, when I see a little sprout pop through the surface of the ground, I don’t pull on it to try and make it bring fruit immediately. Patience and confidence are two of the most critical elements for enjoying prosperity.

Confidence is important because it is by your faith that the seed will continue to grow. Don’t forget how much influence your thoughts have over the circumstances you experience. If you lose confidence, then your doubtful thoughts can kill the fragile seedling.

Maintain faith. Believing is a choice… you can choose to believe in your ultimate success.

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10 thoughts on “The Tide Always Comes Back

  1. Thank you for the writings. I really need to read something like this to help me get back to my positive thoughts and remember that it comes in and it goes out but we need this to grow. I lost the stay peaceful and true to the path for a bit. I influence my thoughts! Blessings~

  2. Leslie, thank you for the article. What you are saying is so true, and I need to be frequently reminded about this fact. Please keep posting these messages!

  3. Hi Lesley,
    When will you continue with your story of how you got back on your feet again after disappearing off the radar for a while? Loved this article though..

    1. Hi Jeannette, I have a son preparing to leave on a service mission for two years and it’s taking quite a bit of work to get him all packed and ready to go. That’s why I’ve had to recycle some old articles for the newsletter until he’s safely on his way in February. It is my hope to write more of that story then. Thanks for your interest; sorry it’s taking so long!

      1. I hope the packing and preparing goes smoothly. Thanks for responding, Lesley, and I’ll look to forward to hearing more of your story in the near future.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Leslie
    I think we have become so used to fast-this and fast-that that we also expect fast success. Almost like a drive-thru where we can just stop, pull out a dollar or two and get instant gratification of our desire for success.

    But it doesn’t work that way. In fact, it doesn’t work that way for anything that is worthwhile… All things that have real value take their own time to develop until they reach fruition. And that is why we need to learn patience PLUS what you mention, namely keep on keeping on.

  5. Leslie,

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on this. I truly believe the Universe sends us exactly what we need when we need it, we simply need to be looking for it in order to see it.

    You have great insight, kep up the great work.

    Phil Tanguay
    New Brunswick, Canada

  6. Thank you for your thoughts on patience and confidence, Leslie. I do enjoy your writing very much and I am a budding writer myself, hoping to get to your level one fine day.

    God bless you.


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